Designer Rugs Collection

Designer Rugs Collection for Sophisticated Homes

We made our handmade designer rugs collection selection with quality materials and unique designs from LuxDeco, Artemest, 1stDibs, One Kings Lane and DWR. We would like to say that we have made a selection from approximately 1500 rugs. Check out these artistic rugs, some contemporary, Bohemian or luxury style.

1. Spielberg Rug

The legendary director Spielberg inspired carpet, completely handmade. Hail to the Empire of The Sun!

2. Imperial Snake Rug by Rug’ Society

This carpet, which looks quite impressive with the illusion created by intertwined snakes, is also handmade. If you like this type of graphic game then be sure to take a look at our selection for Escher inspired decor.

3. Agata Carpet by Patricia Urquiola | Budri

Agata Carpet, a marble carpet. Yes, not wool or cotton. This amazing carpet made of marble and onyx is enchanting with its intertwined blue and green colors. Effective with its organic form. Whose house has a marble carpet?

4. Mermaid Rug by Rug’ Society

You can hang Mermaid Rug on the wall, which reflects the ocean aesthetics with its light silvery texture and style that resembles Art Deco. A sophisticated piece for your home decoration with a feminine and New Vintage style.

5. F.J. Kashanian, Sari Ibiza Rug, Gray/Fuchsia

We loved the colors of this Boho rug style piece. Hand-knotted rug will suit your home very well with the unique shine of silk.

6. Island Denim Rug #8 by Sirecom

Divided into geometric pieces in different shapes and sizes, the carpet draws attention with its contemporary style. It is really modern with its monochrome gray colors and different shape. The origin of the rug woven with cotton bamboo fiber is India.

7. Maria Rug by Tapis Rouge

Taking its softness from a mixture of natural wool and silk, handmade rug is from Nepal. It is definitely a great piece for sophisticated home décor, with both its texture, shine and generous design.

8. Tempest Bronze – Circle Contemporary Luxury Hand Knotted Wool Silk Rug

The handmade round rug, which is part of The Chinoiserie collection, is inspired by ancient graphics and illustrations of Chinese origin. It has an extremely elegant design as a contemporary interpretation of Far Eastern culture. Handmade carpet, a mixture of silk and wool, makes you want to touch with its soft texture.

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