How to be both Shabby and stylish? Shabby Chic, a romantic, elegant and feminine interior design style, provides the perfect balance between old and worn and elegant. Shabby Chic, also called Farmhouse Chic decor or country Chic decor, turns wood furniture that has almost turned into a garbage into a romantic fairy tale hero, let's look at it together.

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What is Shabby Chic Decor? How Can You Decorate Your House in Shabby Chic Style?

  • The definition Shabby means tacky, neglected, Shabby. Shabby Chic can be defined as Shabby elegance. The basis of the Shabby Chic style is based on the logic of re-evaluating worn, distressed or antique furniture. This re-evaluation is done with white and pastel colors, floral patterns, romantic and feminine attitude.
  • The Shabby Chic, with its rich brown and “coarse” aesthetic of rustic style, gets an elegant, fancy and feminine look. Vintage accessories, lace, soft fabrics, flowers, vintage furniture are the iconic elements of the Shabby Chic decor. Shabby Chic; it is rustic, romantic, feminine and sophisticated.
  • Becoming popular since the 1980s, Shabby Chic owes this fame to British designer Rachel Ashwell. Announcing this style from Great Britain to the world with Shabby Chic store chains, books and TV programs, Ashwell is one of the biggest pioneers of the style today.

Create a Fairy-Tale Setting with Romantic Shabby Chic Furnitures

  • One of the most iconic elements of Shabby Chic interior design is floral print furniture painted in white. Shabby or vintage furniture gets an emotional and elegant look in this way.
  • In beige or white patina furniture, the aging details are noticeable.
  • Furniture is functional, comfortable but has soft curves. Configure feminine.
  • The seats are covered with pastel colored floral fabrics. Soft comfortable upholstery is decisive for Shabby Chic style furniture.
  • Carved railings, ribbed legs, carvings of antique furniture are great details for Shabby Chic interior design. Make sure the feminine folds are on the furniture.
  • You can use shiny accessories in patinated distressed furniture.
  • Victorian wardrobes will suit Shabby Chic bedrooms.
  • Wrought iron furniture is also often used in Shabby Chic decoration.

Use Bright Pastel Colors

  • Shabby Chic colors consist of beige, pale pink, mint green, baby blue, silent gray and ivory, especially white.
  • There is no place in Shabby Chic style for bright, dark and bold colors.
  • Capture the taste of chalk paint.

Create a Bright Ambience With Characteristic Shabby Chic Lamps

  • Carved iron chandelier, French country lighting, glass lamps, tasseled lamps, fabric lampshades are the best options for Shabby Chic lighting.
  • Just because you hang a huge cottage vintage chandelier in your bedroom or living room doesn't mean you can't put any other lamps. Remember that Shabby Chic is a maximalist style.
  • Remember that you can even hang a flashy wrought iron chandelier in your bathroom.
  • Glass lamps are also ideal for Shabby Chic home decorating.
  • Crystal Shabby Chic pendant lighting is always a show with porcelain flowers. 

Use Fabrics with Tea Stains and Floral Patterns

  • Shabby Chic decor basically adopts vintage look. You can get a romantic and vintage look by imitating the stains of tea cup on fabrics and furniture.
  • The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Shabby Chic fabrics is undoubtedly the flower pattern. Sprinkle romantic floral patterns in pastel pink tones, from wallpapers to bedspreads, furniture patina to porcelain tea cups.

Mix Patterns and Textures


  • Few colors, more adhere to the rule. Equip your home with photo frames, pillows, blankets, flowers, vintage decorative items. What you need to pay attention is not to move away from monochrome colors. You already know what the color palette is. Two or a maximum of three colors are sufficient.
  • The most popular Shabby Chic fabrics; cotton, linen and muslin.
  • You don't need to iron the fabrics. A wrinkled, messy, layered look creates a much more cozy atmosphere.
  • The use of ribbon patterned fabrics with floral fabrics is a great pair for country Chic decor.
  • Tiny hearts, ballerina patterns, bows, filamingo patterns are also among the most loved.

Create a Romantic Atmosphere with Candles, Flowers and Lace


  • Floral patterned pillows or upholstery are not enough. The bouquets of flowers and large and small candles are indispensable for the Shabby Chic decor.
  • The open shelf system, which consists entirely of floral prints or with lace Shabby Chic wall decor and candles, is also nice.
  • You can place the candles in glass jars or in a stylish glass bottle.
  • The Victorian wardrobe is iconic for a Shabby Chic style bedroom.
  • For Shabby Chic bedding, choose peony or rose patterned suits. Do not give up pastel pink, white or cream.
  • Who can say no to the Shabby Chic dressing table?
  • Ruffled pillows and bed skirt support a feminine look.
  • You can transform vintage furniture for a white Shabby Chic dresser.
  • By stacking the white painted wooden chests, you can use it as a bedside table.
  • Flowers in glass vase, white wrought iron birdcage, velvet Shabby Chic jewelry box, wall decor made of vintage hand mirrors are the most iconic accessories.
  • Shabby Chic curtains with a frilly flower pattern, flying flight creates a fairytale effect. You can choose natural fabrics such as fine tulle or linen.
  • Carved wooden Shabby Chic headboards are among the most popular pieces. If you like the Farmhouse Chic decor style, you can also use white wooden palettes. White wrought iron headboards are another option.
  • White crystal chandelier with porcelain flowers is great.
  • You can use it on burlap and lace pillows, curtains, anywhere.
  • Fabric lampshades are one of the most beloved Shabby Chic table lamps. You can also use tiny crystal stone antique chandeliers. Birdcage lamp is another option.
  • You can transform an old dresser with white by purchasing a carved Shabby Chic drawer pull.
  • If there is enough space, put a Shabby Chic armchair and do your show.
  • A hope chest is a great piece of furniture to showcase both your storage space and vintage accessories. You can place candles, vintage dolls, decorative porcelain tea cups, antique look candle lanterns, vintage glass jars on the lacy wooden cases.
  • Prefer antique looking photo frames and large mirrors of this style.
  • The white pearl hanging from the jewelry box suits the robby Chic romance. Increase the feminine effect with tiny jewelry boxes.
  • Fairy lights create a fairy tale effect on your bedside.
  • Pink ruffled throw pillows, lace ruffled pillows are the strongest parts.
  • Floral rugs are iconic for Shabby Chic, but if you think you are using the floral pattern for the rest of the room, you can also choose faux fur.
  • Wire meshed white shelves also suit Shabby Chic bedrooms.
  • Hang the vintage frame on the wall, and in the middle hang pale colored artificial flowers. Shabby Chic wall decor is that easy!
  • White wicker boxes and baskets are also ideal for Shabby Chic style.
  • If the white and cream is too flat for you in the living room, you can get support from mint green, pastel yellows and baby blues.
  • Large comfortable white couches; It looks great with pillows with flowers, polka dots, laces, tassels and ruffles. Keep the pillows abundant.
  • Cutwork doilies are nice as runner and tablecloth.
  • White Shabby Chic coffee table with aging effect can be one of the most striking parts of your living room.
  • French country style nesting tables are great.
  • Do not forget to put flowers, porcelain ornaments in a glass bottle on distressed wood consoles or table. Do not forget to use the contrasts together.
  • Do not compromise on the use of multiple furniture, layered fabrics, abundant accessories.
  • Shabby Chic TV stand is not only as a TV stand; it is also great for displaying your vintage decorative ornaments.
  • You can use a large white suitcase as a coffee table.
  • Flowers in chalk painted vases, blooms holding curtains, large and small vintage mirrors, antique photo frames, candles in glass, wrought iron floor lamps, bird cage, antique ornaments with angel wings are the main accessories you should use.
  • You can also sprinkle vintage silver accessories.
  • A large wrought iron Shabby Chic chandelier can be white or crystal stoned. You can show with porcelain flowers and bird models.
  • You can display your glass and porcelain ware in a pale blue cabinet.
  • Pink peonies and roses are among the most popular Shabby Chic flowers.
  • You can use porcelain tea sets suitable for the British tea time concept both on the table and as wall decor.
  • You can sprinkle the oil paintings with flowers in the room.
  • The most popular style for Shabby Chic kitchen decorating is the farmhouse style. This means many painted and sanded wood surfaces. Of course, you still need to use neutral colors and pastel shades. One of the wonderful colors that accompany the white / cream and pink duo is sweet turquoise. If you want a kitchen like sugar, follow this color palette.
  • Prefer free-standing furniture instead of wall-to-wall kitchen cabinet. A pale, painted sideboard, open shelf system, glass plate cabinets or wire mesh cabinets are great for Shabby Chic kitchens. It is used to show your vintage items inside the cabinets.
  • Prefer glass chandelier and glass vases. If you like sparkle, you can choose a large crystal chandelier. You can even replace kitchen cabinet handles with glass ones.
  • Create a cute and feminine environment with many fabric details such as floral ruffled chair cushions, tablecloths, oven mitts, curtains. Polka dot fabrics are also frequently used in Shabby Chic kitchens.
  • Ruffled washbasin cover creates a vintage effect.
  • White carved legs, light wood top plate are the most preferred ones in Shabby Chic dining tables. But you can also choose a completely white, light pink or even a coastal style light blue table. You can patina part of the table with floral pattern.
  • You can get rustic Chic decorating by combining woody shelves with frills and lace.
  • Perfect for white wrought iron dress form decor, Shabby Chic home decor.
  • Shabby Chic bar stools would be great if you have a kitchen island. Paint the stools sold in the flea market and put a ruffled cover on them.
  • The dish that stands on open shelves will look crowded, paying attention to the colors being in similar tones. Proudly display your floral porcelain dinner plates.
  • Flowers, a stylish cake stand, porcelain tea sets are the signature of Shabby Chic kitchens.
  • A dressing screen covered with wrought iron or Shabby Chic fabrics would be great.
  • Floral patterned Shabby Chic shower curtains are one of the most crucial parts. If it will be without a pattern, make sure it is ruffled. A straight curtain cannot have a place in a Shabby Chic style bathroom.
  • The lace bathtub curtain creates an extreme romantic effect.
  • Shabby Chic bathroom vanity models are already great. How about disassembling a few doors and stretching lace to differentiate them?
  • Clawfoot tub is iconic.
  • Shabby Chic style tub shelving; It is a great detail where you can display decorative flowers, candles, vintage shampoo bottles.
  • A wood ladder basket bathroom storage, painted in white and even with floral prints, is great for putting soaps on. You can also hang your tasseled towels on the steps of the stairs. You can also choose hanging wire bathroom baskets.
  • Lacy or frill sink curtain is admirable.
  • A vintage above-sink mirror frame is a must.
  • Moisture-proof Shabby Chic wallpaper brings style to your bathroom effortlessly.

Ideal for white, cream, pastel pink and blue little ones. Having a very girly understanding, what does Shabby Chic interior design offer in baby boy rooms? How to decorate girls and boys baby rooms in Shabby Chic style, we have several suggestions:

  • If you have embraced the flower as girly and think it cannot be in the baby boy room, you can focus on animal patterns.
  • If you think the pink and blue distinction is sexist, the white and beige duo are for you.
  • A ruffled duvet cover set is a must for Shabby Chic nursery, of course.
  • A wooden antique crib painted white is great. You can also choose wicker cradles.
  • You can return the fabrics you use in the duvet cover to the frame and hang them on the wall.
  • Don't forget to put a white comfortable nursing chair.
  • Bows, pompoms, pastel colored tiny animal wallpapers are great for creating Shabby Chic look.
  • Use lots of soft textures.