Raw and Sculptural Brutalist Furniture Collection

Raw and Sculptural Brutalist Furniture Collection

Brutalist syle, which has a raw and sophisticated aesthetic, invites the extraordinary aesthetics of concrete, metal, nail, rusty and rough surfaces to our homes. We did a detailed research for Brutalist furniture that will make a difference in your home or office decoration and listed the ones that impress us the most. Here are sculptural Brutalist furniture with raw aesthetics that we handpicked from different sites.

If you want to learn more about the style, click: BRUTALIST INTERIOR DESIGN AND FURNITURE GUIDE 

1- Brutalist Coffee Table by Marc Creates

Marc Creates Inc. The Brutalist coffee table, designed by the 1970s. The metal base in the form of a rusty cage with visible weld marks is very suitable for the raw aesthetics of the style. It also creates a great contrast with the glass on the top. Stunning and sculptural furniture for brutalist living rooms.

2- Hex Cement Pedestal Tables

Inspired by concrete monolith Brutalist architectural structures, these double cement pedestal tables carry the signature of Brett Beldock. The clean geometric form of the designs that are shaped by hand won our appreciation as modern pieces that will carry the aesthetics of concrete to your home decoration.

3- Brutalist Centre Table

Produced in the 1980s, this table looks very artistic with its large iron sculpture base. The table, reminiscent of abstract metal sculptures, is a functional Brutalist furniture with a glass top.

4- 1980s Maitland Smith Tessellated Mactan Stone + Brass Coffee Table

This Brutalist coffee table, made of brass with mosaic stones, is a wonderful design where rough and smooth surfaces are used together. Its curved legs resembling a waterfall are surrounded by brass inlaid strips. A distinctive vintage Brutalist coffee table from the 1980s.

5- Primitive Brutalist Wooden Chair

Handcarved wooden Brutalist sculpture stands out with its primitive style and organic appearance between object and sculpture. Unlike the more common metal, if you are looking for wooden Brutalist furniture, you should look for these primitive, textured, organic formed pieces.

6- Vintage Mid-Century Modern Brutalist Reclaimed Railroad Spikes Chair

This sculptural chair (or functional sculpture), hand-sculpted from railroad spikes, is a unique piece from the 1950s. We are sure that the moment you put the brutalist iron chair in your home, you will feel as if you have started decorating an art gallery. It’s so rusty and beautiful!

7- Elements of Construction Shelf by Willem van Hooff Cabinet

We immediately fell in love with this cabinet designed by Willem van Hooff. Why shouldn’t this contemporary design, combining concrete stalagmite with yellow metal mesh, be on our list as a fun Brutalist cabinet? This cabinet design is absolutely unique furniture for Brutalist bedrooms.

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