Luxury Interior Design

What Luxury Interior Design Actually is (And is NOT)?

When it comes to luxury interior design, the first two things that come to mind are gold plated and velvet fabric. Oh, and furniture with shiny surfaces. Well, does it really have to be like this? Or could this perception be outdated? Gold and velvet have always been the symbol of luxury, we are not enemies, but today, when it comes to luxury decoration, other factors come to the fore. So what is luxury interior design? What are the things that make a home luxury?

Customized design, uniqueness

Bespoke furniture brands, items bought from small boutiques, unique decoration, furniture produced by handcrafted craftsmen … Unique furniture that is special for you, unique to nobody else’s home, is very effective in creating the luxurious ambiance you want. In fact, the biggest reason underlying this is personality. It has never been so accepted to reveal oneself, express your own thoughts and tastes, and visually present it to others. Luxury style home means a home with character, where more personal and special pieces are together today.

Art objects

One of the most important factors contributing to the uniqueness mentioned above is artistic touches. Artist-signed sculptures, paintings and wall decor products reflect your distinguished tastes and character to your home.

Quality and rich materials, fine craftsmanship

Remember, no matter how much the requirements of the age change, quality is the main element that is never compromised. The quality of the materials is important not only for appearance but also for durability. Many cheap and practical furniture is produced by sacrificing materials. Cheap materials have no place in luxury interior decoration.

Rich textile materials such as velvet, cashmere, tapestry, and pure cotton are indispensable for luxury homes. The natural and rich materials you choose depend on what type of luxury interior design you want to create. For example:

If it will be a Victorian luxury, of course, a dark color palette and velvet fabrics should come to the fore. If you want contemporary luxury interior design, it will be appropriate to use bold colors, artistic objects, industrial materials, and different textures together.

It is not right to add velvet to any setting to make it look luxurious and rich. Moreover, today luxury is more related to natural materials, minimalism, and sustainability. Let’s explain this in more detail in the section below.

Sustainable and minimal

Environmental awareness and respect for nature are one of the most important issues of our age. Brands from many different sectors have rolled up their sleeves for sustainability. Luxury interior design used to be associated with more glamor and gloss, today it is associated with the natural, minimal, and sustainable. Even the other is seen as a tack. Natural wood furniture, raw wood decoration, unpolished surfaces are the main elements that contemporary luxury interior design has adopted. White aesthetics, love for concrete, and Scandinavian style, which have attracted a lot of attention in recent years, have a big share in this.

Thoughtful choices

In luxury home decoration, every furniture and every decor should be carefully selected. Their harmony with each other, why they are standing here and not there, their materials and styles must all be considered. Random and scattered choices create a chaotic environment. However, luxury interior design is more sophisticated and conscious.

Detail-whole harmony, consistency

It is not enough just to decorate a room with thoughtful, luxurious furniture. Luxury interior design requires a certain consciousness and consistency. The harmony of the vase in the living room with the sofa and chandelier is as important as the harmony of the rooms with each other. Think of it this way, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are also part of your home. And it should reflect your character, your distinguished tastes. That’s why consistency is so important to luxury interior design.

Do not turn your home into a store showroom or an art gallery. Add character to your home.

Would a dining room decorated with long and shiny velvet curtains and hand-carved wooden furniture and a contemporary kitchen made of stainless steel suit the same house? Of course no!

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