What exactly is contemporary interior design, which is often used in the same sense as modern home design, does anyone know? There are two basic styles in daily use and even in our perception: Traditional and modern design. We call many designs that are close to minimalism, plain and “cool” modern or sometimes contemporary. The “old type” ones are traditional for most of us. 

Come, what is contemporary home decor, what is the difference from modern houses, what are the things that make a house contemporary, let's clarify them all. Let's look at how you can decorate your room by room in a contemporary style.

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Contemporary vs Modern What are the differences if they are not same?

Modern design covers the period from 1920s to 1960s (according to most sources to 1950s). Contemporary meaning actually explains the event of style. Contemporary definition is not a certain period; current refers to the present. And it's about the future. Since “now” is constantly changing, contemporary design changes non-stop according to current criteria. So it also covers the future. In other words, the contemporary of 20 years and the contemporary of today will not be the same. But when we say modern design, because we are talking about a certain period, we will talk about the principles of that period in 20 years. So the period between 1920-1960.

Contemporary vs Modern Differences

  • Modern is generally known for using materials like wood and earth elements, Contemporary is generally known for using glass and metal.
  • In Modern style we often see more of using natural colors such as brown, olive green tones; however Contemporary style uses saturated colors such as black, white, gray and red, blue, yellow...
  • Modern style is more cooler and limiting but Contemporary is more warm, inviting and customizable.

Modern vs Contemporary Similarities 

  • Both adopt minimalist aesthetics.
  • Clean lines, geometric architectural features are both.
  • Both have open space use.

What is Contemporary Interior Design? What makes a home a contemporary home?

  • Contemporary design borrowed and added many principles to modern design. Contemporary homes, which are not completely disconnected from the past, can contain many styles, from Art Deco to vintage decoration. So it has a flexible, free, customizable understanding.
  • Contemporary home design is calming and warm. It is not cool but solid and cold. The important thing is to balance the warmth and calmness with the criteria of the modern interior.
  • In architectural terms, we see that materials are as important as the product itself in contemporary homes. Energy saving, sustainability, and the use of natural materials have become more important criteria in contemporary architecture than ever before. The use of asymmetrical facades and geometric shapes is also one of the most distinctive features of contemporary houses.

Let's take a look at the characteristic features of contemporary interior design:

Contemporary Design Colors

Neutral colors such as black, white, and gray are the main colors of contemporary style homes. Bright, saturated colors are used for emphasis. Striking effect is created by using vivid reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples in accessories or certain parts of the room. You can use different shades of the same color together for a sophisticated look. For example, gray.

Open Space Use and Clean Lines


Minimalism is always one of the main criteria in contemporary interior design as in modern home design. Open spacious areas are evident in contemporary homes. Bare ceilings or walls should not be scary.

Stripes, horizontal and vertical lines, curved areas, structural elements are the distinctive features of contemporary houses.

Different Texture Combinations


We said that contemporary style house is more warm and inviting than modern houses. Contemporary interior design, where neutral colors play the leading role and minimalism is the basic principle, achieves this warmth with the use of texture as well as striking colors. You can create a much more peaceful and cozy environment by using different textures together.

Use of Natural Light and Layered Lighting


  • Inviting nature to homes, using environmentally friendly materials, including environmental awareness in interior design is inevitable for contemporary style. It could not be expected that a design concept that reflects our day would not be sensitive to the environmental problems we face.
  • In contemporary homes, the windows are large and often bare to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. The height of the ceiling also helps the light to move freely inside the house.
  • Wall-mounted luminaires, rail lights, floor lamps, pendant lamps that emphasize certain areas, hidden spot lights are used in contemporary home decor in layers. You can put sconces, floor lamps and chandeliers in almost any room.
  • Conical shadow games, angled lamps are often preferred in contemporary style houses.
  • Metal is generally used in contemporary lighting. In fact, metal is preferred not only in lighting but also in accessories and frames.


Contemporary Decor Elements


Contemporary wall decors have a variety that allows you to customize your home. You can easily use various wall decors such as metal, wood, paper cut, textil art, sculptures and sculptural objects inside the house. You can be bold in colors. Sculptures illuminated with spots and objects hung on the wall bring the contemporary art gallery atmosphere to your home. Feel free to be interesting, our age allows to be different.

What is Contemporary Farmhouse Decor? 

It is the use of rustic style with contemporary design. Raw wood and log are used in contemporary rustic decor. But just like traditional farmhouse houses, almost all sides are not filled with raw wood. For example, if you want to impress rustic contemporary decor in your bedroom, your headboard may be made of wood panel, but you can still use vibrant colors, discrete objects, minimal design.

The Most Important Part: Contemporary Furniture Design

The form is one of the defining elements of contemporary design. The thing that shows the form directly is undoubtedly furniture. Furniture of minimalism with clean lines and pure form like a box combines with curves and elegant details in contemporary style. Here you can go to combine the traces of Art Deco with the pure simplicity of minimalism.

Unusual furniture designs, which look interesting in homes almost like works of art, are receiving our appreciation on many platforms including Instagram. Contemporary style furniture sometimes amazes with its extremely minimal and sometimes extremely crazy designs. Aside from Sculptural contemporary furniture, the general features of modern contemporary furniture are as follows:

  • Geometric and structural forms are at the forefront.
  • It has clean lines. The shape is evident, amorphous shapes can be detailed.
  • Contemporary sofas and other furniture are usually minimal.
  • Clean lines and neutral colors are used.
  • Stunning colors can be used in patterns and accessories such as pillows.
  • There is a feeling of openness in contemporary tables and coffee tables where glass and metal are used together.
  • Neutral colors and clean lines are accompanied by shiny metal, fluid forms, reflective surfaces.
  • Another factor that gives the feeling of openness is that the contemporary chairs and tables are open. Conical wooden legs are iconic. There are no frills, tassels. Usually metal pipes or thin wooden legs are visible.
  • Contemporary beds are generally low base, platform models. Furniture is usually covered with natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, jute.
  • Sectional furniture is also a favorite of contemporary design rooms.
  • Smooth marble furniture is great for contemporary rooms.
  • Remember, stylish furnitures are the leading actors in your home. You can see them as works of art. Think of your home as your own art gallery and use your creativity.
  • You can use many accessories that will explode in a room where white is predominant. Must have black touches or a huge black leather sofa. Black-framed wall photos also always add urban flair.
  • The monochrome color is the most useful color palette selection.
  • We can say the leading actors of contemporary sofas living rooms with clean stripes leather sectional couches and white.
  • You can choose curved contemporary sofa to break the coldness and restraint of modern living rooms.
  • If you are looking for something that is characterized as contemporary living room tables, turn to glass legs with metal legs.
  • Contemporary accent chairs for living room has many types. You can choose an armchair that looks like a glass or a chair with a conical foot cube. But whether its color or form is striking. Plain, simple but stunning.
  • You can use geometric patterns, lines, carpets and decorative pillows in different texture.
  • You can easily catch the contemporary style by using a wooden sideboard and an abstract carpet.
  • Large green plants create a sculptural look.
  • Contemporary rugs for living room often has abstract patterns. You can choose designer carpets with abstract forms to make a difference. Carpets don't have to be square, rectangular or round, right?
  • You can create an artistic effect by simply painting a wall, table or TV stand in bright color.
  • Basket woven ottomans or storage elements carry Bohemian air to contemporary rooms.
  • Marble fireplace and linear furniture are great for ultra modern living room.
  • You can choose chandeliers with brass or metal fixtures. Contemporary lamps for living room can be a wide variety such as floor lamp, sports lights, table lamp.
  • In contemporary kitchen designs, stainless steel and marble countertops play the leading role. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are usually gray or white. Cabinets are usually large because the mess in a contemporary-style kitchen is unpopular.
  • If you want a rustic contemporary kitchen style, you can use white intensively in contrast to wooden kitchen cabinets. You can balance the rural effect with glass and metal lighting fixtures.
  • The all-black contemporary kitchen cabinets are the harbinger of an extremely sophisticated style. You can balance it with white, gray and cream shades. You can achieve a striking effect with elements such as vases, pitchers, towels, spoons in vivid colors such as red, pink and turquoise.
  • White marble, gray tiles or black floor tiles are ideal.
  • Contemporary kitchen faucets in orange or red make a lot of difference.
  • Who can say no to a marble kitchen island with sharp corners?
  • Glass or metal contemporary pendant lights must be on the kitchen island.
  • If contemporary white kitchen is your favorite, use striking colors in chairs, bar stools or in details such as towels and aprons.
  • You can display your decorative plates, ceramic items and colored glasses in an open shelf system, just like in a gallery. It would be great to illuminate this area with LED or spot lights.
  • Stainless steel recessed contemporary kitchen sinks are the best choice.
  • A clean, calm bathroom with plenty of light is great. Gray, black and white color is also dominant in the bathrooms.
  • When we look at contemporary bathroom design ideas, we see double function units instead of an ordinary sink. Minimal contemporary bathroom vanities can be used as vanity tables and storage areas.
  • Make sure that the bathtub, toilet and sink are not sets. Minimal tubs in minimal style are great.
  • The preference of black in light fixtures, mirror frames, bathroom fixtures is increasing day by day. We love black!
  • Contemporary bathroom mirrors often stick to geometric forms and are plain. But you can choose a striking colored mirror to separate from a minimal bathroom. Or you can refer to the wooden frame for a rustic style.
  • Do not look at contemporary bathrooms only by design. Take advantage of technology. Why not automatic sinks, smart showers that adjust the temperature of the water with your command, mirrors with augmented reality application, before everyone (most people) are not in your bathroom?
  • With the rising vintage trend of brass and copper fixtures, it started to become popular in the bathrooms. Copper / brass fixtures can be interesting as long as you have a good balance of vintage and contemporary. Another version of this is to use industrial pipes. Industrial is mostly preferred in vanities and sinks.
  • We are a fan of open showers.
  • Do not forget that you can instantly make it contemporary by putting an absurd sculpture in an extremely simple and minimal bathroom!
  • Contemporary bedroom furniture usually consists of platform low beds and understated bedside tables and wardrobes, as in minimal design. Be sure to keep clean lines in your room. Tassels, ruffles, lace are not found in contemporary bedroom decor.
  • Keep the modern bedroom style minimal but feel free to use bright and neutral colors together.
  • Balance sharp-edged furniture with soft textures. There are many soft tissues that you can use such as bedspreads, carpets and pillows. Don't get your hands cowardly!
  • Make some quirks. If you have a beautiful view, you can cover the ceiling with metal and ensure the reflection of the view.
  • A wardrobe with full mirror finish enhances the sense of openness.
  • Make room on your wall for contemporary paintings.
  • You can use monochrome colors on the wall, carpet and bedspreads. Monochrome always creates a sophisticated effect, remember.
  • An ambitious contemporary armchair in terms of design or color would be great.
  • You can choose the bedside table or lampshade from designer products. Embrace sculptural furniture and furniture.
  • For a masculine bedroom, you can buy a leather sofa, leather headboard or a leather wardrobe - hold it tight!