Interior Design Trends 2021

Compiled Expert Opinions: Interior Design Trends 2021

Just like every year, a few months before the new year, 2021 interior design trends are a matter of curiosity. We researched the ideas of many experts, authorities and dedicated bloggers about interior design trends in 2021 and prepared a comprehensive article. Below the article, you can find the links to the resources we use. Before we introduce trends, there is one thing we want to say: Remember, these are just trends. If you don’t like some of them, you don’t have to bother, you don’t have to apply. We don’t think anyone renews their homes every year according to trends anyway. But those who want to follow the spirit of the time and renovate their home can find the excitement they seek with 2021 interior design colors and style trends. Trends in a way provide inspiration and the opportunity to find products easier. Let’s start.

2021 Interior Design Color Trends

There are many different opinions about the color trend for the coming year. However, the predominant view is that warm neutral colors will stand out. It seems that white aesthetics will leave its place to warmer whites and warm aesthetics. Another color that most colorists agree on is rich navy blue and bold blues. Striking bold dark blues, unlike pastel tones, are likely to be seen frequently in 2021 interior design. And we think black-and-white will remain popular in 2021. Now we can take a look at the experts’ 2021 interior design color palettes.

Dulux Colour of The Year 2021 – Brave Ground 

Dulux Colour of The Year 2021 - Brave Ground
Dulux Colour of The Year 2021 – Brave Ground 

Brave Ground, one of the warm neutral colors that everyone will agree with, nobody will object, will break the power of bright white. The harmony of neutral colors with organic materials also offers a holistic approach in terms of 2021 interior design trends. We will be more explanatory in the rest of the article.

Shutterstock 2021 Color Trends – Set Sail Champagne, Fortuna Gold and Tidewater Green

Set Sail Champagne
Set Sail Champagne

Again, we are here in a neutral color. From fashion to interior design, we are not surprised to see Set Sail Champagne color.

Fortuna Gold
Fortuna Gold

Gold is indispensable for luxury interior design. We are likely to see more gold in lighting and accents in 2021. Not only Shutterstock but many experts agree.

Tidewater Green
Tidewater Green

It is one of the most guaranteed colors of the 2021 interior design that everyone agrees will have strong communication with nature. Suggestions about different shades of green vary, but such impressive greens are sure to be seen on walls and furniture.

Glidden 2021 Interior Design Colors – Aqua Fiesta

Aqua Fiesta by Glidden
Aqua Fiesta by Glidden

Glidden has chosen a cheerful color for 2021. It is certain that we all need this joy at the end of a year with the pandemic.

Benjamin Moore – Aegean Teal 

Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore
Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

Aegean Teal, which is a calmer tone similar to Glidden’s choice, is in harmony with the feeling of peace that is still sought in 2021. The color perfectly matched to earth tones, beyond being boring, it is both natural and modern.

Sherwin-Williams – Urbane Bronze

Sherwin-Williams - Urbane Bronze
Sherwin-Williams – Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze style approaches to black and white aesthetics are indeed innovative. We think this color will give a sophisticated attitude to the modern industrial style.

2021 Interior Design Styles

We looked at the colors that are expected to be trendy, now it’s time for the concepts that are expected to come to the fore in 2021 homes. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are many different and even contradictory opinions every year. We compiled many articles, took common points and prepared a list by adding our own predictions. Which of us will be right at the end of 2021, we will see together.

Farmhouse will be replaced by Romantic Cottagecore

romantic cottagecore

There are those who say that the farmhouse cannot go anywhere, right? The warm and peaceful farmhouse has been loved so much that you have the right to think about where to remove so much distressed furniture. Joking aside, we think the spirit of the farmhouse will not disappear anywhere. But in 2021, it is predicted to evolve into a more feminine way with Romantic Cottagecore, and we agree with that idea. We can say that the country house concept evolved with less distressed furniture, more floral patterns, gemstones, flowers, gold accents and vintage items. Let’s summarize: 2021’s farmhouse will be more elegant.

Neutral luxury interior design will be the heart of 2021

Neutral luxury interior design 2021

Neutral colors will be in demand, as we see in the colors of 2021. The interior design style, which combines especially dark navy blue and emerald green with neutral colors, alarms for 2021. Bright gold lightings and furniture accents will embrace refined tastes in luxury homes where neutral colors predominate. Remember, dark colors should only be used for emphasis, as in the past few years. Dark colors are used only in this way in the neutral colored tonal interior design.

Break boredom: Abstract, surrealist sculptural furnitures

Abstract shapes, sculptural furniture and lighting fixtures are likely to stand out in 2021. Of course, Instagram has a big share in this impressive visual. Thanks to Sculptural furniture designers, we are now familiar with sculpture-like seats. Curved soft lines will replace hard and sharp lines.

We can’t give up functionality: Modern industrial designs

Regular, minimal and functional modern industrial designs will remain popular. The modern industrial style, which allows the use of dark colors in a bright environment and the use of hard surfaces with comfortable forms, has become a classic of our age and has become the favorite of contemporary interior design lovers. Meanwhile, according to the research made by Wren Kitchens by analyzing 500,000 Instagram posts from 2020, the 2021 kitchen interior design trend will be modern style kitchens. Second, they concluded that farmhouse kitchens were more ‘Instagrammable’.

Speaking of functionality, it is also predicted that multifunctional furniture and practical storage solutions will be at the forefront among the 2021 living room trends. In recent years, with the wave of minimalism, very orderly and multi-functional houses are now irreversibly popular.

Designs that bring nature into the home and the house into nature

The longing to go outside, which is caused by the closure of homes after a 2020 pandemic, will cause us to fill our homes with more green plants in 2021. Likewise, balconies and verandas can be filled with more seating space. The “Earthy Organic” theme is likewise considered one of the 2021 home interior design trends. Neutral colors, organic materials, green plants and white boho style will be replaced by warmer tones. We think the biggest sign of the macrame craze on Instagram!

The gift of the Scandinavian style: Light wood

The use of light wood was accepted with Scandinavian style and we are not likely to give up immediately. It is thought that more minimal, IKEA-style smooth light woods will be used more in 2021.

Transition from touch to automatic: Smart technologies

The hygiene and “not touching” situation, which we have become obsessed with due to COVID-19, shows that smart technologies will increase in 2021. Sensor equipment, automatic devices will be more common in homes.

Handmade furniture and decorative pieces

Handmade, quality craftsmanship always has a niche audience. But for people who take more time at home and start making their own bread, the craft seems to become more important in 2021. Of course, spending more time at home also contributes to this. More sophisticated and valuable handmade products are expected to be trendy.


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