Sculptural Furniture Pushing The Boundaries

Sculptural Furniture Pushing The Boundaries

Some have a unique idea behind while some have inspiration and full of aesthetics. It has been for a while over designing furniture can be seen as conveying emotions and ideas as well as serving utility, comfort, and beauty. These days furniture also serves for the tastes and can reflect the one’s point of view in life. Furnishing a home is just like open the doors of the very self to other people so it has its own spirit. But what about furniture looking like a piece of art? Let’s discover artistic sculptural furniture pushing boundaries! 

1. Narl. Chair – Carl Durkow

Narl. Chair - Carl Durkow
Narl. Chair – Carl Durkow

Inspiring the opposite idea of Montessori philosophy, Narl Chair is deliberately designed for not coming down the earth by Carl Durkow. It gives a chance to the adult to feel like a child again. So that adults can turn back their childhood just sitting in the chair and enjoy the time. Another interesting fact is that the chair is also a rocking chair all around! Another reason to feel childish and joyful!

2. Morpheus – Sabrina Möllers

Morpheus - Sabrina Möllers

2018 Core77 Design Awards winner Morpheus shows the limitlessness of sculptural furniture with numerous utilization choices: A ladder, coffee table for two, shelf, bar… The only limit is your imagination. Firstly it was designed only as a sculpture however ideas went further, therefore, Morpheus is designed based on the changeability of the future, flexibility in life and adaptability for every need and occasion.

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3. Nodum – Thomas Vaughan

Nodum - Thomas Vaughan
Nodum – Thomas Vaughan

Designed by Thomas Vaughan with handwork, Nodum creates a unique form of wood revealing its grain soul. Even if it was made of many components, each carved meticulously, it seems as if the furniture formed from whole compact material. Nodum is just like a reminder of the real texture of nature in a smokey and modern design. Do you wonder what it owes its solid structure? Hidden jointing system. But due to the use of black both the components and hidden system is invisible!

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4. Alufoil (Shell Chair) – Chris Schanck

Alufoil Shell Chair Chris Schanck
Alufoil (Shell Chair) – Chris Schanck

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Alufoil (Shell Chair) attracts attention with its unusual material use and its heavy and cold looking. Even its outlook seems nonuniform it has its own mathematic in it because the form is quite in the proper place. But the trick is in the idea. Designer Chris Schanck’s aim is to create luxury derive from common and even industrial materials. Alufoil series of the artists willfully are created from discarded materials in the form of sculptured furnishing. If you love this look, you should definitely meet the Brutalist style.

5. The Balenciaga Sofa – Harry Nuriev and Balenciaga

The Balenciaga Sofa - Harry Nuriev and Balenciaga
The Balenciaga Sofa – Harry Nuriev and Balenciaga

Designer and architecture Harry Nuriev collaborated with Balenciaga in Design Miami 2019 for creating this vinyl coach stuffed with discarded clothes of Balenciaga. The idea behind the sofa is to promote “environmentally conscious design”. The collaboration also encourages the other brands to think and act environmentally. The clothes stuffed in it are mostly damaged, not selling, or out of date for the brand. The vinyl and transparent covering enable to see the used clothes as well as displays the riot of colors.

6. Interlude – Apparatus

Interlude - Apparatus
Interlude – Apparatus

Elegantly designed, the Interlude marble table reflects the grace of marble. Designed by the exclusively luxurious brand Apparatus, this marble table reflects the harmony of the luxury colors of creme and brownish shades. The brocaded marble motifs perfectly match with rounded shapes while tough cylinders create a massive and heavy look on the furniture as well as revealing the reliance between two materials. The movable sections of the table can be also used remotely to spread the heavy and elegant spirit of the furniture to all the space.

7. Never Too Much – Kueng Caputo

Never Too Much - Kueng Caputo
Never Too Much – Kueng Caputo

The funny and colourful fruit of creating surprising and experimental, Never Too Much series is designed by Sarah Kueng and Lovis Capito who are in search of the revealing of the spirit and the character of their furnishing. This series is composed of benches, stools, lights and bowls made of leather and enamel. The pieces are coloured by sprayed and splattered to create a dynamic vision. The trick lies beneath colouring, because of dynamism it is hard to recognize to handle the texture of the pieces.

8. Lounge Chair – Tadeas Podracky

Lounge Chair - Tadeas Podracky
Lounge Chair – Tadeas Podracky

One of the best pieces of sculptural furniture is undoubtedly the Lounge Chair designed by Tadeas Podracky in 2016. Resembling a spider at first glance, Lounge Chair is an example of deconstructive furnishing. Composed of different materials, leather, fur, lacquer, beechwood, the chair conveys the feeling of the utility of the furniture as well as having aesthetics. Therefore Podracky’s design both creates comfort and sculptural feeling in the place. 

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9. Ceramic Chair – Katie Stout

Ceramic Chair - Katie Stout
Ceramic Chair – Katie Stout

Pushing the boundaries of classical and serious thinking of design and decoration, the ceramic chair designed by Katie Stout invites one to rethink the concept of decoration and comfort. Her works are classified as “naive pop” and her use of color and different kinds of media support the caricatured idea of furniture. Both an example of parody and childish-looking ceramic chair subverts the idea of comfort and aesthetics as the funny celebration of design adventure.  

10.  Cross Check Chair – Frank Gehry

Cross Check Chair - Frank Gehry
Cross Check Chair – Frank Gehry

In 1990, designer Frank Gehry created his collection in memory of his childhood games with apple crates and affected the strength of wood in designing his furniture. So ribbon-like bentwood furnishing is an essential part of his style as well as pushing the conventions of classical furniture while blending different forms and media in function.

11. Anthropocene – Erwan Boulloud

Anthropocene - Erwan Boulloud
Anthropocene – Erwan Boulloud

One of the most astonishing sculptural furniture is unquestionably the artworks of designer Erwan Boulloud. He wanders the line of art and furniture with his surrealist and even gothic and magical kind of vision in design. The form of Anthropocene gives the main idea behind the designer’s way of understanding the world while it gives a question to the viewer by deconstructing the main and functional form of luxurious furniture.

12. Growth Chair Bronze – Mathias Bengtsson

Growth Chair Bronze - Mathias Bengtsson
Growth Chair Bronze – Mathias Bengtsson

Even Mathias Bengtsson describes himself as a designer, his works push the traditional conventions of furniture and step into the art world. Always in search of playing the three-dimensional effect of furniture in a variety of media, Bengtsson’s works both astonish and deceive the viewer. Just like Growth Chair, his furniture is either created as unique pieces or limited produced in editions.

13. Octopus Chair – Maximo Riera

Octopus Chair - Maximo Riera
Octopus Chair – Maximo Riera

Designed as an invitation to think and celebrate the existence of the animal kingdom as dwellers of the world, Maximo Riera created the Animal Chair Collection from a diverse range of animals. Every species in the collection is like the praise of nature reflects the beauty and perfection of dwellers of the world. Octopus Chair is the first piece designed so performs as the main idea base for the collection. 

14. Sculptural Brass Ribbon Table Lamp – Taylor Llorente

Sculptural Brass Ribbon Table Lamp - Taylor Llorente
Sculptural Brass Ribbon Table Lamp – Taylor Llorente

Touching the place and change the atmosphere with its luxurious and artful soul, Taylor Llorente’s furniture exerts its authority with elegant pieces. Famous for its wide range of the most elite and luxurious furniture with a unique presence, the design process is also highly artsy. Sculptural Brass Ribbon Table Lamp is handmade and made from very natural brass ribbons.

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15.  Manta – Robby Cantarutti

Manta - Robby Cantarutti
Manta – Robby Cantarutti

Could be a sea creature be also a source of inspiration for sculptural furniture? Robby Cantarutti’s work is a three-dimensional example of this kind of inspiration. Manta is inspired by ray by reflecting the spinous and smooth form of the creature with its single shell. Perfect curves give the the movement of the ray while gives dynamism to the work.

16. Ammonoid Alpha – Misha Kahn

Ammonoid Alpha - Misha Kahn
Ammonoid Alpha – Misha Kahn

Kahn’s sculptural furnishing is inspired by the context between human beings and machines. Therefore, Ammonoid Alpha was designed by VR technology to give the inevitable connection between technology and human. Besides Kahn’s works are synoptic about the questioning of the rectangular materialistic world of design for people’s dwelling. So Kahn’s works are also artworks having an idea and question behind them.

Cover image: The Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

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