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7 Best Industrial Steampunk Lighting Shops From Etsy

All wheels come alive with the power of steam

Our steampunk adventure has begun when people create something more wonderful than their own arm strength. And many of us still sympathize with that era. We want the lighting, where wheels and electricity combined, to be illuminated today.

What era is Steampunk? And what exactly characteristic features has it taken?

For the unfamiliar, The Steampunk Age can bear traces from The Victorian Era (1800s), along with the years of the Industrial Revolution. Let’s remind you that the Steampunk design is usually blended with the combination of propellers, gears, pipes, belts and designs that evoke steam power. Actually, everything marks the beginning of the human effort to automate things. Of course, not all of them still use steam today. But it may be enough to consist of these parts, generally. There is a love for copper, bronze, iron pipes and wheels; ropes and belts made of natural yarns… It is an totally escape from the cable crowd of the cyber age and feeling peaceful in the crowd of gears… Of course not only that, but more than that. For now, we want to share what we curated directly in this article instead of bloating.

Here are the best 7 shop for those who want to be enlightened with bronze, copper, iron, strap, gasket, screw and wheel:


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Especially they produce very beautiful table lamps. Their designs mostly include two bulbs at most. Along with products that can be used as library, table lamps, there are also lights that can be used in the living room or bedroom for those who love dim light.



We discovered this boutique producer by chance while free roaming. He has very few products and probably he produced them alone. However, they are all more original than just assembling two pipes and placing a lamp on top. We can even say that it almost has funny designs. Moreover, he/she achieves this by keeping Steampunk to the end.

We will not be able to vouch for delivery performance as he has made 10 sales so far, it is useful to talk to him before purchasing.

3 – IlluminatedObjects

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A shop with unique designs with unexpected pieces. It does not just have a product portfolio made up of assembled brass pipes. It has steampunk designs with good ideas. He managed to include not only pipes and impellers, but also different materials suitable for the spirit of the period into his lamp designs. One of our favorite shop on the list.

4 – ZeroLabStudio

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Let’s get a summary: we love sconces. Table lamps are also original and beautiful and the lights of different colors coming from inside the table lamps add a deep spirit. So, we say take a look at this shop.


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This Spanish designer is fairly new to Etsy and has only two products. But we liked these two products so much that they made it into the list.

6 – UrbanIndustrialCraft

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Here is a shop with thousands of sales experiences and dozens of different designs. To make a small criticism, most of them are not original designs that usually consist of placing light bulbs over brass pipes. But so many product options and thousands of sales with a 5-star average score, make you feel comfortable.

7 – Mariarty1211

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Apparently the newest of the shops we’ve spotted. It has products other than the usual Steampunk designs. We loved the octopus-arm table lamps.

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