Delft Blue Inspired Contemporary Decors

Show Time: Delft Blue Inspired Contemporary Decors

Delft Blue is the general name of the products mostly used for blue and white pottery, named after the city of Delft in the Netherlands. These blue-white products, also called Delftware, were popular between 1640 and 1740. In addition to pottery products, it was often seen on plates, trinkets, tiles, vases. We have prepared a selection of designs that bring a contemporary interpretation to delft blue products, which are used especially in vintage and French Country styles, and are the favorite of antique lovers, decorated with floral and animal motifs. We hope you enjoy our delft blue inspired contemporary decor curation.

1. Fragile Fingers on a Grand Piano | Marcel Wanders 

Marcel Wanders is famous for his delft blue vases and decorative objects. It combines the classical delft blue technique with contemporary objects. This “tattoo hands” sculpture is also a stylish and original decor.

2. My Superhero Vase | Jasmin Djerzic

Hail to the superhero who saved the leaning vase from falling! This contemporary delft blue vase is an original design that combines nostalgia with contemporary humor. Everyone wants to have such a superhero in their home.

3. Handpainted Delft Blue Pyramid Tulip Vase

Made by Jorrit Heinen, founder of Heinen Delfts Blauw Company, handmade vase, 7-storey. As contemporary decor, it has been a design where the Dutch delft blue classic is interpreted with an innovative perspective. Using the characteristic blue colors of the style instead of the visual images in antique delft blue vases is a language of expression that suits the contemporary interpretation that we are looking for.

4. Druggist Canister | Jonathan Adler

This decorative jar is one of the most contemporary interpretations of delft blue pottery possible. The object, in which the same quality and materials are used, differs with its contemporary design. Real gold highlights also add a luxurious effect to the blue jar.

5. Plate Vermeer Girl with Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring is one of the most used images in contemporary home decoration today. Delft blue inspired plate combined with the popular Vermeer painting turned into a timeless decorative object.

6. Handpainted Delft Blue Tulip Vase

This 5-mouthed delft blue vase with a Dutch landscape on one side and a flower pattern on the other is a model that has been produced for centuries. We wanted to put the vase produced by the contemporary designers of Royal Delft as a classic on our list. Because some designs are timeless.

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