Brutalist Coffee Tables

Brutalist Coffee Tables We Chose for a Raw Style

With the popularity of concrete furniture, brutalist style interiors gradually started to come to the fore. The brutalist coffee tables that some people fall in love with, even though they do not know their name, are the furniture in which concrete is the leading actor. The brutalist style, which started as a groundbreaking architectural trend in the 1950s and 60s, brought the wild aesthetics of the period to interior design and furniture. Brutalist furniture and interior design guide have been created to explain to you all the principles of this special style.

We made a compilation for brutalist coffee tables with functional and plain aesthetics of concrete for your office and home decoration. We recommend that you follow the products we update periodically. Some of the coffee tables in this article are original vintage Brutalist, while some are contemporary products that interpret the aesthetic elements of the period. If you have a characteristic, striking, slightly dark style, you can create a distinct aura in your home or workplace with these brutalist style coffee tables.

Concrete Coffee Tables

They are the most popular designs. The rough and worn version of the concrete coffee tables, which usually have a minimal look and an unadorned plain form, are a contemporary interpretation of the original Brutalist style. Those with metal bases match very well with all pieces of industrial interior design.

Brutalist Coffee Tables with Metal

The use of rusty and rough metal is characteristic of Brutalist style furniture. Metal Brutalist coffee tables, which have a more complex, artistic and wild appearance compared to the minimal effect of concrete, have a truly striking effect. But the use of metal in Brutalist furniture is different from the use of metal in industrial style. While Industrial deals with much more mass production, lean forms, in Brutalist unfinished looks, rusty and problematic surfaces, sharp edges stand out. This creates a truly unique and wild aesthetic.

We see the artistic metal usage mentioned above mostly in Brutalist style chandeliers. This “distorted” appearance, created consciously, is very effective in the production of sculptural products. We suggest you check out our Brutalist chandelier compilation below:

Add more “Brutalism” to your home for a holistic decoration:

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