Freedom, multiculturalism, lots of color, limitless creativity, unregulated choices and artistic sensibility. Bohemian decor is one of the most popular interior design styles globally today. The style called Bohemian or Boho chic for short blows storms especially in fashion and home decoration. What is Boho style, how do you lay your house in Bohemian style, what are the indispensables of Bohemian style room, or is there? Let's start now.

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Characteristics of Boho Style Decor In The Light Of Bohemian Definition

  • Ethnic and eclectic images come to mind when we say bohemian style (or Boho style for short). While this is true, it is not enough. Bohemian is a term used by the French for Roman gypsies living in the Bohemian region in the Czech Republic. And let's say that this gypsy style, which is now followed with great interest in decoration, has not been welcomed or even humiliated in the past.
  • We can say that Bohemian's definition is people who are in conflict with society, unregulated, creative, self-commanded, free and illegal life, especially artists. When we say Bohemian spirit, we are talking about a universe that reflects the free worlds of artists, gypsies, hippies and travelers. 
  • The reflection of an irregular, abundant, comfortable, unsymmetrical, embracing many cultures and a little chaotic perspective in decoration is also very eclectic. The modern Bohemian style, where the old and the new are used together, is the product of a free aesthetic understanding. Artistic sensibility and cultural fusion, we can say two important keywords for Bohemian style definition. 
  • We should also say that Bohemian aesthetics, which respects nature, is “eco friendly”. Plants hanging from baskets or standing in giant pots are masters in quickly adding Bohemian air to your home. 
  • It is often used in Bohemian decor style as it emphasizes individuality in “handmade”.
  • The layered structure is a must for Bohemian decor. It is frequently used in tissue, texture on pattern, Boho rooms.
  • The bold pattern with bright and vibrant colors reflects the free Bohemian spirit.
  • Bohemian style, which also reflects the spirit of the traveler, wants you to reveal your adventurous and travel lover side. The trinkets you collect from the countries you visit, the vintage furniture with the memory, the family heirloom ornaments are the accessories that make a house Boho.
  • Furniture and furnishings that create a slight feeling of worn-out refer to the life stories of Bohemians full of experiences.
  • Bohemian light fixtures are also composed of many types of lighting that will support layered and eclectic style. A peaceful and warm ambiance is created with Bohemian floor lamps, table tamps, beaded chandeliers, Moroccan lanterns, large and small candles. Try using lots of light instead of a single light source.
  • Let's say the modern Bohemian decor style is simpler. We see more rooms where iconic Boho elements such as plants, bright colors, ethnic patterns are combined with more pastel and neutral colors. Bohemian decor style is maintained in modern Boho style rooms where colors such as brown, gray and white are dominant with ethnic patterned carpets, bright colored pillows, large green plants and accessories such as trinket. This is especially the decisive factor for Bohemian decor style. How to include Boho style in different rooms, we will explain with examples. But remember, the Bohemian style decor asks you to free all your soul and aesthetic values and invite all the colors of the rainbow to your dream world.

What is Boho Chic Decor?

We can say that luxury fabrics and furniture are combined with ethnic Bohemian style. Chic is a striking example in the modern interior design world as a factor that balances the Bohemian element. We can also say that efforts to minimize the maximalist world of Boho style. For example, a gold-framed mirror or shiny metal coffee tables can be used very well as long as they combine with Bohemian elements.

Boho Patterns

Although Boho decor does not accept rules, there is nothing that makes this style discrete. If we are talking about a Bohemian style decor, there are plenty of patterns there. Bohemian patterns have an ethnic style. Ikats, Turkish rugs, Persian rugs, Indian fabrics, patterns from the Far East, Mexican patterns are used layered. There is no reason not to use the floral pattern in the Bohemian decor style to the geometric rug pattern, all together and multilayered. It cannot even be a Bohemian style without a pattern. 

Boho Fabrics and Materials

  • The main feature of Bohemian fabrics is that they are natural. Prefer completely natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim.
  • As long as velvety fabrics such as velvet are used in vivid color, they shine light on Bohemian rooms.
  • Abundant layered, fringed and tasseled fabrics dominate in Boho style. You can also create great combinations with batik pattern and neon color prints.
  • Use handcrafted decors like crochet, macrame, knit a lot.
  • Wicker, wood and bamboo are also frequently used in Bohemian style rooms as natural materials, keep in mind. 
  • Although Bohemian style rugs are generally in ethnic pattern, faux is also used frequently.

Bohemian Colors


Boho colors are often inspired by nature. Soil, gems, plants are inspiration for the Bohemian color palette. Warm colors and metallic tones are the perfect pair for the chaotic aesthetics of the Boho style. Bright colors, contrast and bold shades stand out in the Boho room decor. The most preferred Boho colors are:

  • Brown
  • Taba
  • Orange
  • Dark purple
  • Orange
  • Electric blue
  • claret red
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Metallic colors
  • Mustard and yellow

Bohemian Furniture as a Storyteller


Furniture is important in Bohemian home decor; because almost every corner is filled with furniture. Remember, there is no space for this style. Bohemian style furniture is often old and antique. You should prefer new furniture that is sold in antique stores or vintage shops or with this style. Compared to other interior design styles, the story is more important than the color or size of the furniture. Used or antique Boho furniture is more valuable than an expensive furniture. The important thing is that every furniture has a story.

  • Boho furnitures should be comfortable. For this reason, choose soft chairs and chaise longue chairs.
  • Since Victorian furniture is not used much today, it goes well with Boho style as unique vintage pieces.
  • One of the most popular Bohemian furniture is poufs. For an authentic atmosphere, ottomans, poufs and armchairs should be as close to the ground as possible.
  • Throwing on the furniture is very common in Bohemian decor. This is a great way to both create that abundant layered visual effect and hide old furniture.
  • Plush chairs and armchairs in saturated colors are also frequently used in Bohemian style rooms.
  • How about painting a vintage furniture with vibrant colors?
  • Do not forget that you will need many shelves and closets to display trinkets!

For Boho bedroom decor, you can apply the general principles of style to all or more (!). We have several suggestions for Bohemian style bedroom:

  • Plenty of colorful, ethnic patterned Bohemian bedding
  • Less colors, ethnic patterns and lots of natural material for a more neutral Bohemian style
  • Bohemian bed frame from wooden pallets 
  • Wicker or rope headboards
  • Bohemian dream catchers
  • Mosquito net from tulle and fine cheesecloth
  • Canopy from colored bed sheets
  • White or colorful shabby Bohemian bed canopy
  • Patchwork Bohemian quilts
  • Straw cloth screen
  • Bohemian throw pillows with lots of colorful tassels
  • 100% cotton Indian Mandala Bohemian duvet covers
  • Ethnic ceiling rug right above the bed
  • Rug or plush carpet
  • Vintage wooden wardrobe and bedside table
  • Leather or floral print bed end storage bench
  • Beside table candles, dried flowers, feathers, trinkets
  • Candle and dim light Bohemian table lamps
  • Patterned Bohemian floor pillows
  • Wooden Bohemian platform beds
  • Bright orange or purple silk bedspread

If we say you can put whatever you want for Boho living room decoration, we will not be exaggerated.

  • Heavy, floor-extending Bohemian curtains (Patterned or vibrant color)
  • Bohemian rugs with ethnic pattern
  • Bohemian glass vases (vintage glass vases and bottles)
  • Boho wallpaper stencils
  • Bohemian wall tapestry
  • Wooden furniture
  • Leather sofa, velvet sofa
  • Ottomans and poufs
  • Overlapping carpets in different patterns
  • Faux rug
  • Bohemian floor lamps, lanterns, candles instead of large and single chandeliers
  • Hand painted Bohemian decanter
  • Bohemian throw pillows with many tassels, fringed, braided, mixed patterns
  • A large Boho blanket swept into the seat
  • Exotic Boho paintings
  • Books, trinkets, family heirloom objects
  • Green leafy plants, dried flowers
  • Big cushions on the floor
  • Wicker chair
  • Bohemian macrame wall hanging
  • Plants in macrame pots
  • Huge antique copper tray as middle coffee table
  • Terracotta objects
  • Vintage bamboo magazine rack
  • Jut furnitures
  • Metal framed mirrors
  • Handmade products (like mosaic mirror)
  • Travel themed objects (Picture frames created with decorative spheres, vintage suitcases, travel stamps
  • Incense, candles
  • Gypsy and nature inspired art prints
  • Bohemian pillows

For Boho kitchen decor, you can use vivid colors, different ethnic patterns, green plants in abundance. For a modern Boho chic kitchen style, choose cleaner lines and striking color combinations.

  • Ikat patterned runner
  • Green leafy plants in flower pots and baskets suspended from the ceiling, macrame plant hangers
  • Bar chairs with worn texture
  • Bohemian macrame wall hangings
  • Ethnic patterned tablecloth
  • Morrocan carpet, Turkish rug etc.
  • Colored glass bottles
  • Colorful mugs
  • Copper jugs
  • Vintage teapot
  • Wicker baskets, wicker chair
  • Soft and different pattern chair cushions
  • Crystal or paper chandelier
  • Exotic Bohemian artworks

"This is just a bathroom." don't think. Boho style bathroom can have many absurd objects too!

  • Boho shower curtains with floral pattern or vivid colors
  • Free-standing bathtub with claw feet
  • Floral tiles
  • Mosaic floor tiles
  • Orange, yellow, pink or blue marble washbasin
  • Ethnic rugs
  • Wooden bathroom cabinet
  • Lots of candles
  • Soaps, towels in wicker baskets
  • Toilet papers in wire baskets hung on the wall
  • Peshtemals
  • Moroccan style wooden shutters
  • Moroccan lanterns
  • Bohemian drawings on the wall
  • Essential oils, incense

Boho nursery decor can be colorful and chaotic in the energy that suits the child's soul!

  • Wooden crib
  • Patterned crib sheets
  • Ruffled crib cover
  • Braided basket
  • Tribal textiles
  • Bohemian wall tapestry or macrame wall decors
  • Boho dream catchers
  • Vintage breastfeeding chair
  • Bohemian poufs and floor pillows
  • Pom pom throws
  • Faux sheepskin
  • Many toys, vintage trinkets on the wall shelves
  • Rag dolls, teddy bear
  • Play tent
  • Toy horse

Bohemian Dining Room Ideas

Vivid colors, Moroccan and Turkish patterns, ikat, lanterns, lots of candles, green plants, be inspired for the Boho dining room. What you should pay attention to is this: If you do not want a lot of chaos and a crowded image, after choosing a neutral color, get the Boho style effect with the accessories. Or if you want to decorate a colorful, pattern bursting dining room, keep yourself in touch. Everything is free, from the Bohemian curtains that hang down to the floor, to the glass bottles on which you will stick beads on them! Boho wallpaper has the power to make an impact in a small move. Of course, your choice of pattern and color is huge.

So, welcome to the most colorful and enjoyable chaos in the world!