Mid Century Modern, which can be summarized as the aesthetics of the 1950s and 60s, is one of the most popular interior design styles nowadays when its retro love is at its peak. Why has the craving for our grandmothers' houses increased so much? How do you decorate your house in Mid Century Modern style? Room by room, we will explain with examples. Long live the furniture with conical legs and let's start.

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What is Mid Century Modern?

Many of the elements that belong to vintage or retro home decoration today remain a heirloom from Mid Century Modern. Let's examine when and how it was one of the most popular interior design trends to the historical process of the style, which generally refers to the first half of the 20th century.

When was the Mide Century Modern Era?

Mid Century Modern; According to some sources, the architecture, interior, product and furniture design trend that is popular between 1933-1965 and for others between 1945-1969. We are talking about the style of an era associated with the mid-modern century with the 20th century, which is the post-World War II era.

The impact of International currents in Bauhaus in America is obvious in Mid Century Modern. Many representatives of the Bauhaus school immigrated to America after the Second World War. In addition, after the 2nd World War, the USA developed rapidly in the field of industry and technology. The level of welfare has increased. Modern furniture needed modern houses that were built quickly. A well-prosperous American people emerged who could buy his own home. Mid Century Modern has become a design style that responds perfectly to the needs in both architecture and home decoration in the period after World War II.

What does Mid Century Modern Mean?

The definition of Mid Century Modern emerged when the author Cara Greenberg wrote in 1983 for the Metropolitan Home, using the term "modern midcentury" for the furniture of the 1950s. Mid Century Modern had its brightest period in the 1950s, most of the designs were outdated in the late 1960s. The writing of Greenberg and the love of vintage started from the early 1980s to the middle. In later years, Mid Century Modern interior design and furniture quickly became mainstream.

Characteristic Features of Mid Century Modern Interior Design

  • Functionality is at the forefront. Furniture with multiple uses is popular.
  • Mid Century Modern aesthetics are based on clean lines.
  • There is room for bold color bursts. Cheerful colors used in homes after the boring years of war can be interpreted as a new American optimism.
  • In both architecture and interior design, the effect of nature on houses and spaces is considered. Natural materials such as large windows, green plants, wood and cotton textiles are used.
  • Wood is decisive for Mid Century Modern furniture.
  • Know that you can use most of what you know as retro home decor or vintage interior design for Mid Century Modern.

What is Mid Century Modern Furniture?

  • The form of the furniture is simple.
  • Clean lines, organic curves and functionality are at the forefront.
  • Mid-Century Modern style furniture is usually with a conical leg.
  • Wooden furniture such as teak, handmade products attract attention.
  • Mid Century Modern style furniture has smooth surfaces. Wood is not used as raw and rough as in rustic decoration.
  • Mid Century Modern prefers products with high functionality such as sectional sofas and coffee tables.
  • Long lampshades with thin feet are iconic.
  • Wood Mid Century Modern credenza, TV stands, coffee tables are iconic.
  • Organic shapes such as round mirrors and coffee tables are used with non-organic forms.
  • Although natural materials such as wood and leather are included, new materials that can be accepted for that period, such as plastic, are also used. The discovery of new materials and the combined use of contrasts are seen in Mid Century Modern houses.
  • The bar cart is iconic for Mid Century Modern. You can think of this place for the cocktail show. Bar carts, where you can display your glass bottles, your smileys, is great for making an aesthetic reference to the period.
  • Feel free to buy upholstered wooden furniture. Mid Century Modern interior design adopts a democratic understanding and appeals to everyone. It is also sustainable.

Let us give you a hint as follows: Do not force yourself by trying to do the same exactly as a house in the 1950s. The main thing is to apply a few of the distinctive features of Mid Century Modern design and capture the general atmosphere.

What are Mid Century Modern colors?

  • Earth-colored wood is already frequently found in homes with Mid Century Modern furniture. Earth tones accompany brown.
  • Bold, cheerful colors are found in the Mid Century Modern color palette. Avocado green, tangerine color, orange, brown, red, pale pink are the most commonly used Mid Century Modern interior design colors.
  • The color variety is abundant, but the tone is pastel.

We also offer several Mid Century Modern color combinations for the iconic look:

  • Orange and brown
  • Chartreuse and gray
  • Pink and brown
  • White and brown
  • Teal and brown
  • Pale green and brown
  • Yellow and green

What are the patterns used in Mid Century Modern decor? 

  • The geometric patterns in the vivid colors that make up the typical retro look are the signatures of Mid Century Modern style houses.
  • You can create wonders with mixed lines, graphic patterns, pattern and texture games.
  • Sputnik chandelier gives great results.
  • Iconic Mid Century Modern floor lamps are curved.
  • Metal Mid Century Modern sconces are a must.
  • Mid Century Modern table lamps have long legs and big hats. A retro lampshade with tassels on the edges works very well. Two large table lamps on the Mid Century Modern coffee table create a pleasant symmetry.
  • Spherical pendant lamps are always valid. Vivid colors retro industrial lighting enhances the retro effect.
  • Gold details are great as Mid Century Modern decor. You can also use gold in lighting elements frequently. Like a gold-dipped globe pendant.
  • Apart from that, you are free to use many materials such as brass and metal.
  • Hourglass light fixtures are also among the first forms you can apply for Mid Century Modern style.
  • You can hang crystal chandeliers for a more chic look.
  • Mid Century Modern ceiling fans with wicker weave for both ventilation and lighting are also a good option. 

What are Mid Century Modern flooring options?

  • Parquet
  • laminate
  • Terrazzo
  • Vinyl (For more kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Slate
  • Travertine stone
  • Ceramic tile

What is Mid Century Modern Style Rug? 

  • It can be great to carry the works of artists of the Mid Century Modern period to the carpets, or to find carpets of this style. The artists of that period (like Andy Warhol) are not just paintings; They also designed carpets. For example, vintage carpets with geometric shapes, similar to the paintings of Jackson Pollock, look great in your home.
  • Handmade Swedish Rya carpets are also iconic.
  • You can also choose feathery vintage rugs and vibrant colored rugs with abstract shapes.
  • Round carpets contrasting with aerodynamic furniture are also common in Mid Century Modern homes
  • With a Mid Century Modern coffee table with an organic form, you get a great deal of style when you put on a conical leg wooden Mid Century Modern TV stand.
  • Try low and high furniture combinations. Coffee tables are usually low. In fact, Mid Century Modern furniture is often short-legged. But ultimately, the level of the chair and the seat is still different.
  • You can use a Mid Century Modern couch in a teal, mustard yellow or olive green with conical legged chairs in different colors in pastel tones. Floral prints armchairs are among the most loved.
  • The brown leather armchair is always valid.
  • Sectional sofas are great for small living rooms.
  • A furniture in Mid Century Modern buffet style would be great for storing your excess items. You can put large lampshades and glass vases on the buffet.
  • Place the cushions in different colors and large geometric patterns on your sofa.
  • The patterns of the carpet and the patterns of the pillows do not have to be the same. Make sure that the color palette is compatible.
  • White is the most guaranteed color. A light brick wall painted white can be great for displaying Mid Century Modern artprints.
  • Sunburst mirror suits your living room. There is also a round mirror with a clean lining.
  • Mid Century Modern is a style that embraces vases, lampshades, pillows. You already have many furniture options such as cabinet, buffet and credenza to put the vases. Use it in a balanced way without creating too many crowds.
  • If you have enough space, it would be perfect to put a leather Mid Century Modern recliner in your living room.
  • A shelf system around the TV stand creates a urban style. You can enjoy reading with a comfortable leather ottoman.
  • You can create a special space inside the room by painting the wall behind the TV stand, the wall behind your cocktail table, or the wall with your favorite single seat and coffee table combination.
  • To create the vintage effect, you can use velvet on the upholstery of a seat, on pillows or on a curtain.
  • Hang the prints of Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol on your walls.
  • Do not forget to use geometric patterns in more than one place.
  • Feel free to use metal on things like end tables and mirrors.
  • Ceramic with wooden legs Mid Century Modern plant stands are one of the most popular decor elements today.

The kitchens of that period were not as spacious as today. Usually long thin rectangular kitchen plans would naturally be furnished with a galley style. Instead of a bench on one side, long flowing plans on both sides would be stalls. If you have a narrow kitchen, you can evaluate both long walls like this in the old days.

  • Flat-front cabinets are iconic for kitchens in the Mid Century Modern style.
  • Metal kitchen cabinets are ideal for a truly retro kitchen look. With Mint green, olive green, teal or soft pink metal cabinets, you can create a 1960s kitchen look.
  • You can use retro tiles in certain places even if they are not in the entire kitchen.
  • Mid Century Modern kitchen cabinets generally consist of clean stripes, smooth wood.
  • You can choose laminate countertops. You can use Mid Century Modern colors (even striking colors like orange) on your countertop.
  • The granite countertop adds Scandinavian style Mid Century Modern vibe.
  • The floor is usually natural stone material such as mosaic and travertine. If you want wooden flooring, choose medium tones, not very wide parquet. Cork flooring is also common in Mid Century Modern design kitchens.
  • The open shelf system is great for displaying your vintage kitchen items.
  • If you have enough space, you can create a tiny breakfast corner.
  • Geometric-shaped kitchen towels, pastel colors should be evenly distributed in your kitchen.
  • Sputnik pendants and round bulbs work best.
  • For Mid Century Modern dining chairs, you can choose curved plaque or plastic chairs that refer to the iconic egg shape of the era. Metal leg chairs are more suitable for kitchens.
  • Above marble Mid Century Modern round dining table is great for your kitchen.
  • If you have a separate dining room, wooden Mid Century Modern dining sets are a better option.
  • It is also suitable for retro in terms of beach style kitchens colors. Our favorite color palette for turquoise, brown and white kitchen. The result is great when sweet oranges and yellows are also found in vintage objects and textiles.
  • Mid-century Modern bedroom furnitures consist of simple wooden furniture. The bed and wardrobe made with flat wooden pallets are sufficient.
  • Tapered wooden Mid Century Modern nightstand and a lampshade with metal parts are a must.
  • A geometric patterned carpet is a good option. You can also evaluate ethnic carpets.
  • In the 1960s, it was not only a wardrobe but a dresser from the living room to the bedroom. A wooden Mid Century Modern dresser, on which you will put your green plants, vases and table lamps, always draw attention.
  • If there is enough space, you can put a leather armchair or ottoman.
  • You can animate a simple Mid Century Modern platform bed with a large geometric or floral pattern bedding.
  • Patterned thick curtains also add a retro look to your bedroom.
  • Mid Century Modern wallpapers with bold stripes and large geometric patterns create a striking effect.
  • You can bring the iconic colors and patterns of the period to your room with Mid Century Modern throw pillows that you will place on your bed.
  • You can hang a colorful abstract painting.
  • Curved lines size mirror or sunburst mirror are great options.
  • Mid Century Modern rocking chair or chaise lounge is one of the iconic furniture of the period. You can put one of these in your bedroom.
  • Mid Century Modern bathroom vanity, as you can guess, is with conical legs and wood.
  • Use geometric floor tiles or retro tiles. Blue tiles and wooden bathroom cabinets are the most used duo.
  • Prefer large bathroom mirrors. You can hang a mirror along the length of the wall above the sink.
  • Brass accents Mid Century suits modern style bathrooms.
  • Glass shower is ideal for small bathrooms. By covering the floor with the glass shower with natural stone, you increase the retro effect.
  • Do not say what the plant is doing in the bathroom! In the past, plants were used as natural ornaments all over the house. If your bathroom does not have ventilation problems, it would be nice to put Mid Century Modern plant stands.
  • For a typical retro look, choose an independent bathtub and a patterned Mid Century Modern shower curtain.
  • Brass accented appliques are best for Mid Century Modern lighting.
  • You can lay ethnic carpet on tiny white floor tiles.
  • The bright colors and freedom of patterns of Mid Century Modern design are great options for the room of the little ones.
  • Wooden crib is classic. If you want to match it with a more contemporary look, you can also choose modular cradles made of light wood plates.
  • Use bright yellow, turquoise, orange on the carpet, curtain, and duvet cover.
  • Turkish rug on a white background was one of the classical decorations of that period.
  • Plastic rocking chairs and toy iconic crib are among the side elements.
  • Animals prints on the wall is the cutest decor.
  • You can put the toys in the wicker basket.
  • Sunburst mirrors are also one of the favorite pieces in baby rooms.
  • Chevron changing table is a crucial piece of furniture for Mid-Century Modern nursery.