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Exclusive Collection: Industrial Style Dining Tables

Eating is not only a physical but also a social need for us humans. The dining room, where you have dinner and have pleasant conversations with your family, friends, or lover, should be one of the most peaceful and stylish places in your home. If you are an industrial-style lover, you will dream of a warehouse and factory-like dining room. The furniture that will make the biggest contribution to creating this look is undoubtedly industrial style dining tables.


We want you to know that we update this industrial dining table collection, which we have prepared by choosing one by one from many different websites, at certain time intervals. One of the most popular interior design styles of the 21st century, you can discover what materials and characteristics are used in industrial dining tables, and you can discover the products we have chosen.

Bold Metal Table Legs

The most characteristic feature of industrial style dining tables is their thick metal legs. Generally, these X-shaped feet have a striking effect. The thin legs of the chairs lined up around it create a much more effective contrast.

Wood Tabletop for Rustic Industrial Style

Wood and metal are an indispensable combination. We often see the use of wooden tabletop and metal legs in almost all types of industrial tables. Whether the wood is rough or polished is an important detail that serves the general style to be created. If you use wood as raw as possible, you will get closer to the classic rustic style. Wooden tables filled with epoxy, which has been very popular in recent years, are a nice option for contemporary industrial lovers.

Steampunk Style Dining Tables

Steampunk, which is a special area of industrial style, goes great on dining tables with metal wheels and gears. Creating a striking effect with just one piece of furniture is possible with steampunk dining tables.

Brutalist Style Concrete Dining Tables

The Brutalist style, which is identified with monolith form and concrete aesthetics, becomes a great match with industrial style when used with metal. An assertive option for the factory look you want to create. Who wouldn’t like the metal accented leather chair and concrete dining table set?

Luxury Glossy Surfaces

Today, original styles can be obtained by fusing some features of different styles. If you want to create a stylish dining room decoration using both industrial and luxury elements, shiny metal surfaces will be your savior. But everything else should have a minimal and clean line. Likewise, glass is a great choice for luxury industrial tables. Generally, choosing the round shape alternative to the rectangular-shaped industrial tables will increase the sophisticated atmosphere.

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