4 Industrial Style Desk that Makes a Difference with Its Details

We aim to be constructive and modern, not plain and boring. We like the imitation industrial style of the cafes, but we are also a little bored of the sameness. We want some details. It does not break the simplicity but also keeps it away from boring. We looked at All Modern and Etsy. We passed the ones caught in our eyes through a very tight filter.

Industrial Desk with Metal Plates

The surface covered with metal plates adds both harmony and movement to the industrial design. For some, it has a color that is far from boring black metal parts. By the way, we are still loving with the black metal legs, but we can understand this kind of view. With the wire design to be placed across your legs and the plates on the top, the desk really resembles a factory wall.

Industrial Desk with Pipes

We love pipes too. We are devoted to industrial design and even Steampunk. But if you are going to use it, use it as like that and our love continues. In industrial interior design, these pipes should not only be used as straight table legs or table lamp supports. In order to be different, our suggestion is to use it independently of its function. This industrial table achieves exactly what we’re talking about.

Burnt Wood and Excellent Surface

Burnt wood, an excellent pattern, solidity and a clear representation of industrial rigidity. The plan of the side blocks, supported by metal screws, is a real show for industrial design.

Industrial Desk With Wood and Black Resin

Combining the masculine combination of black epoxy and walnut wood, this industrial desk will add privilege to your office.

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