Cool and Functional: Brutalist Bathroom Designs with Concrete Aesthetics

Cool and Functional: Brutalist Bathroom Designs with Concrete Aesthetics

Concrete bathrooms are a favorite of contemporary bathroom designs, whatever you call them. Concrete bathroom designs that look extremely minimal and cool are also very compatible with the Brutalist design, which started as an architectural trend in the 1950s. The Brutalist style, in love with the raw aesthetics of concrete, monolith blocks, solid geometric structures, and rough and problematic surfaces, has not long since exited architecture and influenced interior design. But there are not many people who know and know this style with its name and all its characteristics. But we can say that he is getting more talked about both his name and his style day by day. We claim that soon Brutalist interior design will become a style that everyone knows.

In our Brutalist interior design guide, we have written down both the history of Brutalism and the characteristic features of this style. If you want, you can learn the details of that article. Let’s come to brutalist bathrooms.

Solid and Raw Aesthetics Coming With Concrete

One of the most iconic features of the brutalist style is the monolith blocks and geometric surfaces without details. Of course, the basic material is concrete. The reason for this philosophy of Brutalist architecture, where many more people will live with less cost, is low in cost, far from details, and functional, is the economic crisis after the Second World War. Moreover, it is not possible to deny the effect of the post-war sadness on the dark aesthetics of the brutalist style.

Concrete bathrooms are of course very popular today when the minimalist style reaches its peak. In fact, we see all the values of the brutalist movement both philosophically and aesthetically in today’s concrete baths. Of course, we find it more appropriate to call it a brutalist bathroom. After looking at these brutalist buildings, you will agree with us.

Kozia 9
Kozia 9
Bank of Georgia
Bank of Georgia

Let’s look at a few brutalist bathroom designs now.

Ravan[pak] Villa  Babak Abnar
Ravan[pak] Villa Babak Abnar
Writers House Branch Studio Architects Brutalist Bathroom
Writer’s House Branch Studio Architects Brutalist Bathroom
Refugi Lieptgas Georg Nickisch Selina Walder Brutalist Bathroom
Refugi Lieptgas Georg Nickisch Selina Walder Brutalist Bathroom

Why is Concrete a Great Material for Bathrooms?

  • Undisputedly cool
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable, does not swell, does not deteriorate
  • Prevents bath fungus, hygienic
  • Can be used anywhere, from sinks to floors and walls
  • Pressure resistant
  • Suitable for underfloor heating

Brutalist Bathroom Accessories

  • You can choose concrete on the floor, walls, sink, soap dispenser, anywhere. No embroidered, unadorned, geometric concrete bathroom accessories go great with brutalist style. Choosing a vessel sink is important. Since there will be very few items in the bathroom, the sink and toilet bowl should have a striking effect. You can also choose concrete bathroom sinks in oval or round forms.
  • Industrial faucets are great for the brutalist bathroom. It goes well with the raw aesthetics of brutalism due to its generally industrial, masculine and cool attitude.
  • Forget about the bath mat. If possible, soft surface and no fabric at all. There will be towels, of course. 🙂
  • Glass shower cabins are also great in showing the pure aesthetics of the concrete wall and floor.
  • The color palette should be in shades of gray, black and brown. But you can also include white for a more modern style.
  • Marble and non-shiny metal can also accompany concrete in bathroom accessories.

Metal Brutalist Lightings for Stunning Bathroom Decor

The compatibility of metal with concrete is undoubtedly known to everyone. Metal is frequently used with both concrete and wood in industrial interior design. But when it comes to Brutalist lighting, we see more pointed, jagged surfaces. Bringing the wild, hard, unfinished feel to the Brutalist wall sconces and chandeliers can create an artistic effect for bathroom lighting. You can especially show off with copper Brutalist chandeliers.

Can Elegance Combine Wildness? What is Luxury Brutalist Bathroom?

  • In fact, today’s coolest concrete bathrooms are also luxury. We can use the Brutalist expression for most of the ultra-minimal luxury concrete bathroom designs. Of course, there are a few criteria that increase elegance.
  • Use of brass or gold leaf in tiny details such as faucet and towel hanger
  • Use of texture on marble or concrete surfaces
  • Balanced use of clean sharp lines with rough surfaces
  • Balancing gray concrete aesthetics with a few green pot plants
  • Bronze bathtub, organically shaped tubs
  • Lots of candles around the tub
  • Dim lighting

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