Brutalist Chandeliers

7 Brutalist Chandelier from Etsy Which Turns Light into Art

Raw, wild, sophisticated. We don’t hide our love, so we often curating Brutalist designs. If you don’t really want to create a room in your home like it came out of copy design magazines; It is very difficult to find such characteristics as this trend that emerged in the middle of the century. We recommend that you start researching. Brutalist style is reawakening around this time and we are starting to see great pieces again.

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Brutalist chandelier designs usually stand out with the use of brass. We also often come across designs with rough and sharp edges such as torch cuts. We found some excellent designs for you on Etsy. Most of them belong to Holm Sørensen.

1 – Brutalist Metal Hanging Light Vintage 1970’s by Designer Tom Greene

Height: 24 Inches; Width: 12 Inches

Material: Brass, Metal

This brass chandelier is a excellent example for 1960s brutalist lighting design. Rough and sharp edges of the metal is a sign of its brutalist root. Its a very complement element for a Brutalist Living Room‘s decoration:

2 – Vintage Lighting 1970s Brutalist Brass Chandelier

A very characteristic design has emerged with also the random distribution of brass pieces and randomly diversified holes.

3 – Mid Century Large Brutalist Manner Brass Chandelier

Sharped brass sticks and forms like flowers… But not the naive one. Perfect aesthetic and also brutalist toughness both together.

4 – Large Brass Pendant Designed by Holm Sørensen

It is as if an architectural structure built in layers. Brass’s most beautiful form is the way surfaces are used in our opinion.

Danish Designer Holm Sørensen made this beauty in 1960s

Height: 31 cm / 12,21 inch
Diameter: 37 cm / 14,6 inch

5 – Brutalist Pendant Light in Oxidised Brass by Svend Aage Holm Sørensen, 1960s

How about a cake with sharp and rough edges? For now, stick with this wonderfully designed pendant.

6 – Tom Greene Brutalist Torch Cut Chandelier

Another torch cut. This crunchy beauty also reflects its sharp and jagged edges. Using cable with chain is a complementary element to the brutalist design.

7 – Copper Brutalist Chandelier by Holm Sørensen

This design, in which cylinder-like parts are used with an almost architectural approach, also belongs to Holm Sørensen.

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