Rustic decor is one of the most popular among today's interior design trends. What is the rustic decor where the love of wood is carried up to the toilet paper roll holder, does every wooden furniture mean rustic furniture, what are our suggestions for creating rustic style home decoration? A post with a large log and brown color awaits you. Let's start now.

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Characteristics Features of Rustic Decor

When we say rustic definition, we are talking about rural lifestyle. Rustic, which emphasizes natural and daily life; it contains views that can be called a little “bulky”, far from elegance. Rustic style decor is based on the understanding of using organic materials as naturally as possible based on this lifestyle. By the way, let's also say that rustic home decor is a general term. There are different representations of this natural life, from rustic furniture, where raw wood plays the leading role, to decor ideas. You can find various rustic styles in the rest of the article.

We can list the characteristic features of rustic home decor as follows:

  • Solid wood furniture almost anywhere
  • Wooden floor
  • Use of natural, rough, raw wood as much as possible
  • Feeling unfinished
  • Intensive use of billets from furniture to photo frames
  • Natural textile materials such as burlap, linen, wool
  • Textured product use
  • Patterns of objects referring to nature

What is Modern Rustic Decor?

This style, also called contemporary rustic decor, can be said to combine rustic elements with contemporary designs. A real rustic home may seem rough and dark to many of us today. But modern houses, which provide the warm and natural effect of rustic decoration, can create the same effect by buying a few farmhouse furniture or some design elements. The important thing in rustic modern decoration; creating the country house effect is to maintain the characteristic structure of the style. In summary, modern rustic decor has a more eclectic structure.

Wide plank wood floors, the use of raw wood, rustic fireplaces resembling a chalet, frames made of branches, wooden wall panels, the use of rustic white panels for a brighter look, wooden beamed ceilings, neutral color use, organic fabrics are the most frequently used elements in contemporary rustic decoration.

What is Rustic Industrial Decor?

Rust industrial, one of the contemporary eclectic interior decor styles, is obtained by using wood and metal together. It is the understanding of decoration arising from the meeting of wooden rustic furniture coming from rural life to metal, which represents urban life. Metal footed log stools, metal shelves with metal parts or metal lamps hanging over a wooden base are the most popular examples.

What is Rustic Italian Decor?

The Italian farmhouse decor style is based on the idea of combining natural and raw materials of rustic style with striking, artistic and elegant elements. Stone, brick and wood are decisive materials. Gold-colored walls, natural stones, olive green tapestry fabrics, covers, decorative hand-painted objects, brass and bronze handles attached to wooden furniture are Italian touches brought to rustic style.

What is Rustic Glam Decor?

To add sparkling, clean striped design elements to worn raw wood furniture? Yes, farmhouse glam style means exactly this! A rustic log furniture can be used with a crystal chandelier with the effect of glam style. You can combine your old wooden stool with a stylish and bright candlestick. The rustic glam style, consisting of the unity of contrasts, requires a good balance.

Rustic Furniture Features


  • Rustic style furnitures are handmade. The raw material stands out, they are not detailed in shape and form. Rustic style furniture is not in terms of design; It impresses with the naturalness of the material and the feeling of unfinished. Even recycling furniture is fully compatible with rustic style. Furniture is generally comfortable, big and heavy. Isn't it just right for everyday life in the village house?
  • Of course, wood, log, wood, branch, bar, and sometimes stone or concrete are used as materials. It is the material that stands out in rustic furniture, not design. But when we look at modern Rustic furniture ideas, we see designs where creativity meets the beauty of the material. Mexico rustic furniture, on the other hand, is generally carved furniture produced with meticulous hand work in Mexico.

Rustic Lighting Features


Rustic inspired style has the same characteristics from furniture to lighting. Rustic light fixtures add the warmth and peace of the village house to your rooms. Rustic industrial chandelier creates a more modern style, while wooden stalactites combined with ropes give a more farmhouse effect. Rustic lanterns and rustic wall sconces are the most distinctive lighting fixtures of the style.

Rustic Paint Colors


Rustic color schemes consist of warm tones. Brown, gray, green, orange, tile, gold are the defining colors of the rustic style. For a brighter and modern look, the harmony of raw wood with white is also perfect.

Of course, you should use lots of wood on the floor, ceiling or furniture. Rustic bed sets create a country house bedroom effect in one move. If you want, you can catch the rustic effect with the farmhouse bedroom furniture with a few pieces or sets. White and brown is the best color combination for modern rustic bedroom decor. Be careful not to use brown in both textile products, furniture and upholstery.

  • Using open logs on some walls
  • Rustic bed for the most specific style
  • Rustic headboards
  • White, brown or tumbled blue rustic dresser
  • Rustic platform bed for a more modern look
  • Rustic lamp shades with mountain or animal pattern, log legs
  • Linen or natural woven rustic throw pillows (Cream, brown, beige tones. Can be plaid, nature and animal patterned.)
  • Rustic full length mirror
  • Dressing cabin made of wooden shutters
  • Rustic wall sconces that you can install per bed
  • Rustic floor lamps or iron chandelier, candles
  • Vintage frames dangling from wall stumps
  • Rustic flowers arrangements hanging on iron hooks
  • Wooden case or rustic stool as bedside table
  • Combination of white curtain and rustic curtain rods
  • Pastoral pictures on the wall

The room we spend most of our time in is the living room. You can use all elements of this farmohuse style as you wish for rustic living room decor. Rustic living room furniture is often the leading actor in these rooms. There are many items you can add. Remember, you can use elements of many styles such as Vintage, Bohemian and Minimal together for the modern rustic living room. Or if you want rustic chic decor, don't be afraid to match raw woods with sparkly colors and crystal decors.

  • Both functional and rural: Rustic ceiling fans
  • Wrought iron chandeliers for a more modern style
  • Rustic bookshelf
  • If you want industrial rustic living room, rustic floating shelves
  • At least two rustic coffee tables
  • Rustic curtains with wood joinery or pallet look
  • Rustic fireplace to keep the warmth of a country house
  • Rustic log furnitures for a real farmhouse look
  • If you are eating in the same room, a huge rustic dining table
  • Rustic corner shelf for small living rooms, rustic end tables and sectional sofa
  • Rustic TV stands with flower arrangement and vintage objects
  • Rustic throw pillows to add softness
  • Rustic ottomans to combine with bohemian decor
  • Rustic rugs with bear, mountain, tree motifs
  • Shelf unit made of stacked wooden crates

Modern rustic kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen design styles today. For the modern farmhouse kitchen decor, in which wood plays the leading role, the variety of furniture you will buy is very different, and the basic principles are the same. Check out our recommendations. Even if there are a few of them, your kitchen will have a rustic village house style. If you want to get help with accessories or smaller items for rustic kitchen decor, rustic chalkboard, wire fruit baskets mounted on wooden panels, canister sets, wooden stool are also great.

  • Wood rustic kitchen cabinets or rustic file cabinet
  • Rustic hardware if you don't want to replace your kitchen cabinets
  • Rustic wood shelves instead of cabinet as an option
  • Rustic kitchen island 1800
  • Rustic kitchen island with wooden bar stools
  • Copper rustic kitchen faucet
  • Concrete or machined marble countertop
  • Rustic dinnerware (Handmade pottery, inserted ceramic pots, tumbled-style ceramic plates)
  • Rustic flatware with stainless steel or dry branch handle
  • Big rustic farmhouse table
  • Rustic dining table set for an impact in one move
  • Rustic spoon for classic style
  • Rustic dining chairs made of logs
  • Burlap and plaid fabric curtains, rustic curtain rods
  • Plaid tablecloth, rustic table runner

As expected, we will see plenty of wood in rustic bathroom decor. The use of textures and the use of natural textiles are also good alternatives for rustic decor.

  • Ready-made rustic bathroom vanities
  • Textured tiles
  • Waterproof rustic wallpapers with wood look
  • Rustic vessel sink made of concrete or natural stone
  • A huge rustic bathroom mirrors (there are also cupboards)
  • Rustic shower curtains with wooden pallets or cattle prints
  • Rustic toilet paper holder (Wow!)
  • Portable rustic bathtub and rustic stool that you put next to it
  • Rustic blanket ladder to hang towels
  • Plenty of cotton towel rolls on log shelves
  • Soaps and shampoos in vintage metal containers
  • Copper mug
  • Rustic door
  • Wooden shelves with metal parts for industrial rustic bathroom (You can hang towels on metal parts.)
  • Straw basket-towel combination
  • Antique toothbrush holder
  • Metal vintage bathroom trash