Origin5 Brutalist Sculpture Selected from Saatchi Artal Abstract Sculpture by Corey Ellis | Abstract Art on Steel | Fire Bush Sculpture Created and Signed with a COA by Corey Ellis

5 Brutalist Sculptures Selected from Saatchi Art

What would you think if we said the aesthetics of the ugly? Brutalist design, which emerged in architecture, brings the striking aesthetics of the rough, raw and wild to the houses with the sculptures and furniture. In the Brutalist style, which often uses metal, concrete and wood materials, forms that stimulate the rough, intricate, unfinished feel are used. We think that this style of aesthetics suits sculpture well.


While browsing through the art-filled pages of Saatchi Art, we compiled 5 Brutalist sculptures that amazed us with their raw aesthetics. If you are tired of sterile, smooth and outsourced shallows, you can add a brand new aura to your home or office decoration with these original Brutalist sculptures.

1- Via Fire Sculpture by Benjamin Arseguel

Chopped from the Texas Mesquite tree and inspired by nature and human forms, the sculpture is very suitable for the Brutalist style with its dark aesthetics and natural form.

2- “The Isolationist” Sculpture by Kevin Abbott

This sculpture, made by the artist during the COVID 19 period, describes the isolation and uncertainty of time with a knotted bird and an abstracted human figure. The sculpture, which looks extremely primitive with the welding marks and jagged edges of the metal, is an impressive piece for the Brutalist living room or bedroom.

3- Brutalist Welded Iron Sculpture Star Bird Fueling the Space Around Her

The star bird statue that feeds all around is a unique representative of the Brutalist style with all its details. With a wild, violent and raw aesthetic, this iron sculpture is an attractive decor for Brutalist office decoration.

4- Fire Bush Sculpture Created and Signed with a COA by Corey Ellis

This wall sculpture, signed and certified by Corey Ellis, is 3 layers of nail and handmade. A wall decor that will change the aura of the environment as soon as you hang it on the wall and look impressive with its sharp edges.

Sentinel Sculpture by Mark Puigmarti

This piece, which has more organic and smoother forms than other sculptures on our list, is made of wrought iron. It stole our hearts with its bronze eye, its structure that makes us feel the elegance of the material and its dark aesthetics.

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