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Bring Home Radiance: 7 Decorative Mirror from LuxDeco

Check out the 7 decorative mirror from LuxDeco that captivates our hearts with luxury furniture and designer homeware products. If you are into luxury interiors, you will love these decorative wall mirrors with their unique designs, fine craftsmanship and expensive looks.

1. Glance Mirror by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo, one of the most famous luxury furniture brands, has again made it suit itself with this round decorative mirror design. It is a different, luxurious and elegant design.

2. Peony Mirror by Christopher Guy

The effect created by the interlocking black and gold rings is quite attractive. It is more impressive to know that these rings are carved by hand.

3. Athos Mirror by Luxxu

Its name from the Greek myth of the Giant. This stylish rectangular decorative mirror has a masculine style that combines leather and wood pieces with elegant gold details. It’s a great idea to have some of the sharp geometric forms covered in leather.

4. Selenite Starburst Mirror by John-Richard

Sunburst, one of the iconic symbols of Art Deco style, has gained a new interpretation with this elegant stylish mirror. Dramatic pieces extending from selenite material are a modern reflection of sunlight. It’s definitely a very elegant and unique round decorative mirror.

5. Camilla Mirror by Christopher Guy

We are curious about the play of light and shadow that this decorative mirror, suitable for both classic and contemporary interior design, will create on the wall during the day. Very sculptural with its strong form that creates a movement effect.

6. Robin Mirror by Boca do Lobo

We continue with another Boca do Lobo gold decorative mirror design. The fish-eye mirror adorned with handmade brass nails takes its inspiration from the secrets of Sherwood Forest. It has a wild and elegant style that we can call luxury brutalist design.

7. Ring Mirror by Boca do Lobo

Bringing The Lord of The Rings to our minds, luxury round decorative mirror is a magnificent and mysterious design. It is unique with its glossy black surface and gold leaf engraving.

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