What is huge concrete doing in our house? Brutalist design, which is a raw, wild, industrial and sophisticated style, started to gain popularity in home decoration after architecture. What do we mean when we say Brutalist style and furniture? How should metals, rusty surfaces, monolith concrete blocks be used in brutalist home decoration? How can you invite raw concrete and gray aesthetics into your home?

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What is Brutalist Design?

Emerging as an architectural trend in the 1950s, Brutalism has designs consisting of large concrete geometric structures, rough surfaces, and monolith blocks.This term was first used for architecture when Swedish architect Hans Asplund described a square brick house called Villa Göth as "Brutalist". Also, British architectural critic Reyner Banham, who described the architectural approach of Peter and Alison Smithson as "brutalist". The expression of brutalist has been used for wild, raw, lean and scary works of art. Brutalist art and architecture lived its most popular period in the 1950s and 60s.

Historical Background of Brutalist Design

After World War II, architects and designers designed low-cost residential and government buildings with castle-like, giant concrete blocks and metals. Actually, it was a kind of show of power that was wanted to be done here. Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier’s The Unité d'Habitation in Marseilles is considered to be the inspiration for the Brutalist movement as a concrete block apartment block covering modular apartments. On the one hand, the post-war gloom also manifested itself in these designs.

Why Brutalism Called Brutalism?

The term Brutalist comes from the expression “béton brut”, which means French raw concrete.

Brutalist Design Characteristic Features

  • Industrial materials such as concrete, steel, bronze, glass, iron are used.
  • It has a raw and sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Expressions of conscious flatness, intense visuality, deliberate rudeness can be easily used for brutalist aesthetics.
  • It is industrial.
  • Besides geometric forms, inorganic and asymmetrical designs are also seen.
  • It has imperfect aesthetics of handmade.
  • It is bleak.
  • The color palette is metal shades. Gray is the main color for brutalist decor.
  • It has the beauty of ugliness, wildness, chills. It is striking.
  • It adopts molten, forged metal works.
  • Rough, pointed surfaces are also valid for brutalist decor and artworks.
  • Patinated and burned surfaces, oxidized appearances find their place in the masculine and wild aesthetics of brutalism.

What is Brutalist Furniture?

“Raw” concrete seatings, one-piece concrete stands with monolith block silhouette, handmade industrial furnitures, deep textured metal cabinets, tables, armchairs, pieces with crack effect, textures, furniture with rough, jagged edges, oxidized metal furniture etc.

What is Brutalist Lighting?

Metal and brass are the basic materials for brutalist lighting. Industrial lighting works well with brutalist decor. Prefer lamps that look rough, stained, oxidized. Table lamps with hand-made metal or wood workmanship, the raw part of which looks raw and rough, have sculptural aesthetics. You can also choose copper appliques. For a more sophisticated look, you can show off with lighting made of concrete and glass.

Tips for Brutalist Style Interior Design

You may be wondering how a cold and gloomy style can be nice for interior design. Brutalist interior design is a style that combines raw aesthetics with a luxurious and sophisticated understanding, has a contact with minimalist furniture, and is fed from the same source with industrial style. Check out our ideas on how to integrate extremely cool style into your home's rooms.

Brutalist Living Room Ideas

  • Gray, black, rusty brown, metals should be your main color palette. Feel free from dark colors. Sand color and neutral colors are ideal for creating stylish combinations with dark colors of the brutalist style.
  • Allow color bursts. The new brutalist decor doesn't have to be gloomy. Greens, oranges or blues can be in several accessories as accent colors. But don't compromise on the overall color palette.
  • Golden tones are an important detail for luxury brutalist decor. Golden touched concrete trinkets and sculptures create an aesthetic contrast.
  • The whole look will change the moment you put a concrete table with a monolith silhouette in your living room.
  • While concrete is the structural material for brutalist design, metal is a more decorative element. Tabled metal leg chairs and coffee tables would be great.
  • The wooden table is another good option for brutalist interior design. Prefer dark colored, unadorned, blocky tables.
  • It goes well with leather and velvet brutalist luxury interior design.
  • You can hang rusty metal frames on your wall.
  • It has become increasingly popular in homes as well as concrete floor tiles and concrete wall cafes.
  • Do not use patterns. Capture the minimal dance of solid colors with block silhouette furniture and spaces.
  • A sculptural mirror with a pointed edge, hand-soldered metal frame would be a great touch.
  • Bronze brutalist candle spade, concrete pots, handmade brutalist wall sculptures are decorative elements suitable for style.
  • Concrete sink is one of the first to come to mind.
  • Brutalist kitchen design is very similar to the minimalist style. Use matt and concrete surfaces as much as possible instead of glossy lacquer surfaces.
  • Industrial lighting should be indispensable.
  • Use brass and bronze faucets and lighting accents.
  • Concrete kitchen island and metal bar stools are iconic.
  • You can use wood in kitchen cabinets. Prefer minimal designs with no handles.
  • Why not a metal cabinet?
  • The leather can even be in chair upholstery and on the tray.

We are used to concrete use, gray aesthetics in bathrooms. An extremely minimal, completely concrete bathroom from floor to ceiling looks really sophisticated. Concrete is a useful material for bathrooms since it prevents bacteria production and is water resistant. You can use glass shower cabin, black or brass / bronze faucet accents. Mirror with a rough surface, nails or oxidized metal frame creates a striking effect. Do not give up bare bulbs and industrial elements.

Prefer wooden platform beds. You can think wildly and make an artistic headboard with nails and metal attached by welding. Prefer concrete, wooden or metal bedside tables with monolith silhouette. Metal brutalist lamps with rough, organic aesthetics look sculptural. Let gray, white, black be your main color palette. Keep your bedroom as minimal as possible. Your wardrobe should be in blocks, without feet, without ornaments and without a handle.

Most Popular Brutalist Artisans

Curtis Jere, Paul Evans, Tom Greene are known as the big trio. As the modern brutalist artisans, we can count the names Kelly Wearstler, Blackman Cruz, Amoia Studio, Chahan Minassian, Michele Oka Doner, Silas Seandel.