Limitless Style: Space Inspired Decoration Ideas

Limitless Style: Space Inspired Decoration Ideas

How about embracing the space concept, which we mostly see in children and youth rooms? Isn’t space big enough to hug us all? We are not talking about sticking on the ceiling with luminous stars that emit light at night (although they’re always great.). You have many options for carpets, wall art, furniture, sculptures, for galaxy room themed rooms where stars, galaxies, planets and those fascinating colors of space are the inspiration. Add fun and color to your home with our hand-picked space inspired products and decoration suggestions that will expand your perspective.

Tips for a sophisticated space decor away from kitsch

Black and white galaxy poster

Why not? Black and white space posters

The first thing to consider when choosing a space painting and poster should be quality. How about thinking minimally instead of painting in space colors (even if we say purple space aesthetic), which is usually visualized by a mixture of blue, pink and purple? Black and white space paintings or posters move away from stereotypes. By hanging only one huge piece on the widest wall of your living room, you can experience the eternal feeling of space. Wouldn’t it be great if you want colorful space wall art on a black wall like this? We can say that it is our favorite with high-quality real space pictures. We love those who create the feeling that you will enter the picture and float in space!

You can combine with geek decor

The world of science fiction and gamer goes very well with the theme of space. Nerdy style furniture, figures, wall posters and space artwork meeting would be great if you are a gamer. If you like these two themes, you’re probably a Star Wars fan. Do not think like a small child, do not forget to create a decoration with much more sophisticated pieces.

Show off with space inspired furnitures

A spaceship, NASA rocket, moon inspired furniture… It’s not easy to find, but even a striking piece is enough for such a spaceship themed room. Generally, coffee tables, armchairs and lamps are made with inspiration from galaxy style.

Think artistic and abstract

An eye-catching astronaut bust like this, abstract star sculptures, artistic chandeliers inspired by the orbits of satellites, a huge galaxy rug that will set the sky under your feet, a constellation globe that will be your pride while everyone is putting a vase, planter in the form of a half-moon… You can be inspired by the colors of space, the form of the spaceship, and even the image of fire they leave behind rockets.

Check out our hand-picked space inspired decor and furniture products!

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