White Aesthetic Interior Design

White Aesthetics in Interior Design: Trouble or Elegant

Along with minimalist and Scandinavian decoration styles, all-white room, white on white room, white aesthetic are also more popular than ever. Do the white and white interior design posts that we mostly see on Instagram posts seem unrealistic to you sometimes? Visually it has all the nobility of simplicity, but as if it could not be applied in real life? Or is it implemented like crazy but that’s not characteristic enough?

We do not take sides. We love white, the whole color circle, Scandinavian style, Minimalism, and eclectic decoration, don’t get me wrong. There are some situations that we just observed.

Bare white walls, white carpets, white armchairs, white brick walls, houses “decorated” with just a few dry branches or green plants … In general, the white aesthetic, which is trendy with its Scandinavian home decor passion and Minimalism fanaticism, is so much loved and frightening at the same time. . By the way, it would be foolish not to see that the pattern madness of the 2000s was behind the situation. After all, everything turns around over time. As for the scare: think of Instagram posts. We only see a certain part of the room or a white furniture photographed on a white background. How will it be if the whole house or just the hall will be white? Most of us do not know this. While white aesthetic is found , cool and modern, it can also be perceived as “the choice of others”. Ooops, we said Don’t Decorate Your Home with the Fucking Best Lists before.

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Is white interior design really such a new thing?

Of course not. Of course, using white in home decoration from Greek to Scandinavia is not new. White is indisputably a timeless color. Since it has a space, it looks spacious and large. It is risk free. It is easy to combine with other colors. In a sense, it is a safe port. However, we can say that white has never been used in such an intensive and perhaps exclusionary manner before.

Do those who are tired of white-black rooms have to be maximalists?

Not. We have a few suggestions for you if you like the white aesthetics but want to be different. Maybe you are not hostile to white, maybe if you know the different uses of white, it won’t feel boring to you. Check out our recommendations.

  • It is often preferred to use white with beige as it offers a bright and natural appearance. We think they’re a really nice couple. But you are bored, you have seen these two too. Then combine white with different colors such as water green, mustard yellow, lilac.
  • Warm whites with no undertones of blue, gray, and green may suit you better.
  • Nowadays, 90% white and 10% different colors are used in a room. It may be good for you to lower the percentage of white a little more.
  • In order to break the coldness of white, wood is often used on beams, frames, floors. But you were just tired of this look, right? So what if you try to use wood in wall panels, furniture details and use white on the floor and door?
  • You can make the white to white aesthetics sophisticated with the use of different textures. You can combine the color tones of white with items of different textures. If you are not going to compromise on the white color, you can keep the fabric and texture variety too much.
  • You can enliven your room with colorful and stunning sculptural furniture. Get rid of ugly items. Really life is too short to live with ugly, bad and mismatched furniture.
  • Nobody will beat you if you prefer colorful flowers instead of dry branches or green plants.
  • You don’t have to hang black and white photos on the wall. Even a wall of color photos changes a lot.
  • If the walls are going to be white, paint the ceiling in a different color, paint half the door white and the half a different color. So why not?
  • Most of the photos you see on Instagram are product shots, don’t forget that. Do not think that you have to turn your home into a showroom.
  • Everyone may have a white wall, beige blanket, wooden console table and black metal floor lamp, but not everyone’s home has such eye-catching sculptures. Whether it is white or yellow, put a statue in your home. Look how your trouble goes! Why shouldn’t these sculptures be in your house?

Discover the white beauties we selected

Cover image: Daniel Arsham, Special Project, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London, 2014. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates.

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