6 Unusual Chair Brands Selling on Amara 1

6 Unusual Chair Brands Selling on Amara

We know that you want to buy the sculptural and unique chairs you see on Instagram posts. You also want to add innovation and artistic touch to your home decoration. Function, unfortunately, is not always sufficient. Among the unusual chair brands at Amara, we have listed the most multiplier for us. Enjoy.



Qeeboo, founded by Stefano Giovannoni, exudes joy with its playful designs. Qeeboo rabbit chair, available in many colors, or if you are looking for something more elegant, the Ribbon Chair will tempt you at first sight.


Horm Casamania

It is a very popular furniture design brand with the Him Chairs and Her Chairs series, which is inspired by the shape of the human body. These unique chair designs in Pop Art style will add a unique touch to your home.

3- EO

eo 1

Producing chairs in the fun Scandi style for young children, EO is a very cute brand with wooden toys and modern nursery decors as well as furniture.



Mind The Gap, which furnishes chairs with exotic fabrics with tropical patterns, applies its crazy fabrics to many eccentric pieces from wall lamps to pillows. Its colorful, chirping designs with lots of patterns are also very suitable for Bohemian decoration.


seletti wears toiletpaper

Born from a collaboration between Seletti and Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari’s magazine, Seletti Wears Toiletpaper is a brand that you will not be indifferent to with its unusual chair designs full of black humor. Mirror, carpet and pillow products of the brand, which is also one of the pioneers of modern Pop Art decoration, are also colorful and crazy.


ian snow

Founded by father Ian and mother Jakki, the brand has designs that combine authentic fabrics and patterns of Indian culture with artisan skill & handcrafted brilliance. Ian Snow, who has mostly wool rug products, was included in this list with his Hand Woven iron and Chindi Chair product. A stunning piece for Bohemian style living rooms.

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