3-d Art Deco Sultry Cuban Nights Gold Pattern Gift Wrapping Paper by Dec02 – Pack of 5

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Now you will finally understand why your grandmother wanted to save the wrapping paper. The oversized, premium-weight sheets will please even the most discerning wrappers. Look, people love getting gifts (that’s a gimme) but what people love even more is a gift wrapped with a thoughtful and eye-catching style. So give the people what they love. – Sold in a set of five sheets – Each sheet measures 20″ x 29″ – 100lb smooth matte paper **PRO TIP**: Use long pieces of double stick tape on the inside of the paper for clean wrapping lines and seamless edges. Ooooooh that gift is gonna look so good! Keywords: Pattern, Line, Yellow, Symmetry, Design, Pattern, Parallel, Visual arts, Font, Monochrome, Plant, Illustration, Dahlia, Circle, Art. Also called: Wrapping Paper, Gift Wrapping Paper, Designer Wrapping Paper

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