5 Brutalist Table Lamps from Lux Deco Which Turns Light into Art

We have compiled a list for those who like the mature cold attitude of stone, concrete, metal and the rough lines of quality material. We also liked the designs with marble bases or bodies with more docile tones. This time we chose table lamps to hand-picked selection.

If you want to find more from this selection, that can fit your living room or bedroom, you can visit the Brutalist Lighting category and find all Brutalist designed lighting products.

LuxDeco is a website we visit frequently. We love to follow the modern designs of the designers here. Kelly Wearstler is one of them. Two products we selected in this list belong to her.

Aged Iron Utopia Table Lamp – Kenny Wearstler

It is a complete example of elegance with its aged iron solid body. Their accents are linen. It can be a great accent item in the living room or bedroom. It radiates the rich aura brought by the quality material rather than the coldness of the metal.

Black Armato Table Lamp – Kenny Wearstler

It is a design that comes from the same hands of Kelly Wearstler as the product above and bears feminine traces. This design, which is more shaped and refers to the female body, is more suitable for offices or living rooms. Moreover, the designer offers different options for finish. Black and Brass, White and Brass, all Black, all White; among the options.

Charlton Table Lamp

We loved the geometry in the design of this table lamp. We are already very interested in sculptural decors. Moreover, the contemporary lines in this product arouse our interest even more. Three dimensional geometric sculptural design make this table lamp usable as a very elegant accent decor.

Brown Marble Cliff Table Lamp

Don’t you think the marble texture in this design is very elegant? The harmony of marble and brass is undisputed. The selection of marble in terms of texture and color is also successful.

Cecile Table Lamp

If you want to go beyond the usual table lamps, this is the best option in this selection. Simply contemporary design lines and two independent lights are providing very elegant look. With the marble base and brass-colored stem, the quality material requirement get a passing grade in our opinion.

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