Steampunk Sculptures from Saatchi Art

Hand-picked Steampunk Sculptures from Saatchi Art

Check out our list of steampunk sculptures that we have compiled from Saatchi Art, one of the first platforms that come to mind when it comes to original art for sale. Completely unique steampunk sculptures will bring the mechanical aesthetics of ancient times to your home and office decoration.

Let’s also give a brief information about Steampunk: Steampunk, which we can describe as the modernized version of the Victorian Age between 1837-1901, is identified with steam machines (steam powered zeppelins) and mechanical accents, is a groundbreaking style in decoration. Steampunk, which can be seen as a sub-category of industrial design; metal, wheel, gear, zeppelin, in short, a very special and niche style for mechanics lovers.

1- Original Steampunk Octopus Sculpture by Mickey Craig

This is an impressive wall sculpture where the organic and natural arms of the octopus are combined with the mechanical details of steampunk. The octopus, which is frequently used in steampunk decors, has been interpreted in a contemporary way in terms of both material and background in this artwork.

2- Jellyfish Steampunk Sculpture by salvatore vella

The steampunk jellyfish sculpture was made using rusty metal and gear, just in the spirit of the style. We also liked this hand welded steel sculpture that you can display in your home or office as a simple but impressive decor.

3- Dreamer Sculpture by Mirali Seyidov

The wings of this kinetic sculpture powered by a 9v battery are moving. We can say that it is an interesting design. According to the artist’s comment, “This work is a sculpture that shows people imagining the future in this way in the past.” We thought you should discover this sculpture with only one interesting steampunk elements.

4- Self Portrait Sculpture by Nihal Weerasinghe

Mixed material was used in this sculpture, which is one of the first of the artist’s works titled self-portrait. No need to say too much, a product that can be called a steampunk style wall decor as soon as you see it.

5- Steampunk Rocket Sculpture by Robert Marshall

Here is the sculpted state of steampunk rockets that we see in science fiction movies. This steampunk rocket sculpture made of copper is waiting to be purchased as a symbol of your fantasy world full of flying machines.

6- Steampunk Mech Boiler Sculpture by Craig White

Featuring the style of the Victorian industrial era, this steampunk Mek boiler sculpture also functions as a cabinet. An absolutely original and remarkable design. Both cabinet, boiler, robot and steampunk. Wow!

7- Steam Ballon Craft Sculpture by Robert Marshall

We continue with another steampunk sculpture by Robert Marshall. Working with copper and old clock pieces, the artist will delight you Jules Verne lovers with the iconic steampunk airship sculpture.

8- Steampunk Skull Installation by Marcu Tiberiu

The artist, who designed this steampunk skull wall sculpture by experimenting with many materials such as metal plasitki acrylic on canvas, said that he was 100% proud of his work. What’s your opinion? It looks pretty unique in our opinion.

9- Steampunk Pig Sculpture by Mickey Craig

Stating that he has always been influenced by pigs as a symbol of fortitude, the artist presents to your liking this steampunk styel bionic pig sculpture created from hand-hammered copper and various scrap piles. In our opinion, it would be a smiling wall art for steampunk kitchen decoration.

10- Chameleon Steampunk Sculpture by Salvatore Vella

The artist, who is on our list with a jellyfish statue, is here with his chameleon sculpture he made of hand-wrought iron. Steampunk animal sculptures are always loved designs. This chameleon is like a cute strampunk sci-fi movie character, don’t you think?

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