Industrial decor is one of the most “cool” ones of interior design styles. What should be found in an industrial style room that allows welding furniture, metal pipes, factory appearance to be included in our homes, what are our suggestions for industrial home decor, we wrote them all. For the power of metal, recycling materials and chipboard!

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Historical Background: What is Industrial Design Decor? 

  • Industrial definition means that the name is industrial, connected with industry. Industrial interior design is a style inspired by industrial structures such as factories and warehouses.
  • At the end of the 2nd Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the 20th century, globalization became a decisive trend all over the world. Population increased as large factories closed. Industrial areas were converted to residential areas to accommodate the growing population. While doing this, the appearance of empty factories and the naked decor of industrial buildings were adopted. Nude decor, which is the need and natural for the factories, became a trend for industrial interior design in the early 2000s.

Characteristics and Design Ideas for Modern Industrial Decor

We can say that combining the appearance of industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses with home comfort and functionality. Besides these types of structures, the attic is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for industrial home design. Let's explain in more detail:

  • Natural, bare surfaces, brick walls, raw wood, concrete, open steel, metal pipes, black frame are often used in industrial interior design.
  • It has a little dark, cool and masculine feel.
  • Recycling materials are used. In this respect, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Industrial furnitures are durable and functional.
  • Square lines, blocky shapes, metal structures, machine parts, mechanical elements, welding work are at the forefront. There is no place for organic forms, carved furniture, romantic ornaments.
  • Colors are neutral, patterns are plain. Gray, black, white, brown tones are preferred.
  • The items that we are not accustomed to seeing in homes can be found in our living rooms where we host guests thanks to industrial decor. Like large heavy metal containers in factories!
  • Modern industrial decor is a flexible style that allows personification. You can create your own style by combining striking colors and softer textures with less industrial furniture. If the industrial decor is too dark and cold for you, contrast colors and textures will be your greatest helper.
  • You can achieve a brighter look by using dark décors in small details and neutral colors throughout the room.
  • Abstract artworks are great for industrial wall decor.

What is Industrial Farmhouse Decor?

Although rustic industrial decor or minor differences, industrial country decor is a style that combines the coolness of metal with the warmth of wood. Raw wood in rough decoration, rough surface, the principle of naturalness meets metal. Unprocessed raw wood and metal mix furniture, shelves, lighting elements are indispensable for an industrial farmhouse-style house. Industrial country style is also similar to rustic. We can say that it has added more patterns, soft textiles and colors.

What is Vintage Industrial Decor?

We can say that it is a trend that combines some elements of vintage home decoration with industrial style, which looks like a contrast, but has great results when you go balanced. Like a pink fridge with a wooden table with metal legs or a copper lamp combination with pastel colored floral pattern pillows.

What is Industrial Furniture Style?

As with most home decor styles, furniture is the most effective element in showing the characteristic features of styles. Let's start by looking at the materials you can choose for industrial style furniture:

  • Metal
  • Copper
  • Raw wood
  • Skin
  • Brick
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Rock
  • Concrete

What Makes a Furniture Industrial


  • Minimal style is the basic principle of industrial furniture.
  • Problematic, textured surfaces are often used in industrial style furniture.
  • Recyclable materials are very good in decoration and furniture, creating factory air. You can use the barrel as a coffee table, for example.
  • Industrial pipe furnitures, produced with the logic of adding pipes, are among the most popular of the style.
  • The favorite of industrial chic furniture is wooden bar stools with metal legs.
  • Mechanical elements such as chipboard, bolt, clock gear are used. Greetings to Steampunk!
  • Leather is preferred in sofas and chairs.
  • Wire baskets are indispensable.
  • Explore rustic industrial furnitures.

What is Industrial Lighting?


  • Industrial style lamps with rusty, cage and metal parts add a cool and modern atmosphere to your home.
  • We can say that metal and copper lighting fixtures and Edison bulbs are the signatures of industrial interior design. Explore Edison lighting.
  • Outdoor pendant lamps are an excellent option for industrial design that embraces as bare surfaces as possible.
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First, decide if you want a rustic or vintage or chic style. Choose furniture and decoration products accordingly. Industrial rustic living room is one of the most beloved styles as it is much more warm and peaceful. But you may want to create an industrial style effect with more effective colors or modern patterns. With just a few stalactites and furniture, you can furnish the room in an industrial style. Let your perspective be minimal. Industrial wheels always work to evaluate your old furniture. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Open beam ceiling inspired by the attic (rustic style)
  • Metal pipes and wall cladding (modern industrial style)
  • Light brick walls (May be painted white.)
  • Steel columns
  • Concrete floor
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  • Lighting elements produced with materials such as cast iron, copper, wrought iron or nickel
  • Industrial pipe furnitures
  • Large and comfortable leather seat (Usually brown tones are recommended)
  • Edison bulbs, pendant lamps
  • Metal floor lamp
  • Industrial wall decors (Illuminated traffic signs, abstract paintings, stencils, chalk board, wall arts made with cables, "things" made with recycling materials, etc.)
  • A minimally designed carpet
  • Metal or wooden open industrial style shelves
  • Metal case as coffee table
  • A coffee table with legs and clocks
  • Leather ottomans
  • Metal cage industrial floor lamps
  • Industrial style ceiling fan
  • Industrial end tables
  • Concrete fireplace and concrete stand with wheels (Why not?)

The most decisive element for the industrial kitchen is a kitchen island and intensive use of stainless steel. Gray-black colors and functionality should be at the forefront. Bring the kitchens of restaurants, the commercial kitchen look to your home. The desired effect is to create the image of a chef kitchen. Is it certain, maybe this way you can cook better.

  • Exclusive Collection Industrial Style Dining Tables
  • Easy to clean stainless steel workbench
  • Updraft range hoods
  • Love of Bespoke Hand-Crafted Industrial Table Companies
  • Floating shelves
  • Professional equipment
  • Electric built-in hobs
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Industrial style dining room with wood-metal combination
  • Oversize pendants on the kitchen table or working island
  • Sharp striped sinks
  • Modern metal taps or copper taps
  • Fully metal or wooden legs wooden chairs / bar stools
  • Brick wall
  • Stained concrete floor or porcelain / ceramic stone tile flooring
  • Black chalkboard or chalkboard walls
  • A door or small accessories in vibrant colors such as red, yellow, blue, which will be a nice contrast with the intense gray from the materials
  • Minimal leather seats, if enough space
  • Beer kegs as decor
  • Metal staircase with two-storey structure for restaurant kitchen view

When it comes to industrial style bedroom, the leading role is of course the bed. Of course, if you want the rustic industrial style, your bed should be made of wood. Industrial style beds are close to the ground. Sets where the bed head is iron wrought iron and the bed platform is raw wood are also very popular. Let's see what else can happen:

  • Concrete wall
  • Steel blinds
  • Corrugated ceiling with iron pipes for a classic factory look
  • Bed head frame from black metal bedframe or plumbing line
  • Bed platform made of wooden pallets
  • An industrial style mirror made of pipes, clean metals or copper
  • Industrial light fixtures with soft lumens (Edison lighting is, of course, one of the best options.)
  • Metal headboard lighting
  • Copper industrial style table lamps for a chic look
  • Steampunk style chandelier
  • Metal zigzag floor lamp
  • Desk for both office and bedroom style
  • Shelf from metal pipes
  • Leather or dark velvet sofa
  • Bedding in black, white, gray, beige tones
  • Wire basket as a dresser
  • White metal wire leg dresser
  • Sliding minimal wardrobe
  • Glass wardrobe with wooden shelf and steel frame (Wow!)
  • Wooden floor board on the floor
  • Wooden industrial style desk with metal legs if your bedroom is big enough
  • Open rack layout made of copper pipes
  • Black and white or monochrome art prints
  • Typography wall arts
  • DIY wall art you will make from nails
  • Steel door (Wow!)
  • Floor covering from cork stoppers (Wow!)
  • Iron wheel bed platform (Wow!)

Modern industrial bathrooms are very popular with their minimal appearance. White brick wall, wooden shelves with metal pipes, Edison lamps are also a must in the bathroom. If possible, do not use fabric or soft surfaces other than towels. If you want a mat, be it black-white or gray. Let's look a little more, what else can happen:

  • Industrial Style Bathroom Fixtures and Accesso
  • Large cement floor tiles
  • Black and white geometric pattern floor tiles
  • Large windows with black metal grille frame
  • Glass shower cabin
  • Freestanding bathtub in minimal style (Black or silver metal bathtub)
  • Ladder made of metal pipes to hang towels
  • Black towels, toilet paper, bathroom accessories
  • Black ceiling (Wow!)
  • Copper or black metal frame mirror
  • Impeller frame mirror
  • Deep sink in cement
  • Green plants inviting nature in
  • Concrete walls alternative to brick, patina
  • Plumber supplies and faucet designs
  • Copper faucet or black sink faucet, shower apparatus
  • Sink from the truck wheel (Wow!)
  • Decorative traffic lanes
  • A copper u-bend and towel rail
  • Barrel sink (Wow!)
  • Copper industrial style vase or decorative glass bottles