Curated Collection: Designer Table Lamps

Curated Collection: Stunning Designer Table Lamps

Welcome to our list of 8 designer table lamps, each of which will not only illuminate but also admire their sculptural designs and craftsmanship. Discover designer table lamps that you can use as unique decors for your bedroom, living room or office.

1. ‘Sea Anemone’ Table Light by Pia Maria Raeder

You are looking at one of the functional sculptures produced by the German artist Pia Maria Raeder, who has gained a worldwide reputation with her “Sea Anemone” collection, handcrafted from thousands of beech trees. If you want a sculptural design instead of an ordinary table lamp, you will not be able to resist this fascinating beauty.

See what Pia Maria Raeder says for this design made of beech wood pieces with bronze base, glass blown and individually hand-sculpted: “This piece is both a table lamp inspired by Nature, and a peaceful, softly beaming creature with an endearing presence. It surprises us with a new appearance when you look at it from different angles.”

2. CL2063 Table Lamp by Sigma L2

The table lamp, in which black and gold-plated metal rectangles create a sculptural look, looks great with handcrafted brass details and luxurious velvet headboard. A unique design that has the power to change the whole atmosphere of the room the moment you put it in your bedroom, living room or office.

3. Las Palmas Table Lamp by Theo Eichholtz

This desk lamp, in which the palm form takes on a shine reminiscent of precious jewels, is a luxurious interpretation of botanical beauty. The lamp made of polished brass looks very nice with its elegant curves.

4. Halcyon Accent Table Lamp by Kelly Wearstler

The asymmetrical cut alabaster base and luxury brass conic shade look great together. This design is always relevant if you want to get a simple, natural and extremely elegant table lamp.

5. Creep Table Lamp by Profili

With its breathtaking form and jewelery beauty, it is more than a table lamp. The lampshade is made with fusion technique. Two LED systems have been added to distribute the light evenly on the inner edges.

6. Ojo D’Rancho Vidrio Lamp by Jan Barboglio

The iron and glass table lamp, in which each piece is shaped by hand, is a dynamic design with its sunburst form and vibrant colors. There seems to be a reference to the old times. What a cheerful lamp!

7. Concertina Globe Lamp by MacKenzie-Childs

Speaking of cheerful lamp, it would be nice not to put this wonderful design on the list. We loved this lamp that is both traditional and modern, colorful and sophisticated. The terra cotta base, gold and platinum finishes, tartan shade and beaded glass fringes are very characteristic. It looks very nice too with hand-painted details.

8. Sun Table Lamp in White Enameled Ceramic by Georges Pelletier

The artist signed ceramic sun table lamp is a wonderful decor with its sculptural stance and lighting shadows that create patterns around. It will go especially well with Bohemian living rooms and bedrooms.

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