8 Custom Furnitures from Anthropologie

Just For You: 8 Custom Furnitures from Anthropologie

It is a privilege to decorate your home with fully customized furniture. Anthropologie’s custom furniture shop is full of products that will make you experience this privilege. For custom furniture with a contemporary interior design style, you can determine the color, fabric and some features yourself. For example, you like the model of a chair, but its color does not match your living room. You can order the chair of the same model to be produced in the color you want. And this is definitely a great opportunity!

We have listed the 8 custom furniture we selected with their starting prices. Note that the price may change depending on the fabric, color and material selection you want customized.

1- Heatherfield Leather Bed

With its leather-upholstered frame, this bed looks very contemporary. You can choose the bed that will add boho style to your bedroom as queen or king size. Leather colors that you can customize are also in natural style as earth tones.

2- Rhys Chair

This chair, which shows how comfortable it is even when seen from a distance, is handmade from maple. Its cushions can be removed. It is both cute and stylish furniture. A great piece for contemporary Scandinavian style living rooms. We were amazed by the brown leather belt details on the sides.

3- Sarrono Accent Chair

Inspired by Art Deco, this blue velvet chair, with its brass accents and unique form, is beautiful to accelerate the heartbeat of luxury contemporary furniture lovers. You can make a special order to change the fabric color with mustard yellow, dark green, soft pink and navy blue.

4- Quentin Chair

We continue with an example of a very contemporary chair design with metal legs, leather details and wool fabric. You can change the fabric color in purple and burgundy tones or with blue. We also appreciated the use of wooden armrests and metal legs. It also looks like it was inspired by Mid Century Modern style armchairs.

5- Tassa Chair

If minimal furniture is your thing, this soft padded low chair is for you. This style of simple, functional and comfortable furniture adds a sophisticated aura to home decoration. Handcrafted in the USA, this contemporary minimal furniture is a piece that will never go out of style. Of course, you have a preference for changing colors. Let’s also point out that the fabric is linen.

6- Goleta Sofa

Designed with inspiration from the Bohemian spirit of the 1960s, this contemporary leather sofa will dazzle in your living room with its unique form. This custom sofa, where you can change the type and color of the leather, is wonderful with its mustard yellow color.

7- Rochelle Swivel Chair

This floral chair with high back and sleeves dazzles with its luxurious style. A remarkable design with its 360 degrees rotating hidden base and a contemporary form that resembles a cylinder. The floral pattern and velvet fabric are great, but you can have the custom chair designed in any color you want.

8- Rhys Leather Ottoman

This leather ottoman, which is handmade from maple and can be folded like a suitcase, won our appreciation with its different color options and contemporary style. The tiny wooden balls on his legs were a joyful touch. This type of ottomans should be in every home as timeless furniture that can be used in every period.

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