7 Industrial Lighting Creators on 1stDibs

7 Industrial Lighting Designers on 1stDibs

Industrial lightings, in which metal, copper and sometimes raw wood and concrete are used, are very popular with their rusty looks. The striking elements of industrial style interior design are industrial pendant lamps, floor lamps and table lamps, often matched with Edison bulbs, mostly caged, with visible cables and light bulbs.

We will introduce 7 industrial lighting brands and designers selling on 1stDibs, where handmade and artisan furniture and decorative products are sold. If you’re ready, let’s start.

1- Early Electrics Design Studio

early electrics

A store where you can find antique & custom industrial lighting products. The store, which mostly sells brass chandeliers and lamp designs, is also remarkable with its antique rare products. They’ve been selling from 1stDibs since 2009 and their ratings are pretty high.

2- Austin Daikon


Daikon Studio produces modern products with its dynamic style that combines art and mechanics. The brand focuses on brass and steel industrial sconces, as well as chandeliers. They have been selling on 1stDibs since 2017. If you like modern minimal industrial lighting, we recommend you to take a look.

3- Buzao


Buzao, a Chinese brand associated with Bentu Design, produces designs for those who love the old, rusty and used look of industrial chandeliers. Extremely minimal pendants are complemented with textured / non-woven materials such as black lava, marble and stone.

4- Bentu Design

bentu design

Known for its concrete chandeliers and pendants, Bentu Design is a brand that combines functionality with simple aesthetics. What sets their products apart from the Brutalist style is that they use clean lines and smooth texture. We admire the highly minimal and modern concrete industrial pendants. They have been selling from 1stDibs since 2014.

5- O.C. White Co.

ocwhite logo

The roots of the O.C. White, handcrafted industrial floor lamps, ceiling lamps and desk lamps are the masters of this business. Not just for homes and offices; Also a manufacturer of professional products such as magnifying lamps. Even the microscope is in the product lists. Selling on 1stDibs since 2010, the company is one of the widest assortment of creators in industrial lighting.

6- Crouse-Hinds

Crouse Hinds

The company, which was a pioneer in factory lights when it was founded in Syracuse in 1894, produced “explosion-proof” industrial lightings, which it produced for commercial purposes, and products used in homes and offices. Crouse-Hinds, which has been selling on 1stDibs since 2010, is showing off with antique industrial lightings from the 1930s and 40s. Metal mesh sconces and metal line pendants are our favorites.

7- 360volt


360volt is located on the Prinsengracht, one of the canals of Amsterdam. If sustainable material, simple shape and functionality are what you’re looking for, check out 360volt’s shop on 1stDibs. Vintage industrial lightings products are well-kept, original and minimal in style.

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