The Bauhaus movement, which is considered as the most influential school in the design world today, was established in Germany in the early 20th century. Embracing art and crafts in all aspects, from architecture to furniture, fine arts to textiles, Bauhaus style is also considered to be the ancestor of minimalism. How can Bauhaus, which we can not separate as an architectural or artistic movement, can be included in our homes with furniture designs and interior design ideas, what are the principles of style, let's start.

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Historical Background What is Bauhaus Design Movement?

Bauhaus is the name of the school founded by German architect Walter Gropius in 1919. Bauhaus, which has become the general term of style over time; It gathers all branches of art under one roof. Many artists and designers who worked as trainers at the Bauhaus School helped art meet daily life. There should be no distinction between genius artists and ordinary people, and “beautiful and useful” designs should be accessible to everyone. They accomplished this with functional, industrial, unadorned designs that allow mass production.

Although the Bauhaus School remained open only 14 years between 1919 and 1933, it radically changed the concept of design all over the world. The artists and designers such as Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Hannes Meyer, Johannes Itten, Paul Citroen became trainers in the school opened after the First World War. Their aim was to produce functional, utilitarian objects. They did this by descending to the absolute core of the design, whether the product was a sofa or a teapot. They pioneered minimalism and contemporary design with their rejection of useless ornament. At the Bauhaus School, students (most of whom were enthusiastic veterans to step into a new post-war life between the ages of 17-40) learned to combine the artisans' production techniques with the imagination of the artists. 

Bauhuas is essentially a movement that aims to combine fine arts with cratsmanship. Nothing, any production area is superior to another. Therefore, when we say the Bauhaus movement, we mean architecture, ceramics, stained glass, sculpture, wall painting, typography, photography, carpentry, advertising, that is, many different production areas. There were many such workshops at the Bauhaus School, and they were exploring the different uses of each material. For example, instead of using glue to shape a paper, techniques such as sewing, riveting, stapling were tried. This enabled both to recognize the materials, to develop different skills and to practice the creative perspective.

Why Bauhaus is Important? How Bauhaus changed the world?

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What are the Characteristic Features of Bauhaus Furniture? What is Bauhaus Style?

Bauhaus architecture and furniture have the basic principles of the school. Bauhaus style designs are less artistic and very mechanical. It is less ornate and functional due to the principle of “Form follows function”. Since Bauhaus is a trend targeting the whole class of society, interior design and furniture design was important to design products in daily life. That's why their most famous designs are mostly furniture.

Bauhaus furniture has clean lines. Their surface is smooth. They are light and durable. They come to the fore with their abstract and geometric shapes. Its forms are balanced. They have aesthetics inspired by architecture. The language of expression is graphic.

Until the Bauhaus, wood was often used in furniture. Bauhaus also embraced innovative materials such as tubular steel, glass, plastic and plywood, which allow mass production.

Multifunctional furniture has aerodynamic forms. The folding chairs with steel structure are iconic. Since they are produced by industrial technique, they can be reproduced. Most of the Bauhaus furniture is already being reproduced by some brands. In Bauhaus style furniture, block patterns support geometric aesthetics. Bright pops of color appear.

What are the Iconic Bauhaus Designs?


  1. The Wassily Chair - Marcel Breuer
  2. The Barcelona Chair - Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich
  3. Baby Cradle - Peter Keler
  4. Brno Chair - Mies van der Rohe
  5. LC6 - Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand
  6. Tea Infuser - Marianne Brandt
  7. MT8 Lamp - William Wagenfeld and Carl Jakob Jucker
  8. Nesting Tables - Josef Albers
  9. Bauhaus Chess Set - Josef Hartwig
  10. M10 Bauhaus table - Enrich Brendell

Overview of Bauhaus Art


Just like in architecture and furniture, Bauhaus paintings consist of balanced compositions. Paintings inspired by architecture are dimensional, abstract. Geometric shapes overlap each other. Generally, the main colors such as blue, yellow, red on white are seen in Bauhaus posters and paintings.

In addition, posters with geometric aesthetics containing color blocks are iconic. Typography and abstract sculptures also appear in Bauhaus art.

Who are the most iconic Bauhaus Artists?


Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, László Moholy-Nagy, Theo van Doesburg, Oskar Schlemmer, Johannes Itten.

Bauhaus Interior Design and Home Decor Ideas


  • It is actually very easy to carry the Bauhaus style to your home. You probably even have a few pieces of Bauhaus style items. We have several suggestions for Bauhaus interior design, furniture, color selection and decoration.
  • Adopt a color palette where white is predominant and blue, red and yellow stand out with remarkable highlights, just like in Kandinsky paintings.
  • Let the overall color in the rooms be bright monochrome shades.
  • Create a bright environment with natural light. Think minimalist. Do not be afraid to leave gaps in your home. If possible, do not go beyond transparent curtains. You can use curtains in geometric Bauhaus patterns as a striking decor.
  • Clinical looking metal construction wheeled bar stand or service tool would be great.
  • Leather chairs with steel tube construction are among the most popular as Bauhaus chairs.
  • Prefer stainless steel utensils.
  • Make sure everything from furniture to accessories has clean lines and a smooth surface.
  • Illuminated open shelf units are also suitable for the Bauhaus style.
  • One piece, glass jug with geometric silhouette and vases are nice decorations.
  • Choose objects with clear forms, such as box-shaped desk clocks.
  • Long chrome thin lamps, transparent plexi lampshades are suitable for Bauhaus's innovative material understanding. Geometric pendant lights are among the favorites.
  • Of course, there should be Bauhaus posters on the walls.
  • Geometric rugs are great.