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Hand-picked from 1stDibs: Brutalist Furniture Designers Selling Bespoke

Brutalism, born as an architectural trend in the 1950s, is an extremely extreme style with the wild aesthetics of monolkite blocks, rough surfaces, concrete and rusty metals. Here’s everything you need to know about Brutalist interior. Rusty, rough and sharp-surfaced metals are also used in Brutalist furniture, which is often identified with thick and massive concrete furniture. The “intentionally distorted” Brutalist style, which is an industrial style, has a jarring aesthetic.

We are in love with 1stDibs, who filter unique and designer furniture by different eras and styles and sells furniture you won’t find in most places. We’ve listed the Brutalist furniture designers at 1stDibs that excited us the most. We hope we contribute to change something in your home.

1- Pia Manu

pia manu

With vintage Brutalist coffee tables from the 1970s “These are true masterpieces!” The brand that sells the products you will call. The wrought iron, bronze weighted Brutalist tables look absolutely fascinating with their rough surfaces and dark aesthetics.

2- Stefan Rurak

stefan rurak

Stefan Rurak, who specializes in bespoke furniture design, draws attention with his modern industrial designs. Some of his furniture he uses steel and concrete are very suitable for brutalist aesthetics. If you are looking for modern brutalist pieces with cleaner lines and plain aesthetics, be sure to check it out!

3- James de Wulf 

james de wulf

James de Wulf is a designer who combines concrete with functional and modern furniture. Be sure to discover the furniture that will add an artistic touch to your home with artful designs such as concrete billiards cue rack, custom shuffleboard table. Especially Lowboy Block Chair is a great design for Brutalist living rooms with its mbeton monolith form.

4- May Furniture

may furniture

Maybe it would be better to be called as a minimal furniture designer rather than Brutalist, but there is a reason why we included May Furniture on this list. The cubic and monolith furniture of May Furniture, whose design style is very plain and geometric forms are at the forefront, are great options for modern brutalist interior design. Although classical Brutalism embraces the rough textures, more massive and plain forms come to the fore with the effect of the increasingly minimal contemporary design.

5- Denis Milovanov

denis milovanov

Designing for the “Soha” studio, Denis Milovanov is a furniture designer using authentic materials in a primitive style. The furniture of the designer who transforms natural wood materials such as solid wood and oak into furniture with raw forms is truly unique. Sculptural furnishings have a wild aesthetic, free of elegance, ornaments and details.

6- Arno Declercq

arno declercq

The designer, who captured our hearts with Faeröer Armchair, has a very characteristic style with his burnt and polished black wood furniture. He is unique with his limited edition furniture, hand-sculpted tables, wild style and modern lines.

7- Stephane Ducatteau 

stephane ducatteau

Stephane Ducatteau is a designer who produces products suitable for the extremely industrial and cool Brutalist style with his structural series furniture and abstract geometric forms. It has a minimal and contemporary look with its smooth surface furniture.

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