A perfect blend of rustic and Baroque style, French Country decor is one of the most popular interior design styles. Everything you wonder about French Country style, where weathered woods and casual style meet fancy and elegant decorative elements.

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What is French Country Decor? How do you lay your house in French Country Style?

French Country is a style inspired by the French Countryside, especially Provence. When it comes to French decor, an elegant and decorated painting comes to life in our eyes. It fascinates everyone with its rococo style and style flair that is identified with the Royal Family. However, provinces such as Provence, Normandy and Bordeaux were rural areas of France, and the people here did not belong to the rich and upper class like those in Paris. Naturally, their houses and furniture were different. Here, the simplistic, lean, comfortable and "worn" elements brought by the rural life with the style of elegance of France constitute the core of French Country decor. We can say rustic French style for French Country decor. 

French Country interior design; It is the perfect harmony of decorative elements such as carved wood, gilded mirrors, floral pattern, vivid colors with worn furniture and comfortable country house style. But wait a minute! We know that farmhouse decor comes to your mind when it comes to worn furniture and countryside. Come on, let's look at the differences.

Differences Between French Country and Farmhouse Design

  • French Country is soft, elegant and feminine. The Farmhouse is much simpler, simpler and simpler.
  • French Country interior design balances farmhouse and elegant. He is not afraid to use ornaments like wallpaper, accessories, gilding, botanical patterns. It combines neutral colors, raw wood, country style with the elegance of French decor. The Farmhouse is weaker in terms of accessories and ornaments. It is not feminine or romantic.

So, What are the Differences Between  French Country and Shabby Chic?

Is it both worn and stylish? Well, isn't this shabby chic decor? Not.

  • Contains shabby chic recreated images. Worn wooden furniture is painted white, tumbled etc. Plays in fashion. French Country is not only concerned with weathering, it also has the style of the royal family. It is a true classic, traditional.
  • While Shabby chic embraces white and beige, French Country has opened its doors to many neutral colors.
  • French Country furniture is curved. Shabby chic furniture can also be geometric. It does not claim to be curvy.

What is French Country Furniture?

  • The two main components are carving and painting. French Country style furniture has fine floral craftsmanship. Mythological motifs are also frequently seen in furniture carvings.
  • Curves in Country French furniture are iconic.
  • Furniture has low grooved legs. Cabriole legs are decisive for French Country style furniture.
  • Don't let the carvings and curvy lines mislead you. Do not move away from the rustic effect. So embrace the problematic surfaces and the feeling of unity. It differs from rustic only in terms of shape and fine workmanship French Country. Bright, perfectly finished furniture bought from the store has no place in French Country design.
  • Furniture is usually made of oak, walnut, beech and fruit trees.
  • Wooden chairs are upholstered. Comfort is at the forefront. Cushioned, upholstered furniture differentiates French Country furniture from rust.
  • Wooden furniture is usually painted white.
  • Wrought iron and metal accents are also used in furniture.

What are French Country Colors?

We can say that the French Country color palette consists of warm tones of medium and low density colors.

  • Lavender color
  • Pastel shades of purple
  • Ocher
  • Soft greens
  • Sunflower yellow gold
  • Sky blue, cobalt blue and soft ocean shades
  • Hot pink
  • Poppy red
  • Beige

The highlight of the neutral color palette with green, yellow, red, pink and blue is also seen in French Country houses.

French Country Furniture as a Storyteller

  • The pattern is a must for French Country. Toile is the signature of French Country design.
  • Lavender is not only in color; It is necessarily in French Country houses as a pattern. In addition, rural-specific patterns such as sunflowers, roosters and olives are also frequently used in tablecloths and curtains. Floral pattern is iconic.
  • Plaid striped fabrics and ribbons are also seen on French Country curtains, upholstery and pillows.

Do not Give up Natural Materials


  • Like all rural interior-inspired interior design styles, natural materials are used in French Country houses. Note that it is necessary to protect the worn image.
  • We usually see dark parquet, stone or tiles on the ground.
  • French Country cottage-inspired wood ceiling beams are iconic.
  • The stone fireplace is a magnificent decoration.
  • Materials such as linen, cotton and wool are used on pillows, curtains, upholstery and carpets.

Use lots of Accessories

  • Patterned wall plates, antique wall clocks, blue-white porcelain plates, gilded frames, ceramics, woven baskets are great for French Country decorating.
  • Feel free to include gilded highlights so as not to spoil the worn image.
  • Farm animal decor and toile fabric are among the iconic elements of French Country kitchen decor.
  • Mustard yellow, sunflower, olive green and lavender are the most used colors in French Country style kitchens.
  • The floor is usually dark wood or stone flooring.
  • Typical French Country kitchen cabinets are similar to traditional furniture. If you take it and put it in the living room, the most iconic color for kitchen furniture in a way that will not be fooled is of course. Let us remind you once again that they should look worn.
  • You can choose granite countertops.
  • Oven hoods with crown molding and combs are iconic.
  • Antique wall ornaments on stone wall would be great for French Country kitchen wall decorations.
  • White or light wood French Country dining table with convertible legs always works.
  • Shabby chic wrought iron chairs lined up around the French Country dining table look great.
  • If there is a kitchen island, paint it in a different color than the kitchen cabinets. Olive green or lavender will be beautiful.
  • You can choose French scroll lighting made of wrought iron or lantern shaped pendant lights.
  • Ceramic, lace-like French Country dinnerware blows vintage winds in your kitchen.
  • The rooster pattern is the iconic pattern of the French Country kitchen decor. If you transfer a rooster pattern to a shabby shic stool or hand paint it, you will get a French Country bar stool. You can even put a rooster-shaped jar or decorative item in your kitchen, not just as a pattern.
  • French Country kitchen curtains are very cute with toile, rooster, plaid and floral patterns.
  • Do not neglect the ceramic water jug, wire baskets, napkins with French Country patterns and tablecloths.
  • Beginning with a splendid French Country chandelier. Distressed whitewash bars, shabby shic-style wrought iron or crystal chandeliers with wood lattice frames work. Creamy white, brown and gray are the most used colors in French Country chandeliers.
  • The use of rough stained and textured walls is one of the iconic views of the style.
  • Choose a comfortable and curved leg French Country sofa in quiet colors such as beige and gray.
  • Make sure to make room for carved chairs with weathered wood look. Remember, French provincial living room furniture does not give up carvings and curves.
  • Arched windows match French Country decor very well.
  • Stone French Country fireplace is iconic.
  • Transparent tulle curtain with toile patterned curtain is the best combination. Patterns such as roosters, flowers, insects, sunflowers, olives can also be placed on curtain panels and pillows. You can create French Country style wall decor by framing fabrics with such patterns and hanging them on the wall.
  • A carved mirror with gold leaf makes a strong impression. You can also choose gilded wood carved photo frames.
  • Green plants, lavender and geranium should be placed in vases.
  • A glass, copper or ceramic jug can act as a vase.
  • The open plan living reflects the warm atmosphere of French Country houses. It is okay to have a comfortable large sofa on one side and French Country tables and chairs on the other.
  • Of course, characteristic furniture such as French Country TV stand, console table make it easy to carry this interior design style to your living room.

A blend of rustic and refined décor, French Country is great for bringing romance to your bedroom as it is feminine and elegant.

  • Start with the neutral wall color. Beige tones for warmer, light gray is ideal if you want cooler.
  • Rooster, olive or floral wallpaper looks really vintage.
  • Pale yellows and greens, mustard details are iconic. The combination of lavender color and cream is also characteristic.
  • The iconic design for the French Country headbord is carved, crested, vintage heads. It acts as a headboard savior, painted in a vintage look.
  • You can also choose wrought iron headboard.
  • French Country bedding is very layered, usually floral patterned, ruffled, comfortable.
  • We suggest you to put a few of the distressed French Country bedroom furniture like shabby chic style vintage vanity table and chair. If you don't want a vanity table, get a single upholstered French Country armchair. But don't just settle for the headboard. Remember how important distressed furniture is in French Country decoration.
  • Pleated linen curtains, toile pattern, comfortable pillows thrown on the bed are characteristic.
  • Red and white toile fabric is ideal for French Country bedrooms. You can use it on curtains, pillows, bedspreads, in many places.
  • Flower is a must! Romantic flowers like lavender, rose, peony should be in your bedroom. You can get fake flowers that look alive.
  • Fireplace has become synonymous with French Country houses. It would be perfect if you can create a fake fireplace look.
  • Put a gilded photo frame, mirror or headboard. Glass candlesticks also add elegance. Vintage mirrors and frames form the core of French Country wall decor.
  • Distressed dressing curtain and large canopy creates an image like in fairy tales.
  • A big French Country chandelier would be a perfect finishing touch.
  • If you want modern French Country decor, just give up distressed furniture, vintage accessories, neutral color palette, a few carved furniture.
  • White and blue are ideal colors for French Country bathroom. Cream and light earth tones are the favorite of the monochrome color palette.
  • A large, luminous chandelier finds its place in the bathroom as well.
  • Ideal for parquet, stone or tiled floors in a French tornado.
  • The freestanding bathtub with claw feet enchants with its vintage look. If you think it is not useful, you can catch the vintage atmosphere with the use of brass shower and faucet.
  • An ancient style wooden table with legs will be enough for you to put towels.
  • A large carved French mirror (gilded or disstressed) is a must.
  • The flower should be even in the bathroom. French Country interior design without flowers is unthinkable.
  • You can also consider moisture resistant floral wallpaper.
  • French Country shower curtains with flowers or toile pattern would be great.
  • Candles create a romantic atmosphere. Rustic elegant decorating with flowers and candles you will put on a distressed wooden ladder is even ready!