Coastal decor, where you can adapt the peaceful breeze of the beach to your home, is among the rapidly rising interior design trends. Coastal interior design, which promises an extremely bright, spacious and calm environment accompanied by white and blue, is the best option for sea lovers. How do you include the calming effect of summer houses in your living space, what are the distinguishing features of coastal decor, which is often used in the same sense as Hampton style decor, what do we offer for modern beach house ideas, what are the styles of different coastal interior design? Let's start now.

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Open Plan Room

It is important to use open plans to create an airy, spacious, bright coastal style. Screens, partitions, walls, doors, columns should be as few as possible.

As much Natural Light As Possible

Beach house decor is basically about creating a bright, spacious environment. For this reason, natural light is vital. Pretend there is no difference between outdoor and indoor for a coastal style house.

Get help from large windows, glass doors, transparent curtains. If your room does not get enough natural light, the gold-framed mirror is a good option as it will reflect the light well.

Simple Color Schema

  • Of course, when it comes to nautical decor, white and blue come to mind first. These two colors form the basis of the Coastal color palette. It could not be better to create a bright, open, spacious environment and to blow the beach air into your home.
  • White and blue are accompanied by gray, turquoise, egg shell color, ivory, cream, light earth tones, neutral colors.
  • The use of layered blue is important in modern beach house style. It is best to use sweet turquoise and pastel blue together instead of one tone blue.
  • Light yellow, soft pink and greens are also the colors you can use in tiny details.

Natural Materials

  • Modern beach house; it is based on clean aesthetics and naturalness. In Coastal style house there is no room for exaggerated, gaudy, unnatural materials.
  • Loose linen upholstery is a must for a cotton fabric coastal home.
  • Recycled, white or blue patina wood furniture is iconic.
  • It is common to use shiplap painted in white or sweet turquoise in Coastal farmhouse style.
  • Natural materials such as jute carpet, wicker basket, rattan, straw and bamboo go very well with their natural colors and coastal decor.
  • Driftwood is one of the most beloved of coastal decor.
  • Blue glass bottles, seashells, starfish, horns are great for seaside decoration in appreciation.
  • The stripe pattern is iconic for coastal home decor. Pillows, curtains, seat covers with yellow-white or blue-white stripe pattern should be in your home in a balanced way.

Bare Floor or Jute Carpet

  • Ideal for herringbone parquet, stone, cork floor.
  • Jute carpet is best for beach house interior.
  • Leaving the floor naked is also an option. There may be thin rugs in neutral colors, but more is sometimes not necessary at all.

Attention! Follow a Minimal Aesthetic Instead of a Kitsch Image

So avoid a decoration consisting of a white-navy and red color palette and a sailor knot with anchor pattern everywhere. Instead, focus on the main idea of the theme. Own the color scheme, natural materials, peaceful beach concept. Accessories suitable for a few nautical themes are not bad, but remember that you can apply the coastal style even with only blue glass bottles.

  • If your living room is large enough, you can paint the flooring in white. Beach house living room should be airy and bright.
  • Thin tulle curtains stretching to the floor are sufficient.
  • White or gray linen coastal sofas are best.
  • The jute carpet is iconic.
  • You can color white with accessories in yellow and gray tones.
  • You can use a wooden case patina with white, turquoise or soft blue as a coffee table. Or you can use rustic beachy decor elements in this style.
  • Sprinkle linen and cotton cushions over the sofa to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Use items such as driftwood, starfish, seahorse, which belong to the Coastal decor. Do not exaggerate.
  • Blue glass bottles on rustic shelves always work.
  • You can make a difference by swinging a rope-rope hammock in your living room.
  • Use the strip pattern either on the sofa cover, on pillows or on coastal wall art pieces.
  • The gold frame or vase also makes a nice accent.
  • Don't overdo the beach bedroom decor business. A peaceful, quiet, quiet bedroom is the best. Keep accessories low.
  • A white wooden headboard is the best option for rustic beachy decoration.
  • You can also organize rustic paddles as headboards, but you can also create a coastal wall art effect.
  • The white duvet cover set is the most reliable color for pillows and decorative ornaments of different colors. Tropical bed sheet can also be fun.
  • The white or blue wrought iron bed is also one of the favorites.
  • You can use the iconic striped pattern of the Beach theme on curtains and pillows, as well as combine transverse and longitudinal lines in a different way. You can show the transverse lines with a wooden ladder and vertical lines with a wooden case perpendicular.
  • Invite natural materials to your bedroom with pieces such as a rattan basket or headboard.
  • You can get away from the white-blue line by painting a single wall in yellow.
  • Driftwood table lamps suit coastal style bedrooms.
  • Pleated linen curtains are our favorite.
  • Whether in the form of wicker, rustic wood or rudder, a round mirror should be in your bedroom.
  • White or light wood kitchen cabinets are iconic for Beach themed kitchen. And of course why not blue cabinets?
  • You can create a unique effect by using colors such as coral color, yellow and mint green on the window frame, shelves, towels and accessories.
  • The bamboo cutting board is iconic.
  • We recommend that some of the kitchen cabinets have an open shelf system. You can display your blue glass bottles, ocean themed cups and plates here.
  • You can attach the coastal style handles to your kitchen cabinets. Whether you just go through the color scheme or find anchors or starfish.
  • Starfish or straw American service would be great.
  • Farmhouse is the most popular interior design style in kitchens. You can create a strong focus with the white rustic kitchen island and chairs. Make sure that the chairs and tables are not the same color. Or use different colors or textures in details such as mattresses / blankets.
  • Besides metal chandeliers, blue glass pendants are also a nice option for beachy kitchen.
  • White, light blue and light green is valid for every room as well as for the coastal style bathroom.
  • There are many beachy shower curtains in various color and pattern scales. You can get a Coastal-themed bathroom curtain.
  • Tiles with a starfish or mussel shell pattern create a kitsch look. Instead, try capturing the coastal style with blue-green colors.
  • By choosing the frame of the bathroom mirror in striking tones like yellow or coral, you can achieve a modern atmosphere. It is a good idea for a more fun bathroom.
  • Metal round-framed mirrors resemble ship deck, making it a smart choice.
  • It brings the beach style to your bathroom with a foldable chair.
  • Blue floor tiles create an ocean effect.
  • Farmhouse sinks are useful not only in kitchens, but also in bathrooms.
  • Tiny rattan baskets are ideal for displaying towels and soaps.

What is Hampton Style Decor? 

How does it differ from coastal decor?

At the beginning of the article, we said that Hampton interior design and coastal decor are often used in the same meanings. The reason for this is that they are both inspired by the marine theme. But there are some differences.

Hampton in the US state of Virginia can be summarized as a sophisticated coastal style. There are those who say that the Rococo and Baroque styles of France are the American reflection.

Difference Between Coastal Decor and Hampton Decor?

If we make a one-to-one comparison, a list like the following will emerge.

Coastal Decor

  • Wooden furniture is raw, simple, light color.
  • Floral patterns and plants are not used much.
  • It is modern, flexible and comfortable.
  • It has minimal aesthetics

Hampton Style Decor

  • Walnut and rosewood furniture is varnished.
  • Lilies, white roses, green plants are used.
  • It is luxury and sophistication.
  • It has Baroque style, fine workmanship furniture.

In fact, coastal decor styles are too many. The distinctive features of the most popular of them are below. Just remember this; In the case of coastal interior design, although the details change, the following features remain constant:

  • Bright, airy, spacious environment
  • Natural color palette dominated by white
  • Use of layered blue

What is French Coastal Design?

  • It is a combination of French Baroque style with beach house style.
  • Curved footed furniture is used.
  • Antique furniture and decors are preferred.
  • It is artistic, it is decorated.

What is New England Coastal Design?

  • It is unadorned, simple, rustic.
  • Nautical decor, ship and fishing decor is used.
  • It adopts the red-white-blue trio.
  • Windsor chair, chippendale style furniture, shiplap is iconic.

What is Italian Coastal Design?

  • It is the style including Mediterranean coastal style.
  • Architectural elements such as arched windows, cornices are in the foreground.
  • Terracotta shades are used.
  • Marble and ceramic sculptures accompany the beach house decoration.
  • Carved furniture, black iron, metals can also be used.