10 Figurative Sculptures That We Hit As Soon As We Saw on Saatchi Art

10 Figurative Sculptures That We Hit As Soon As We Saw on Saatchi Art

Wandering around Saatchi Art almost every day has become a ritual for us, and we wanted to share with you 10 figurative statues that accelerate our heartbeat as soon as we see it. We are here with 10 figurative sculptures we chose from about 1120 sculptures.

1. Sliced Sculpture by Francesca Dalla Benetta

The tiny sculpture, which the artist says about introspection and self-identity, reminds us of the masks we wear consciously or not. The impressive cuts symbolize the moments we allow others to see inside of us. Which mask did you last wear and seek approval and were “cut”?

2. Seated Figure Sculpture by Amy Medford

The combination of geometric forms with organic texture has produced an impressive result. The artist stated the reason for his focus on the human body as his personal connection with the human soul.

3. Epidemic 2.1 Sculpture by Vilgeniy Melnikov

The first of the 5 works installation. The concept in the artist’s words: “Experiencing a state when the reference point goes out from under your feet. When you watch, you know that you stay where you are – you don’t fall, you don’t stand, and you don’t fly … And you continue on your way. I tried to reflect this feeling in visual expression through a series of works. “
Hydro-forming is used in the sculpture made of metal. We thought it would be nice to sit in your living room and wait for you.

4. Ecclesiaste Sculpture by Ionel Alexandrescu

The artist described the temporality of life with the impression of the passing of the wind. It is a sculpture that shows the dynamic movement in an impressive way and gives the feeling of floating in the wind.

5. Fallen Angel Sculpture by Zbigniew Strzelczyk

According to the artist, the devil that fell from heaven was designed this way. Not all demons have to be horned.

“Heads” Destroying the Conventional Bust Perception

6. Flamingo Sculpture by Edna Dali

7. Let’s go Sculpture by Haruko Yamada

“I wanna stand up and go. But my body is too heavy to move. ” says the artist. His head looks heavier than his body, I wonder because of thinking too much?

8. Blindness Sculpture by Ivan Prieto

We think this is an emotional sculpture. It reminds blindness at first glance, maybe refers to emotional blindness when you think a little more …

9. The Cylinder Sculpture by Aimee Perez

We loved this sculpture, which uses different materials together and refers to childhood memories.

10. Faiba Niozo Sculpture by curt brill

“This piece was made as my response to the guardian figures / Niozo that stand in front of and guard all the temples in Japan.” said the sculptor. Whatever you want to protect, you put it in front of it.

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