Eclectic Decoration is a Big Lie

Eclectic Decorating is a Big Lie?

Eclectic style is seen as pieces from different styles and movements come together. Therefore it is always amazed but abstained on the other hand. Moreover the style is controversial because of its compound components and different kinds of styles in it.

What is Eclectic Design?

As befits the name, eclectic design composes from wide-ranging elements in it. It is actually a mixture of varied kind of styles, periods, themes, colours and textures. In a way, it conforms integrated versions of all styles and composes new one as eclectic. Well, for this very reason, it is on the firing line. Can it be accepted as a wholly interior design style which has certain rules and spirit or is it just a ratty style for the whom have flightiness and confusion in their minds? 

In that sense, think about the authorities such as famous decoration magazines or decorators and designers. When a place is decorated by the authority, every piece seems matchy with the other without any contradiction but with the construction of one valid consensus. Two reasons behind that: It is decorated by the professionals, the authority, and every piece is arranged for a reason actually. Professionals can easily explain why they use this object in front of this kind of mirror for instance. So the dilemma rises when you try to decorate your home in eclectic style. Doing the right thing or not? Maybe at this very point, distrust to the style emerges. Is it a fabulation about decoration or not? However, could the source of distrust emerge from the fear of reflecting your ideas freely in your home?

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The Thin Line Between Eclectic and Chaotic

In a way, eclectic is the mixture of the new and the old. Modern and the postmodern or classic and futuristic. However, is it possible to mix whatever you like? Regardless of their fabrics, colours, shapes, old or new, is it possible to create an eclectic style? In which point the limit is exceeded and when does it create discord rather than a classy and attentive style? What is the thin line between the eclectic and chaos? Has eclectic style any limits to create? So many questions in mind…

Then how your place looks like eclectic and as if in fancy magazine pages without confusion and not allowing the reinforcement of “big lie” issue? Giving a space for your tastes and comfort as well as giving an ear the flexible and funny rules of eclectic style. Yes, just like every style or movement, eclectic design has its own dos and don’ts with more authentic way. Besides decorating by regarding needs and tastes gives a natural and useful zone for your very life space.

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What is The Challenge?

To understand deeply, let’s tackle art deco or vintage decoration. These are the styles that conformed through years. When you want to decorate your place as art deco, the basic thing you need to find art deco furniture, lighting, ornaments. If you want to decorate your home vintage, you need to pick up a time period like the 60s and decorate your home mainly using the vintage objects from the second hand for instance. They are more characteristic from patterns to the selection of furniture. They are convenient for certain rules that can be applied easier.

However eclectic style gives you space, a huge space to your magic with your own tastes. In that point the relativity of taste rises. Your style may be too exaggerated or messy for the others. Apart from that, it is also another controversial issue that when the authority, designers, critics or magazines decorate, every piece seems in coherence no matter what the decoration includes in. Why does not your taste fit? Maybe the answer is below.

When Eclectic Style Becomes a Lie?

Every eye has its own vision towards things, both literally and figuratively. Therefore sticking on the question that “What will be useful, comfortable, cozy as well as attentive and aesthetic for my place?” will be first step before decorating. The other step could be inspiration from other places. However there is -not a thin line but- a thick line between copying and inspiring. 

Plus, this thick line could be the point that eclectic style becomes a lie or not. You are creating a living space so it should have its own authenticity and breathable atmospÄŸhere, in other words your existence should be felt by every touch in the place from an untidy blanket to very classy chandelier you choose. However giving time can be also important. When aesthetic, utility, life and your tastes combines creating your space in time and allow to be formed by naturally gives more naturalistic look. Then you can also give an ear what professionals says for avoiding confusion and chaos:

Freedom To Ideas: Characteristics of Eclectic Design

Even if the eclectic decoration gives the one freedom to make a selection from varied styles liked most, actually, it has a certain map to do it. But just because of including different time periods and styles, it goes without saying that you just need some certain points to pay attention to create your space because the eclectic style has its own character. Then let’s discover the eclectic world!

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Invitation to Dance of Harmony 

Harmony should be one of the goals in eclectic design. But how? How could it be possible to juxtapose so different objects and get them seen very matchy and harmonious? The matchy and true organization is the key here. It is important to avoid looking over busy. If you use a huge rectangular object aware that the other objects that are close to it should have rectangular shapes for instance. If you switch from rectangular to circle ones, make this transition using elliptic forms. Then you can catch the harmonious tone and you can dance with a mixture of furnishings.

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Sticking On One Core Colour

One of the most frequent mistakes in eclectic style is blowing hot and cold regardless of understanding the spirit of the material wanted to be used in the design. Therefore it is essential to indicate a concept that can be adapted into eclectic furnishing. Choosing one core colour and creating a colour palette around this colour could be very helpful for a tasty design. You can use shades of your core colour or in some points you can create a contrast using a bright or dark colour depending on your core colour. However, you must go away from using the same contrast colour on the walls. 

Don’t Get Things Messy: Serviceability is Vital

Decorating your place in the eclectic style, you can choose many objects from various styles. You can place a vintage coffee table with modern cosy sofa. However sometimes eclectic can be confused with using so many objects in the place. Then the most vital point is missed: Living! Your home is a place that you can feel relax and live rather than a gallery, a showcase that you can just watch. It is essential to transform your place into a breathtaking cosy home. So choose the materials that will serve your comfort and peace. Avoid filling the room with so many ornaments and objects.

Be Open to Change: Seasonal Blooms 

The eclectic style gives you many chances to decorate your place as to how exactly like. If you like changing your atmosphere from time to time then the eclectic design is for you. By considering the tips above you can change the pieces in your home with the different ones whenever you like because this style gives you the freedom to play with textures, colours and styles. When the summer comes you can change your dark coloured ornaments with fresh blue and white ones, or you can use a sofa throw harmonious with the spirit of the season or the season that you feel in your heart. It is also a very prolific way to not showing your all trick at once. That can cause instability and eye fatigue. 

Get Strength from The Power of Textures

One of the most delicate parts of arranging a harmonious eclectic style is the use of textures and fabrics. Creating a texture variety in your place is quite classy and tactful. You can use smooth fabrics with the rough ones. You can inspire from the dance of linen and cotton for instance on your sofa. Maybe you like seeing a smooth texture of marble along with warmness of the wood. The only rule is not to go too far. Pick some smooth and rough materials, do not force use every material you like. Also, you should use at most three times the same texture otherwise you can create monotony.

Don’t Forget to Create Peace and Comfort Zone

Your house is your temple. So it should contain a comfortable and relaxing area for you. Creating comfort zone in house is important. However, in eclectic design this comfort zone is basically for your eyes! Decorating eclectic can result in many objects, textures and patterns. To relax your eyes, try leaving empty certain places such as a wall. Use more relaxing and matchy colours that calm your mind and eyes. 

Last Tip! Do You Like Art On Wall? Create Gallery Wall

You can compose a gallery wall from both modern and classic paintings or photographs. You can blend them by using different types of frames to create a plurality of movements! You can start filling one of your wide walls painting a hue in coherence with your core colour then you can fill the wall with various styles of paintings. Pay attention that some of your hangings should be harmonised with the core colour while several of them can create little contrasts. 

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