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Stunning Marble Tables From Artemest

Bringing together the magnificent products of Italian designers with the concept of “Luxury Craftsmanship”, Artemest is one of our favorite websites. Handcrafted marble tables, which we selected from Artemest, will make you admire them with their sculptural looks and unique designs.

Check out what we loved as soon as you see them among marble dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, which are the leading actors of luxury home decoration.

1. Evoluzione Sculptural Console in Carrara Marble

“Evoluzione” means evolution in Italian. Console table takes this name from its own form, the design process. It is a name that describes the transition from the sharp hedge shapes on the left to the organic and smooth form that appears to be melting on the right. Hand-carved from a single piece of Carrara marble, the console is eye-catching with its sculptural style. Its designer is Atelier Terrai.

2. Fragrance Marble Table by Giorgio Soressi

Inspired by perfume bottles, the table looks dramatic with its cut in half design. The stainless steel base is a nice contrast to the coldness of the marble. Enjoy the privilege of eating at such a marble dining table.

3. Minerva Console by Arcahorn

Console table made of Stelvio marble with satin polished upper part dazzles with its luxury and sophisticated appearance. The decorative disc attached to the base with bronze metal enhances the sculptural appearance of the table.

4. Tripolino M Coffee Table by Cristina Celestino

How many fringed marble coffee tables have you seen in your life? This pink table is a great design, we say don’t miss it. We are glad to meet Pink Norvegia marble in such a stylish way.

5. Montecito Dinner Table by Giannella Ventura Inedito

This dining table where white marble meets gold brass is a sophisticated piece for luxury dining rooms. Its 11 solid columns at its base are almost a sculpture.

6. Embrace Table by Gritti Rollo

The table made of Carrara marble stands out with its contemporary and minimal design. We loved the plain aesthetics of the table, which is robust yet light and fresh.

7. Stile Marble Dining Table by Giorgio Soressi

You can use it as a breakfast table or display it in your living room thanks to its magnificent sculptural form. The patterns created by the veins of natural marble are very beautiful.

8. Origami Stripes Living Table by Patricia Urquiola

Designed with inspiration from Japanese origami art, the table is a unique design in which the marble is curled like paper. Striped marble coffee table will show off in the middle of your living room.

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