Unique Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories for Unusual Style

Unique Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories for Unusual Style

We have come to turn your bathroom, where you relieve the tiredness of the day and purify, into an art gallery. We have prepared an exciting collection for extraordinary bathroom fixtures and accessories. Check out the products that will add an unexpected atmosphere to your bathroom with their surprising and unique designs.

1. Petra Freestand with Hand-Worked Estremoz Marble Sink

The appearance of molten marble reminds us of Petra City, where buildings were carved into stone cliffs. The hand-carved sink in Estremoz marble and the glossy lacquered drawer compartment underneath look gorgeous. It is simply great for unique and luxury bathroom decoration. Gold faucet also completes this amazing elegance.

2. Elephant Holding Bathtub | Marcantonio

If you want a crazy and interesting bathroom decoration, don’t miss this bathtub-bearing elephant sculpture. Only 50 of them were produced as limited edition.

3. Desco “Big” Freestanding Sink Made of Marble

This sink, which challenges traditional bathroom decoration, is in an innovative style with its minimal geometric form. Black marble with white veins looks luxurious and sophisticated.

4. Newton Bathtub in Black Lacquer Brass with Gold Details

Can you imagine being in that bathtub, please? The shiny polished black and gold plated brass orbs look like bubbles from the fantasy universe. An amazing bathtub design.

5. Lapiaz Marble Freestanding with Nero Marquina Marble

The cracked parts of the vessel sink, made of Nero Marquina marble, are silver plated. The source of the inspiration for this striking design is the karstic formations formed by dissolving limestone rocks. A unique piece that performs solo show for contemporary bathroom decoration.

6. Botijos Game Oil Painting by J.M. Péculo Fernández

This original oil painting depicting botijos’ water games will add a unique style to your bathroom. Remember, the most distinctive feature of Artful bathrooms are the paintings and prints hung on the walls.

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