The irresistible appeal of nostalgia brings with it a lot of love and increasing interest in vintage home decorations and furniture. Maybe the old days have a naive and sincere atmosphere under our desire to see the style of the past in our homes today, who knows?

In this article, we will answer the most curious questions such as what is vintage home decoration, what are the elements that make a house vintage, what are the features of vintage furniture, how to choose vintage decor and furniture according to room types, with plenty of examples and inspiring ideas. Enjoy.

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What are the Differences Between Vintage, Retro and Antiques?

Saying “old style” is not enough to describe vintage. Today, when we say vintage decor or vintage furniture, what is more or less shaped in our heads is certain, but what about the retro style? Or the difference of antique furniture from vintage furniture?

  • Although a consensus has been reached for antique home decoration, we can say that there is no definite opinion for vintage home decoration. 25 years is a time accepted by many authorities. "In order for something to be vintage, it must have been produced in the 20th century." There is also an opinion.
  • “The difference between retro and vintage is that retro products are new but old style. The 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s style are common to both. But for a coffee table to remain vintage from 70s to be vintage, it is enough to be produced in 70s style in 2010 to be retro.
  • Nevertheless, when we say vintage decor or retro style, most of us mean the same thing. Aside from those who care that furniture is really old, most of us are after that old style.

Antique Home Decoration

  • It must be at least 100 years old.

Vintage Home Decoration

  • It must be at least 25 years old.

Retro Home Decoration

  • It must be in the old style. Products may be new.

What makes a house Vintage?

A must-have for a vintage-inspired house:

  • Pastel shades are vintage colors: Beige, gray, mint green, cream, sand, light blues, baby blues, white…
  • Natural materials: Wood, rattan, bamboo, textiles…
  • Abundant textile use
  • Zinc, copper and metal accessories
  • Flowery patterns and lots of real flowers, green plants
  • Wrought iron outdoor
  • Romantic touches, non-bulky, elegant, flowing lines
  • Cracks, scratches that support organic appearance in furniture
  • Wood carving, forged elements. vintage furniture: High-backed chairs, carved bedsteads or cabinets ...
  • Long and flowy curtains.
  • Vivid flowers and bright colors in the wall decoration or pastel tones against patterns in accessories
  • Usually wooden floor
  • Paintings in wall decoration, carved wooden frames or black and white photo sets
  • Vintage accessories (vintage truck decor, suitcases, chests, vases, vintage sewing machine, retro phones, books…)
  • Huge mirrors
  • Stained glass vintage window decor

What is Vintage Furniture Style? How to Identify Vintage Furniture?

In fact, the answer to the question asked for the age of vintage furniture is written in the table above. The answers to be given for the style of vintage furniture vary from color to material, pattern to usage area.

What is Vintage Mid Century Modern Furniture?

From "Mid Century Modern" architecture to product design; A term that covers modern designs made in the period from the 1930s to the 1960s and mid-20th century. Vintage Mid Century Modern furniture is mostly associated with the 1950s.

  • Unpretentious, clean lines dominate the furniture of this period.
  • Functionality is at the forefront.
  • The combination of different materials has been tried.
  • There is room for irregular geometric lines.

What is Vintage Danish Modern Furniture?

It is Denmark's understanding of minimalist furniture and furniture design. With the effect of Kaare Klint, in the 1920s, with the effect of Bauhaus current, the rates, usage and functionality in furniture were revised. The Danish modern furniture movement, which developed well in the 1940s and 1960s, combined functional production that supports mass production with plain form. While Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner are the best known Danish modern furniture designers, Finn Juhl is the person who adds the meaning and importance of the form to the flow.

What is Vintage French Provincial Furniture?

These are furniture with gold leaf, usually painted in white, away from the minimalism of modern Danish style. French provincial style, born in the 18th century, is the result of the searches that Paris was found to be "extremely urban". Vintage French provincial furniture, which we can call a combination of rococo and rustic style, is defined as elegant and romantic. The prominent features of the Frenh provincial decor are:

  • Lace and ruffle
  • Toile, fleur-de-lys, a lily motif that represents purity and light, plaid, floral pattern curtains, pillows
  • Pastel colors such as white, lilac, pale lavender
  • Patterned carpets
  • Striped cleaning cloths, wicker baskets decorated with dried flowers, wooden crates
  • Wrought iron sconces made of metals such as brass, table lamps
  • Antique chandeliers

What are The Top Vintage Furniture Materials?

  • Cane
  • Wrought iron patio 
  • Rattan
  • Bamboo
  • Wicker
  • Metal outdoor
  • Wood (oak, teak)
  • Leather
  • Patterned fabrics

French provincial and rustic vintage decor is the most preferred style in kitchens.

  • Checkerboard floor
  • Cast iron and porcelain sink
  • Sink curtains / skirting cabinets
  • Glass or wire kitchen cabinets
  • Stripped cabinets
  • Wooden kitchen island with swivel stools or tarnished cart on casters
  • Porcelain or tin kitchen cabinet handles
  • Wooden chairs and tables
  • Industrial lighting
  • Stained glass
  • Patterned wallpaper or curtain
  • White brick wall
  • Wrought iron curtain hanger
  • Ceramic teapot, bowl and plates
  • Handcrafted pottery
  • Porcelain tea sets
  • Cast-iron cookware
  • Stainless-steel appliances and countertops
  • Cloth napkins and tablecloths
  • Patterned kitchen aprons
  • Non-digital scale
  • Oil can vintage decors
  • Wooden crates for bread or spice
  • Chalkboards

Two things are enough to catch the vintage living room style: A comfortable and warm environment.

  • Slatted walls with panels painted in pastel colors
  • Sconce and tasseled floor lamp or crystal chandelier
  • Carved wooden coffee table
  • Vintage rattan chairs / vintage bamboo furniture
  • Floral and colorful upholstery / comfortable vintage coaches in soft color
  • Glass crystal vases
  • Antique buffets
  • Lace
  • Big mirror
  • Picture frames
  • Fireplace if possible
  • Vintage sewing machine
  • Old typewriters
  • Vintage phones
  • Vintage truck decors
  • Old suitcases and chests (Older can also be used as coffee table.)

The keywords of the vintage bedroom are elegance, stylish and romantic.

  • Metal bed frames/iron headboards
  • Mirrored dressing table
  • Canopy wooden bed for rustic vintage decor
  • Jewelery boxes
  • Glass perfume bottles
  • Floral print pillows
  • Chalk painted vases
  • Vintage birdcage decors with candles
  • Lace and translucent fabrics
  • Antique wardrobe in pastel colors
  • Patinated carved picture frames with wall art combinations
  • Classic chandelier
  • Antique luggage decors (Can be used as a bedside table.)
  • Curtain tiebacks
  • Room divider, wood panels

Vintage bathroom furniture provides a luxurious look like Victorian style. How about a dressing table or a chair with bright upholstery?

  • Green and blue walls
  • Claw-foot tub
  • Separate hot and cold taps
  • Pedestal sink / console sink and porcelain faucets
  • Industrial vintage style for bronze vintage shower faucet and metallic hardware
  • Curtained tub
  • Porcelain faucets
  • Large mirror with gold edge
  • Small or patterned tiles
  • Octagonal floor tile
  • Metal multi-storey vintage shelving units
  • Antique wood cabinets for bathrooms in vintage country decor style
  • Soaps in glass jars
  • Stained glass as vintage window decor
  • Old wooden stairs as towel holder for rustic vintage bathroom decor

Which of us are not a fan of peaceful, naive and cute vintage baby rooms?

  • Patchwork accent wall, curtains, pillows with flowers or animals
  • Wicker crib / baby bed with wooden railing
  • Wooden toy chests with wheels
  • Puffy vintage breastfeeding chair
  • Flashcards wall art
  • Rag dolls, teddy bears, wooden toy cars
  • Turkish rug
  • Porcelain ornaments
  • Vintage aviation decors

Vintage Outdoor & Garden Decor and Furniture Ideas

Flower, abundant flower, more flower.

  • Vintage bicycle decor
  • Wrought iron patio furnitures
  • Rustic metal watering can planters
  • Old wheelbarrows where pots are placed
  • For a country look, vintage rattan chairs, bamboo and wicker furnitures
  • Tin pots, antique metal bucket hanging baskets
  • Vintage sewing machine as flowerpot
  • Using old wooden stairs and boxes as flowerpot organizer
  • Antique sink as garden decoration

The Most Popular Vintage Decor Themes

  • For sports lovers: Vintage baseball decor / vintage golf decor / vintage football decor
  • Sailors go here: Vintage nautical decor
  • Wood love: Rustic Vintage decor
  • Country house beauty: Vintage country decor
  • Hey airplane plane: Vintage ski decor / vintage aviation decor / vintage plane decor / vintage airplanes decor
  • Love of Paris: Vintage Paris decor
  • For summer lovers: Vintage beach decor
  • Take out wooden suitcases: Vintage travel decor
  • Sweet fish: vintage fishing decor

4 Most Practical Suggestions to Turn Furniture into Vintage

  • Fit vintage furniture legs in any wooden buffet, table or cupboard, let it end.
  • You can catch fast retro style with vintage paints and vintage pattern stencils.
  • You can install vintage wheels on mobile stations in the kitchen or metal cabinets that you want to stand in the bathroom.
  • Change the handles, not your kitchen cabinets. Ceramic or brass vintage handles are so many!

Most Preffered Vintage Home Accessories

  • Vintage home phones
  • Vintage sewing machine
  • Vintage home stereo
  • Vintage bulbs home depot
  • Oil can vintage decor
  • Vintage truck decor
  • Vintage bird cage decor
  • Vintage airplane decor
  • Vintage train decor
  • Vintage camera decor
  • Vintage books decor
  • Vintage bicycle decor