Due to the comfort we enjoy today, most of us do not want to live in a real country house in old times, but we love the farmhouse decor. Worn wooden furniture, vintage ornaments, open wooden beams, rustic decoration is one of the most popular home decoration trends today. How to lay your house with farmhouse decor and furniture, you will find them all in this article. So, let’s go.

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What is Farmhouse Decor?

What does farmhouse decor look like? The rustic decoration, inspired by old country houses, is the rustic decoration. We can say that the old country house residents who have a warm, sincere, traditional, hospitable, natural life lay their houses today, and their imitation farmhouse is the elements of the decor. So what are they?

Neutral Colors

  • Farmhouse colors: Cream, beige, gray, muted earth tones, sage color and white.
  • Dark and bright colors have no place in the farmhouse color palette.

Wheathered Wood and Natural Materials

  • The use of stripped, weathered wood is the essence of farmhouse interior design. Instead of glossy and polished wood, you should place obsolescent painting or problematic wooden furniture and panels in your home.
  • It is common to use natural wood such as birch, oak and pine.
  • Reclaimed barn wood farmhouse is the signature of the decor.
  • It is a sister with rustic decor.

Natural Textiles

  • Natural materials such as linen, burlap, cotton fabric, grain bags, straw, rattan, sisal carpet are used.
  • Blue & cream striped farmhouse fabrics are iconic.
  • Wooden texture is preferred in open beams, wall decor.
  • Farmhouse style decoration features warm and worn textures.
  • Mixing of different textures is often preferred in modern farmhouse decor.


  • Simplicity and functionality are the most important features of farmhouse houses.
  • No furniture that looks good only has a place in farmhouse houses.
  • Functionality comes before decoration.
  • Farmhouse rustic furnitures are simple, quality and durable.

Apron Sinks

Like rustic furniture, apron sinks are indispensable for farmhouse decor. In the past, large sinks were needed to send chickens or cook to the crowded family. Farmhouse sinks, inspired by old country houses, are among the most distinctive elements of the style. Washbasins, which you can also see as apron front sinks, are generally seen as stainless steel materials in modern farmhouse decor.

Antique Furnitures

Family heirloom vintage furniture makes the farmhouse decor more specific. You can paint several antique furniture with farmhouse colors. Painted wood décor finds its place in farmhouse type rooms.

Vintage Finds

Old pottery, vintage lamps, tin cans, old ceramic vases, Mason jars… Vintage items go very well with the distressed furniture and rustic ambiance of the farmhouse decor.

Open Shelves

The open shelf system is evident in the farmhouse as in most vintage interior design styles. Open shelves where items are exhibited both in the kitchen and in the bathroom instead of the heavy door cabinets are common in farmhouse houses.

What is Modern Farmhouse?

  • We can say that the classic farmhouse style is more plain and checker minimalist. Many styles that we call farmhouse decor today are actually modern farmhouses. It is a combination of rustic elements and some elements of the style with a more refined style, rather than the typical farmhouse cottage look.
  • Smooth lines, bright accents, granite countertops, stainless steel are used more.
  • Monochrome colors are preferred.
  • It is less rustic and more sophisticated.

What is Industrial Farmhouse?


  • It is a style where commercial parts are predominant and wood is mostly accompanied by metal.
  • It is masculine. It combines rural and urban lifestyle.

What is French Farmhouse?

  • It is much more stylish and romantic.
  • It is feminine.
  • Hardwood floors, galvanized lantern, white and gray colors, flowers are more common.

What are the Typical Features of Farmhouse Furniture?

  • It is rustic.
  • It is worn, problematic.
  • Unfinished chunky farmhouse table legs are iconic.
  • They are handmade furniture or produced in this style.
  • They give the feeling of unfinished and incomplete.
  • They are famous for their aged patina.
  • Vintage and antique furniture is painted.
  • Family heirloom furniture is a unique blessing for farmhouse interior.
  • Of course, you should start with the wide basin farmhouse kitchen sink. "Which farmhouse sink material is best?" Our answer to the question will be stainless steel. Porcelain is the second most popular material.
  • Our recommendation for the farm kitchen cabinets is white. But you can also choose a light colored distressed wooden cabinet. It would be better to have two colors. Glass front panels enhance the vintage effect.
  • Do not give up the open shelf or glass panel. Fully enclosed cabinets were scarcely found in country houses. Isn't it wonderful to showcase your pottery farmhouse pottery collection in both white and cream colors?
  • Concrete or quartz countertop is useful.
  • Brick backsplash becomes a decoration suitable for style.
  • The butcher block or kitchen island is iconic for the modern farmhouse kitchen decor. Kitchen island should not be the same color as kitchen cabinets.
  • Farmhouse hutch is a great storage option for many areas, from kitchen to living room. Moreover, it supports the vintage look.
  • If you like the look of industrial farmhouse kitchen, you can choose bar stools with a mixture of metal and wood. But usually the farmhouse kitchen is more feminine. Painted metal or wooden farmhouse bar stools are therefore one of the favorites. Mint green, gray or white are the most preferred colors.
  • A large farmhouse kitchen table can be the leading actor in your kitchen with its worn out look.
  • Iron island lighting is generally preferred as lighting in modern farmhouse kitchens. Lantern pendant light is ideal for the classic farmhouse look. Galvanized flashlight is iconic.
  • Mason jar pendant lights are very popular.
  • Wooden trunks and wire baskets, sitting cushions from grain bags, wicker baskets are among the most popular elements of the rustic farmhouse decor.
  • Curtains of cream-colored linen or natural cotton are great. Pastoral pattern cushions and curtain ruffles are very nice. Throw frills for a more modern farmhouse style, be minimalist.
  • Use striped natural fabrics as kitchen cloths.
  • Mason jars and antique vases are decorative items compatible with the style. If you are not going to use old pottery on the table, you should definitely keep it as a decor.
  • You can put slipkovers on wooden dining chairs.
  • Do not forget to use natural wood either on the counter, on the table or in wall decoration.
  • Start with a big comfortable bed. Farmhouse bedding is generally preferred in white or cream tones, but you can add warm colors. You can get a more modern farmhouse bedroom look with sweet orange, olive greens and turquoise pillows.
  • Rustic farmhouse bench stands very well at the end of the bed. You can fill the grain bag with fiber and prepare the cushion on the bench yourself. Farmhouse decor embraces DIY projects. Likes handmade feeling. Because the people living in the country houses were making their belongings and even their houses.
  • Wrought iron headboard or white rustic headboard are iconic.
  • A large farmhouse mirror can be the star of your room. Choose a modern, industrial, French or shabby chic accent.
  • If you want, you can create farmhouse wall decor with tiny mirrors. Or with rustic frames.
  • It is very important to balance the old with the new. Farmhouse style houses should look like they have developed over time, not to have a pile of vintage or rustic furniture.
  • Of course, vintage accessories should be in your bedroom. Peeled dressing panel would be great.
  • Shiplap walls are very good.
  • Rocking chairs and antique commode complement the style.
  • If you love the classic farmhouse look, the four-posters bed is also great for you.
  • Have an old chest in mind as an alternative nightstand.
  • You can buy vintage dirty white table lamps.
  • Start by considering the neutral color, effortless elegance, functionality and the rule of worn rustic furniture.
  • Industrial, coastal or shabby shic. Determine the color and furniture type according to the style you choose. For example, if you want the coastal farmhouse living room style, light woods should be accompanied by sweet blues. In the industrial farmhouse style, the eyes look for some leather and metal. Like this.
  • A few recycled furniture, a few antique furniture and modern touches must be in balance. To prevent your living room from appearing in country kitsch, you must balance old and new items.
  • The large comfortable white or light gray sofa is one of the basic furniture of the modern farmhouse living room.
  • A painted wooden farmhouse coffee table always works.
  • A large farmhouse chandelier is a must. Our favorite is the models where candles are placed on the simple structure.
  • Farmhouse hutches are great for displaying your antique objects.
  • Silas carpet is the most popular among farmhouse carpets. You can also choose Jute carpet.
  • If you have the opportunity, it would be great to add a dummy decor to the farmhouse fireplace.
  • Farmhouse style living room should be comfortable. Distribute the pillows made of striped cotton fabrics or plain colored plain cotton fabrics on the seats.
  • Striped or classic plaid farmhouse curtains enhance the vintage effect. Curtains in soft colors such as beige from natural cotton are favorite.
  • White, gray or peeled wood. Which farmhouse bathroom vanity would you buy?
  • You can get sliding barn doors, reclaimed barn wood storage.
  • Display the towels on open rustic shelves.
  • You can put soaps, shampoos in galvanized metal baskets.
  • Shiplap walls are frequently preferred in farmhouse style bathrooms.
  • You can use brass or copper tap accents. If you like industrial farmhouse decoration, get black without thinking.
  • Glass pendant lighting with iron accents is ideal for the bathroom.
  • You can use an old metal container as a vase.
  • Great if you have a freestanding tub instead of a shower cabin. Imitating plaid, striped linen fabrics, the farmhouse shower easily changes the entire look.

Why Farmhouse Style is So Popular? 

Let's sum up why farmhouse style is so popular.

  • It has a warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Who doesn't love this?
  • Industrial, vintage, French elegance, shabby shic romance, modern minimalist… It can embrace all. It is compatible with many different interior design styles. It is versatile and flexible.
  • It is economical. You don't have to spend tons of money to create effortless elegance.
  • Embraces DIY projects. You can use lots of decorations with craft and handmade furniture.
  • Easy to find farmhouse furniture and decors everywhere.
  • It is family friendly. It has functional assembly areas. It is large, suitable for gathering around the dining tables and having a good time. Open kitchen experiences cooking and daily life at the same time.

What is Difference Between Farmhouse and Rustic?

They're almost the same, right? The farmhouse can be changed to fit many different styles, as you can see in the article. Rustic is more strict. More woody, coarser, more unfinished. Farmhouse interior design is fresher, smoother and more complex than rustic décor.