Love of Bespoke: Hand-Crafted Industrial Table Companies

Love of Bespoke: Hand-Crafted Industrial Table Companies

The interior design style, which has made the biggest boom in homes, offices and cafes of recent years, is undoubtedly the industrial style. Tables are the most popular of industrial furniture where raw wood and bare surface metal are used together. We researched hand-crafted industrial table companies that do their job passionately. These companies, which are not only tables but also industrial furniture manufacturers, work bespoke. Some of them have products in their portfolio that you can buy immediately. You can make industrial tables in any size you want for these companies, which have high workmanship and devote themselves to producing fully industrial furniture.

1- Steel Vintage

steel vintage company

Founded in 2009 by brothers Jon and Martin, the company focuses on customized vintage industrial furniture. The company’s industrial tables, which balance the old with the new very well, can be customized upon your request. They produce handmade industrial style tables for many different areas, from dining tables to meeting tables.

2- Industrial Home

industrial home company

Founded by Christopher Ritchie, Industrial Home is a company focused on design excellence. The company, which produces furniture not only for industrial style but also for styles such as farmhouse modern and Mid Century Modern, cares about being “rare”. We can say that his designs are less dark and more modern than the general characteristic of the style. Check out the industrial dining tables.

3- Modern Industrial Furniture

Modern Industrial Furniture Company

It is a truly unique company with designs influenced by architectural elements and industrial machines. Industrial table designs close to steampunk style are absolutely cool with their fine workmanship and dark styles. From Bookcase to TV stand, all kinds of furniture you might want to buy for industrial decoration, we have Modern Industrial Furniture catalog.

4- Industrial Evolution Furniture Co.

industrial evolution furniture co

Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, the furniture appeals to different styles such as industrial, rustic and modern. The company has 75 years of experience. The company, which manufactures in Florida, allows you to buy quality and custom industrial tables at inexpensive prices.

5- The Industreal Furniture Company

The Industreal Furniture Company

A family business in Yorkshire that produces nostalgic industrial furniture with a modern feel. The company, which sells a limited number of industiral tables and other furniture in its online stores, also produces designs only for you.

6- Combine 9

Combine 9

The company that produces vintage, modern and rustic industrial furniture uses reclaimed and salvaged materials. In addition to the unique industrial tables they produce from steel, reclamied wood and various materials, they also focus on office furniture. All parts are handmade in the U.S.A.

7- Rcc Furniture

Rcc Furniture Company

Rcc, one of The UK & Europe’s leading bespoke industrial furniture company. The story of the company begins in early 2013 when Matthew, who designed a bathroom for a local company, was laid off. Having sold his house and started living in a trailer, Matthew started Rcc Furniture with the dream of starting his own business. If the story interests you enough, you can check out the industrial style tables.

8- The American Made Table Company

the american made table company

As the name suggests, this is a company that only produces handmade industrial tables. Founded in 2012, the company produces tables of varying height with a hand wheel. The gear system makes the tables functional and provides the much-loved steampunk look. Check out the unique industrial table products.

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