M.C. Escher inspired decor, furnitures

8 Things That We Curated for M.C. Escher-Inspired Decor

The illusion master M.C. Escher, who combines mathematics with art. Welcome to our selection of Escher inspired artworks, furnitures and decor. The painter of the impossible, M.C. Escher is a genius entangled within the boundaries of Op Art, Kubism and Surrealism, with designs that push the limits of perspective, fictions that confuse people, and drawings that take graphic design to a completely different dimension. Bring the beauty of art and science to your home with our selected artwork and furniture from 1stDibs, inspired by his awesome geometry, perspective perception, and the illusionist world.

1. Black & White Vintage M.C. Escher Designed Scandinavian Rug

Produced in the 1950s, this Maurits Escher Art Rug is a respectable piece with its design faithful to the artist’s graphic expression. The carpet, where black and white contrasts with sharp lines, is the St. It is here as an abstraction of Peter’s fish. So it is waiting to be under your feet.

2. Illusioni Large Coffee Table by Sebastiano Tosi & Mogg

Made of glass and metal, the handmade coffee table is a great homage to Escher. Cubic forms create an aesthetic illusion. Because “An illusion that is reality.”

3. Eurostar – Wood Wall Decor by Hanneke Rijks

“Contemporary modern abstract geometric wood veneer painting object” made by using cherry wood, walnut, maple, birch and plywood gives a wonderful 3 dimensional effect in two dimensions. A unique design for those who are interested in geometric wall art.

4. Black Circle 4 Print by Guntars Sietins

20th out of 35 editions. Announced to limited edition fans.

5. M. C. Escher Style Hands Sculpture with Feather Quills

Sculptural version of Escher’s famous “Drawing Hands” drawing. The wood sculpture carved from mahogany wood is great for living room and office decoration.

6. M.C. Escher Bonbons Tin Box

Escher tin canister produced in small numbers for the 75th Anniversary celebration, exclusively for Verblifa employees. Interesting decor.

7. Tria Wood 4 Chair, Stripes Veneered Coat

The Corolla-shaped chair, reminiscent of Escher’s impossible forms, has a sculptural style. Ivory veneer black strips look aesthetically pleasing on bent plywood. The feet are made of solid wood.

8. Escher Table Lamp

Featuring the simple asymmetry of geometry, this metal table lamp is very suitable for the design of the 21st century with its minimalist and industrial style.

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