Elegant and Luxurious Glass Decor Collection

Elegant and Luxurious Glass Decor Collection

Glass, one of the most elegant materials of all time, is also used in luxury home decor. Welcome to our special selection where glass is shaped by designers and transformed into a vase or furniture. Here are elegant, exclusive and stylish glass decorations for your home and office.

1. Contemporary Glass and Iridescent Steel Chair by Fredrik Paulsen

The moment we saw this pink sheepskin glass chair, our heartbeat accelerated. Who wouldn’t want to have such a chair? You will feel like you are sitting in the air because of the transparent effect the glass provides.

2. Shiro Noda 21-Light Glass Chandelier by John-Richard Collection

This wonderful glass chandelier by John-Richard Collection, one of the first to come to mind among luxury lighting brands, would of course be on this list. Handcrafted, luxury and amazing chandelier design looks really elegant. As if the clear crystal clusters were dripping. The chandelier gives light from 21 lighting points.

3. Ando Time Red/Gray Hourglass by Tadao Ando

This hourglass made of glass is a modern decor with its sculptural form. Transparent and red bullet-shaped bulbs interact dynamically with each other. A sophisticated design that you can use in your living room or office decoration.

4. Snowflake 1 Limited Edition of 8 Glass Sculpture by Huang Yulong

Get one of the 8 snowflake sculptures produced only. This sculpture is not an ordinary snowflake. The artist has designed the snowflake as a weapon against the increasing terrorist incidents recently. He wanted to compare the terror, which he wanted to melt and disappear in the world sooner or later, to a snowflake. A unique decor in terms of both concept and aesthetics.

6. Lower Cut Carat Vase by Orrefors Kosta Boda

Vase made of lead-free crystal is a timeless decor. This elegant and stylish glass vase that you can use in the bedroom or living room is compatible with many different styles.

7. Clear and White Glass Curl by John-Richard

The glass sculpture has a strong sense of rhythm and movement with its curved shape in alternating white and transparent tones. The sculpture, with its alabaster base, is an elegant and effective decor for minimalist and luxury interior design.

8. Dickinson Large Chandelier by kate spade new york

Glass sputnik chandelier looks absolutely poetic? The chandelier where tiny pieces of glass show off on a quality brass floor is simply wonderful for luxury living rooms.

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