Pop Art Inspired Decor Selection

Vibrant, Colorful and Sexy: Pop Art Inspired Decor Selection

Bold colors, dark lines, a colorful world. The reason we made this selection was last night when we dreamed about Andy Warhol drinking Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup. We thought this was a sign and we picked some great things to buy for Pop Art decor.

1. Bomb Yellow Armchair by Simone Micheli Adrenalina

This yellow chair, which is very suitable for the striking and rebellious style of Pop Art, is inspired by the object (bomb) that symbolizes the drama of war and the hope that life will continue forever. The pointed ends of the seat are made of polished aluminum. He has an extremely impressive, punk spirit.

2. Coca-Cola 2 Light Swing Arm 45″ Desk Lamp

Coca Cola, one of the iconic symbols of the American consumer society, was inspired by this authentic looking stained glass lamp. Isn’t it a great design? Presenting a globally pop image in antique stained glass style is very unique. We also loved their beaded fringe.

3. Social Status in Corona times I, Marilyn Monroe by Jay-C

Jay-C, who demolished popular images with a humorous understanding, combined Pop Art and Contemporary Art with a print that puts Marilyn Monroe on a corona mask. This is a Marilyn Monroe print that will remind you of those masked days years later, very well suited to Pop Art’s mischievous style.

4. Vintage Style Street Art Chairs Inspired by Banksy

Upcycling and handmade Pop Art style chairs are printed by street artist Banksy’s artworks. Plush seating, contrast colors, stylish chairs, where classic vintage elegance meets street art style, will show off in your living room or bedroom.

5. Candelabbro Gold Candle Holder by Marco Rubini

The image of sexy lips was common in Pop Art paintings and sculptures. It’s not easy to say no to a gold lip-shaped candle holder as a Pop Art inspired home decor.

6. Illumination Female Portrait by Edyta Grzyb

High quality photographic pigment print behind acrylic glass, produced as limited edition in 25 copies. This number-all print is a contemporary take on Pop Art’s sexy and bold style.

7. Zebra Chest of Drawers by Carlo Rampazzi 

Black and white striped furniture is a must in Pop furnitures collections. This stunning, eye-catching drawer Pop Art is both functional and characteristic piece for styled bedrooms and living rooms.

8. Répandre Sculpture by Yannick Bouillault

We know that industrial materials, items used in daily life and consumer goods are the subjects of Pop Art artists’ works. This numbered, signed original statue also has the same style as iconic Pop Art images, with the paint pouring out of the paint can. Feel free to fill your living room with these kinds of stunning sculptures.

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