Stunning Modern Industrial Dining Tables For Sale by AllModern

Qualified wood, well varnished surfaces, maybe not varnished but solid parts… Sturdy looking metal constructions and legs. If we talk about the industrial style, we all know that not everything consists of wood and metal. We need some simplicity, smooth lines and elegance forms. Furniture is just as important in industrial interior design as in others. Actually, your walls and floors are also involved in this business, but we have chosen one of the most striking furnitures for now. One of the most determining factors in industrial interior design is table. Carpentry solid looking tables. We mostly want to see construction… And we don’t always need a carpenter. AllModern is a site that we enjoy looking at. Not because we love everything in it, but because it contains enough of the things that might interest us in proportion.In this article, it showed us enough examples of industrial tables.

Industrial Dining Tables

An ideal example of an industrial brutalist table for concrete lovers. We liked the harmony of the steel legs and the texture and color of the concrete. After all, black metal legs under wood are not an absolute need.

It can be considered as an accent table in a dark room. This table is actually not made of a magnificent material. This table with manufactured wood entered this list only because of the design and color of its legs.

You can create an accent in your room with the bold style of this table. There are different finish options. Simply manufactured wood is used, but its price can therefore be said to be affordable. A quality solid wood table in the same design would be much more expensive.

We really liked that this table has real marble surface. Together with its metal legs, it will play a complementary role in an industrial style room. You can get a nice harmony with gray or burgundy walls.

If you are bored with the classic wooden surface and black metal legs, you can try the brown and steel color harmony.

It probably looks great in a light dining room. It has a design that can adapt to different color combinations with its golden legs and wide manufactured wooden surface.

An ideal design for those who love simplicity. Walnut and solid.

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