5 Brutalist Furnitures from Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s is one of the our regular time research bases. We are losing ourselves in this place, full of pieces from many design trends that left their mark until 50 years ago. This time, we discovered beautiful pieces from the Brutalist design movement, especially between 1970-1979. If you are interested in bold lines and solid forms, what we bring from our journey is for you.

By the way, you can find our all Brutalist handpicked collection in here, and also you can browse our brutalist interior design guide here:

1 – Roche Bobois Tenere Rectangular Side Table

Cool, simple, very elegant lines. Well selected color for painted wood and the harmony of the glass surfaces.

This European-made furniture is created by one of the best brands in terms of elegance and avant-garde. Roche Bobois has a great reputation in the luxury furniture and high-end interior design objects areas. With its reputation for both high-end quality and designer objects, Roche Bobois is in many ways the essence of elegant home furnishing.

2 -Brutalist Sculptural Chair with Drawer

Bold and visceral forms and lines are emerged in the Brutalist design movement with Post-Wold War II. This brutalist chair one of the best example of its kind. The unique sculptural bronze design has a harmony with leather seating surfaces. And it also has a drawer with its little bit odd but useful composition.

3 – Jaime Artigas Sculptural Metal Table

Perfect uniqueness. Perfect lines and composition. This brutalist metal based table is the one of our favourites. It is coming from obviously very rare mind. Jaime Artigas made this sculptural furniture at 1970s. Seems like he managed to solve a very hard design problem: thinking naive but brutalist lines both.

4 – Paul Evans Cityscape Metal Planter

This vintage cube planter has geometric patchwork with polished brass and steel panels. You can use it as a planter, bin or office accessory. It is designed by Paul Evans with brutalist modern approach.

5 – Lane Furniture Ebonized Two-Door Nightstand

Geometric style with brutalist approach. It is one of the beautiful ways of using ebonized walnut wood on a furniture. This nightstand’s dimensions are Width 27,75 x Depth 16.75 x Height 22.25 inches. It’s not too big for taking all aura to an old style raw brutalism. Obviously, its related to size your your space but its enough to set the look to the modern brutalism.

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