Minimalist decor is one of the biggest interior design trends of recent years. To understand the minimalist home decor based on a philosophy of life, it is a good idea to look at the mental dimension of the style. Minimal definition means that the name has a minimum amount or degree on it. Simple, simple, clean, tidy and really necessary can find a place in minimalist life. In fact, when it comes to design, we should also say that Minimal Art movement has a great influence on style. You can find detailed information about Minimal Art in the rest of the article.

When we say the minimalist room, the first image that most of us think of is a white and almost empty room with a few items. Books, furniture piles, decorative ornaments, patterns, colors are absent in minimal homes. This life for those who adopt minimalist life; it is a stress free, liberating and soothing life.

But what about those who find minimalist home decor boring? We say do not decide before reading our article. Because a minimalist style home doesn't have to be really boring and empty.

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  • The origin of the term minimalism was the bustling Minimal Art movement in New York in the 1960s. "What you see is art." Based on the philosophy of minimalist artists, they adopt objective silence. Order and symmetry are an indication of their rational attitude. Danning with his fluorescent lights, Dan Flavin claimed that Carl Bricks, who went on and on, said that his three-dimensional works could not be paintings or sculptures but could be called "specific objects". Artists like Richard Serra, who aimed, presented a whole new perspective with Minimalist Art.
  • After this period, the expression of minimalism was used for the objects and the space / space that decreased in form.
  • Bauhaus, which was blowing like a storm in the 1920s before the minimalism movement was born, became a reference for minimalist furniture with its principle aiming to produce functional products using as little material as possible.

How to Style a Minimalist Home?

We will give examples of minimalist furniture, colors and furniture, but first you need to get rid of unnecessary things at home.

Increase Storage Space

  • Books swept left and right, piles of CDs, pens, notebooks, lots of trinkets… Even when you look at your desk, you see a variety of items that you can't believe when and where they came from. It's time to lift them up in cabinets, drawers, boxes. Then it's time to eliminate what you put in your drawers, cabinets. Even if you don't see them, they take up space in your home and mind. Follow Colleen Madsen's "one in, one out" rule. Take out one for each item that enters the house. Or start by grabbing one of the drawers and throwing the other one away.
  • It may seem difficult at first to determine what is unnecessary or excessive. "Can I really live without it?" Ask yourself the question. Without a bed, you have to lie on the floor, but without the piles of paper in your drawer, you won't lose anything, right?

Identify Basic Furniture

  • Donate or buy whatever you do not use (coffee tables, shelves, carpets, etc.) other than your basic furniture such as beds, sofas and tables.
  • Make good use of the storage areas. If you have only a few furniture, why not have your cabinets stylish?
  • Prefer double-duty furniture such as ottomans, which both puff and storage area, and cabinet and table.

Keep Quality Above Number

  • The minimalist interior design, based on the philosophy of being contented with Azla, of course keeps the quality superior to the quantity. Let your furniture and textile products be high quality and durable. Buying something new should really be a need for you.

Choose Minimal Colors

  • White is the decisive color for minimalist home decor.
  • Neutral colors such as gray, cream, black, light blue are also accompanied by white.
  • Yellow undertones such as cream and beige create a warmer, cozy minimalist home effect.
  • The blue undertones give a cooler effect.
  • Nature colors such as brown, green and blue are also used in minimalist style houses.
  • Black is the signature of minimalist interior design as the contrast of white.

Pattern? What is it?

Minimalist aesthetics favor simplicity. Forget the patterns, the complexity. From carpets to curtains, everything is as flat as possible.

Use texture to create a warm effect

When you say bare walls, open surfaces, little things, do not turn your home into a cold, uneasy place to live in. You can add comfort and warmth to your home by using the same tone texture as the colors you use on gray, white, beige surfaces. Sheepskin carpet, velvet sofa, knit blanket are just a few of them.

Choose lighting elements in warm tones

For a comfortable, inviting, peaceful environment, stay away from LED lighting and fluorescent. Prefer soft yellow lights.

Invite nature to your home with green plants

Potted plants go very well with minimal home decor. It is always good to have other living creatures at home, if they can also be used as a natural beauty décor!

Use simple artworks

Using accessories in minimalist interior design is the most difficult part. Focusing completely on the function is not a suitable idea for the home. Minimalist wall decor generally consists of simple graphic shapes, black and white photographs, plain pictures frames.

What is Cozy Minimalist Home?

We can say that comfort meets functionality and simplicity. In fact, most interior design, which we call today in minimalist style, is in cozy minimalist decor understanding. We can say that the intersection of a fully functional and cold style with a layered, crowded and mixed decor. Modern minimalist interior designs often have this balance.

What is Japanese Minimalist Interior Design?

  • Living unpretentious, simplicity and tranquility are the cornerstones of the Zen philosophy. Japanese minimalist interior design is based on creating meditative, peaceful and calm spaces based on this philosophy. The name of this Japanese minimalist interior concept is Kanso.
  • Kanso means simplicity and is one of the seven Zen principles. The reflection of this in home decoration is actually minimalism. Order instead of mess, simplicity instead of ornaments, quality instead of quantity.
  • In Japanese style minimalist home décor, there is frequent use of natural elements. Plants such as bamboo, palm, orchids are frequently used.
  • In iconic Japanese minimalist houses, sliding screens called Shoji are used. The original are sliding panels made with translucent rice paper and a wooden frame. In the Shoji, glass is used instead of rice paper today. It is a great solution for small rooms. Shoji sliding back and forth ensures maximum use of natural light.
  • Japanese minimalist furniture usually consists of floor cushions and low seating areas. If you want to furnish a room in this style, you can choose low sofas and you can create a seating group by placing cushions on wooden pallets.
  • The Japanese style entrway is iconic. Entrances are made lower to remove shoes and prevent dirt from entering the house. You can create simple, straight, simple wooden shoe storage areas.
  • Also known as straw mats, Tatami is a very “Japanese” alternative to carpet.

What is Minimalist Furniture?


  • Minimalist design furniture is simple, functional, simple, clean surface, without exaggeration. It is noteworthy that today most of the products called modern furniture are minimalist. The most important reason why modern minimalist furniture is loved so much is that they make the striking effect very smartly. The one-piece sheet was twisted into a chair, or a completely transparent seat, never before seen in any other decoration trend.
  • Intelligent, functional and simple aesthetic furniture that captures the impressive appearance with little is the main heroes of minimalist home decoration. Most of the minimalist furniture that adds joy and a completely different energy to the houses with the skillful use of line games and forms are also valuable as functional products that serve dual purposes.
  • Minimalist coffee tables are popular, have one in your living room.
  • You will need a minimalist bed here, as the first thing you need to focus on is the function! Most popular minimalist bedroom furniture is platform bed. You can easily catch the Japanese minimalist bedroom style with the platform bed. Clean lines and neutral colors should be your basic principle again.
  • Use layered white, beige, gray colors. If you are going to use pale blue, balance it with cream and light brown.
  • The metal or one-piece wooden headboard is in the signature of minimalist bedroom decor.
  • Your lampshades and a few wall art are the main elements of the minimal bedroom decor.
  • Paper pendants are great for minimalist bedroom.
  • You can emphasize the layout by hanging the tables symmetrically on the wall you rest on your bed.
  • A blanket and a few knitted pillows on the bed also increase the feeling of comfort.
  • Keep the circumference of your bed as empty as possible.
  • A single dresser or wardrobe is ideal. Let's add a shelf.
  • A minimalist armchair that stands in the room with its simple design also creates a remarkable effect.
  • You can use brass armature lighting elements for minimalist chic bedroom decor.
  • A large solid carpet will do your job.
  • A minimalist mirror.

What is "Minimalist Boho Bedroom"?


  • You may be wondering how colorful, abundant patterned, chaotic Bohemian style and minimalist decor come together. But some must love both styles. Get the best elements of minimalist interior design with the boho style and combine it in your bedroom in a balanced way. Here is the boho minimalist bedroom!
  • Use green plants, mat, bamboo, macrame wall hangings, ethnic patterned carpets and pillows, poufs, knit fabric to add the boho style to your bedroom. The important thing is to balance well. Your color palette should not consist of pinks, oranges, vibrant yellows and blues like that of the classic Bohemian style, but pastel colors such as cream, mint green and gray, especially white. Or use vibrant color in just a few pieces, leaving the rest of the room as bright and neutral as possible.

Minimalist living room decor can be summed up with quiet colors and smart furniture selection. Now you know what to do in general but let's share a few more suggestions that will open your horizons:

  • The use of the same color-different texture is a very classy choice for the modern minimalist living room. For example, the white lint carpet, wall art from white rope, white armchair… It creates a completely different effect.
  • Minimal floor lamps are good.
  • How about leveling up on low furniture? Wouldn't a wooden plate that you put directly on the carpet as a coffee table change? Free your coffee table feet. You couldn't reduce it any more!
  • It would be great if you put a sculptural furniture that will draw all the attention for the ultra modern living room.
  • Get help from symmetrical lines. A sofa made entirely of right angles and a glass frame create a pleasant effect.
  • Leather sofa is one of the best options for minimalist living room furniture.
  • If you are bored with white, black and gray, try using tonal color. A room that you will design with many shades of blue or green creates minimal effect.
  • Move storage areas over the door. Floating shelves or fully enclosed boxes offer a much cleaner view above ground.
  • Minimal artworks, black and white pictures, typographic wall arts add aesthetics to your living room.
  • Jute carpets and linen covers are always valid pieces for minimalist living room décor.
  • Minimalist white living room is a classic. But for a more sophisticated look, you can use dark colors. Long curtains from the same fabric with a dark green or navy blue sofa will be very elegant.
  • As an alternative to green plants, you can also use dried plants.
  • Prefer multifunctional furniture. The furniture, which could be both a bed and a sofa, was still not made. Sorry, we have forgotten to say the coffee tables with drawers or pouffe with storage space.
  • Minimalist philosophy also accompanies the home office layout. Many living rooms are also used as offices. A clean bookcase and a simple desk are sufficient for minimalist home office decor. Needless to say, there's no room for staplers, files, piles of paper, giant pen holders on the table?

A tidy and clean kitchen is everyone's dream. The kitchen is one of the most dispersed places in the house and it is not always easy to keep it organized. Before proceeding to the recommendations for minimalist kitchen decor, what you need to do is to sift through kitchen utensils.

Steps to eliminate excesses for minimalist kitchen

  • First, create a minimalist kitchen list to understand what's really needed. When doing this, calculate how many people you live at home and how often as a guest. Cutlery set, plates, glasses, bowls, pans, trays, oven gloves, oven aprons, pans, one more pan ... We are already tired. How many of them are there and how many of them are you really using? Be honest with yourself and discard or donate the excess. Be sure, you will feel very lighter afterwards.
  • Keep useful and quality items in your kitchen, such as a sharp chef knife, a well-cooking oven, a long-life pot, a pasta pot with holes.
  • Jars with missing lids or forks that do not match are among the first to be eliminated.
  • Store containers of different sizes. There is no need to have a lot of containers of the same size.
  • Multi-functional kitchen appliances are your heroes. Take good care of your heroes, do not value others that they do not deserve.
  • Make it a habit to keep the bench clean and empty at all times. Do not put keys, phones, trinkets, napkins etc.
  • Clean your fridge once a week. Thus, you do not shop unnecessarily and forget food in the refrigerator.

Minimal Kitchen Design Ideas

  • White lacquer kitchen
  • Kitchen island that can also be used as a dining table
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Marble tiles
  • Modern leather dining chairs for a more sophisticated style
  • White subway tile backsplash
  • Metal chairs or wooden chairs with metal legs for a rustic effect
  • A contemporary chandelier
  • Green potted plants
  • Glass pot
  • Closed shelf system
  • Minimalist kitchen cabinets without handles
  • In minimalist bathroom design, white is the most frequently used color, of course. There is nothing better than white for a bright look.
  • Pendants in geometric form are effective in minimalist bathroom decor.
  • To get away from the showroom look, you can choose a mirror with wood frame and a shelf system with towels of the same color.
  • The glass shower cabin is always a favorite.
  • The white or black freestanding bathtub looks modern.
  • Black faucet, toilet paper holder, soap dispenser etc. in the white bathroom create a nice contrast.
  • Bathroom cabinets with drawers prevent clutter.
  • Wall mounted toilets is great for minimalist bathroom design.
  • It would be great if you could store the washer / dryer in the closet.
  • Industrial style goes well in minimal bathrooms. Feel free to mix.
  • Cubic angular basin, closet, bathtub designs add contemporary flair to your bathroom.